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Hero by symonxUnfortunately, DeviantArt will no longer be hosting the Inktober Awards in 2020.

Unfortunately, DeviantArt will no longer be hosting the Inktober Awards in 2020.

Stay tuned for news about our next community event!

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Shame on Deviantart for subscribing to the vile "cancel culture" that now seems to blight the world. I for one will be taking the "innocent until proven guilty" line, and waiting for an announcement from the publisher(s) before forming any opinion.

We will still be doing Inktober in our household - it's one of the highlights of the year for my autistic daughter.

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SlytherclawPadawanProfessional General Artist

Wut..? What happened??

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SpihonHobbyist General Artist

Dang nabit I was looking forward to doing this....

Also when did we do awards?!

Ugh what is going on?!

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ShinyKijarrProfessional Digital Artist


Can we still get the multi-upload pleaserino?

This would make some projects a lot easier to organize!

Thank you ♥

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cryptatedHobbyist General Artist

I don't really care whether y'all do an Inktober event. I do want to know whether this affects the plans for a multi-image deviation type though.

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dropthedrawingsProfessional Digital Artist

One of my 16 Inktober lists, if you are short of ideas!

#Anthroinktober was loads of fun!

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Karissa-SaltonProfessional Digital Artist

I've created an alternative centered around the Octopus!

Octopusber 2020
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EightE-threeHobbyist Traditional Artist

Decided. Still doing Inktober anyway. Parker doesn't control the art challenge and he doesn't make any money off the prompts or artist's drawings. It has nothing to do with supporting or not supporting him; Inktober's basically run by the art communities, so a lot of people don't even know who created it anyway.

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Garnet-FrostHobbyist Digital Artist

Yeah, I'm doing Inktober as a art challenge for myself. The drama around it definitely took me by surprise.

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EramerisHobbyist Digital Artist

Sigh, I was looking forward to this. From what I've read in earlier comments, there seems to be some sort of legal controversy around Inktober again. Last I heard it was the guy who came up with the idea having trouble with companies stealing it from him or something, so he copyrighted it, and now this. It seems like this event is turning into more trouble than it's worth.

But it's not the end of the world, there's still the prompts DA gave a few months ago, at least I'm still doing them. And different types of prompt generators in the net. Maybe Deviant Art could have its own prompt generator instead.

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MischeviousMalfaisHobbyist Traditional Artist


I wanted to ENTER THIS

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ven0m-XHobbyist Traditional Artist

Yoo, come on, I've been waiting for this all year....

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AsahinaXStudent General Artist

Jade Parker still not removing your site on his FAQ.

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SiniyPonyNew Deviant


I wanted to participate with Inktober, but I am now thinking of something else for October.

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emilvaldiviaProfessional General Artist


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EightE-threeHobbyist Traditional Artist

So thousands of artists around the world are going to be punished this October because of an unproven accusation that has nothing to do with them, and has yet to even see a day in court? I don't understand this...

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essentialistdevNew Deviant

This is the accusation video:

I wasn't sure at first either, but watching this.... The new inktober book is a total ripoff, down to the specific examples used, the structure of the book and the way all of the concepts are explained. The inktober instagram feed also has a post talking about how good Alfonso's book is for breaking down art fundamental concepts, with a photo of the book and some of the pages. So it's impossible to even say that it was a coincidence.

It's not a case of punishing artists around the world for a sketchy accusation. It's supporting artist integrity by not setting the example that stealing other people's work (almost word for word and sketch for sketch) is not okay.

Really sucky situation, but it's hard to support the movement without supporting the guy behind it when he's done something pretty crappy.

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EightE-threeHobbyist Traditional Artist

I appreciate the information and your calm approach to this subject. I really do. Personally, I don't wish to take sides yet because I believe that a legal or publisher's investigation should be concluded first. I'm from the US, and I do believe that a person should not be actively condemned before due process (innocent till proven guilty, even if there is evidence present). But the book release has already been halted, so Mr. Parker won't profit from that work anyway. I could understand boycotting the book out of concern. The art challenge however, is not a plagiarized concept and is largely run by the art communities. Parker doesn't control it. A lot of people don't even know that he invented it. I understand that some will feel differently, but I think people should have the right to choose whether they participate or not. And an artist shouldn't be condemned or assumed to be supporting anything illegal simply by drawing in a not-for-profit challenge, which is not run by any one person, and in which all prompts are optional. Though you are correct, it is a sticky situation for many people indeed, and not everyone will come to the same conclusions about it.

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essentialistdevNew Deviant

Your response there made me think about it in a different context. So, I really love minimalism because it's added so much value to my life. If one of the minimalists who got me interested did something like this, I wouldn't stop practicing minimalism, but I would stop supporting their books and things. So the concept can exist without the originator.

I was thinking about doing Inktober without sharing it, but that actually does make the experience worse.

This changed my mind about it. Not liking Jake Parker for plagiarism shouldn't mean not being able to participate in a community event that adds value to people.

I appreciate this conversation.

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Sz-K-ENew Deviant

XD I guess I'm cursed.

I thought "hm, october is my birth month, why not try it this year?" (I've never tried it before) ... buuut I lost the motivation. Too many questions. And I really only desire some peace and silence right now.

I can practice other ways (random word generator, or drawing a series of sketches about some topic) :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:

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SpuddleDarknessNew Deviant

But... But... I just got here :'(

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XryspaceNew Deviant

This sucks.

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