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Give friends and loved ones the gift of one-of-a-kind creations with the new Exclusives gift feature! Buy an Exclusive to give to another deviant, spread the love, and show your appreciation for people who matter to you!

Hr Dalogo By Corelounge De0cjsr  2  By Team Df0p9i

Find the Perfect Gift 🎁

Artists have already started creating Exclusives you can give to others for Valentine’s Day, so give someone you care about one of these unique treasures:

I'm Bamboozled by Your Love Valentine Exclusive
Aurora Valentine Cupid
Valentine day
Saint Valentine
Papercut Heart MELOGRAPHICS #ValentinesExclusive
Thank for being yourself
Whiteheart Valentine Plushie [open]
[OPEN] Adopt 3034
Valentine's Day
Valentines Day 2024
Be my Valentine

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There’s still time to sell Exclusives!

If you want to sell a one-of-a-kind gift for Valentine’s Day, you still can! Submit and sell your Exclusive with the tag #ValentineExclusive, and it will automatically appear in the DeviantArt Shop!

Bubble - Exclamation Mark - F2U! Note: Make sure to set a fixed price for your Exclusive (even if you also accept offers) and keep "Allow Resale" selected, otherwise the gift option won’t appear. Once your Exclusive sale is live, buyers will see a "Buy as a gift" button on the deviation page.

Hr Dalogo By Corelounge De0cjsr  2  By Team Df0p9i

❤️ Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with a thoughtful gift! If there’s an Exclusive you find that you’d like to receive (or give to someone else), share it in the comments on this journal.

A surprise might be waiting if you do! Fella Heart Kiss (Love)

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