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For a limited time, give deviations and comments a Totally Normal badge and nothing weird will happen!

Have you ever wanted to give a friend on DeviantArt a badge, but wanted it to be less exciting and more…normal? Now’s your chance! Here's a badge whose expression conveys a feeling we've all definitely had at one point or another. With the brand-new Totally Normal badge, you can give a deviant a standard badge that perfectly embodies that classic expression, and whose generosity has no other strings attached! The Totally Normal badge can be given to deviations and comments and only costs 2 fragments to grant! The recipient of a Totally Normal badge will also get 1 fragment along with their ordinary badge.

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When you're the recipient of a Totally Normal badge from someone else, be sure to visit your Profile to see it in all its average glory!

Hr Dalogo By Corelounge De0cjsr  2  By Team Df0p9i

Do you and your friends make this expression constantly? Of course you do! Who doesn't? They'll make the perfect recipients of a Totally Normal badge. Tag them in the comments on this journal so generous deviants can make their day!

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