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Looking for inspiration?

Every artist can relate to hitting a creative block, but sometimes all it takes to break it is some simple inspiration. To help, we created Getting StARTed, a video series designed to inspire anyone looking to kickstart their artistic journey.

Check out the Getting StARTed videos for prompts to get your own art started! Get to drawing and submit your illustration with the tag #DAGettingStARTed to earn a brand-new Profile badge!


Follow these easy steps to enter:

  • Watch: View the featured videos and discover the latest prompts.

  • Make: Create art based on the prompt you choose in whatever format you desire.

  • Submit: Upload your art to DeviantArt with the tag #DAGettingStARTed to get the badge!

Want the extra challenge? Submit drawings for all 10 videos!

Check out these prompts!

Watch these videos from @IsiahXBradley, @Skirtzzz, @Iamjustino, @DasGnomo, @AshMcGivern, @jacarvajal, @himaeart, @MartinWongPhoto, @velvetspectrum, and @alexalvarez, and pick your prompt!

Example Art

Check out these submissions from your fellow deviants and members of the DA Staff!

24 Carrot Bunny
Sketch of tree
Ghost Boo!
Getting StARTed - 20 min Miranda Monster Prom!
Getting StARTed with Art Prompts : Little Girl
Dead king
ThePivotsXXD - Getting StARTed

Your Thoughts

Answer in the comments below.

  1. How do you deal with creative block?

  2. How do you decide what you want to draw?

  3. Tag a deviant you want to encourage to get started!

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so sorry want good back how me sad.

1.Do something new or completely out of your comfort zone.

2.For someone who wants to start drawing, what should they draw first

3.that deviant behavior is minimized when people have strong bonds that bind them to families, schools, peers, churches, and other social institutions.


The boxtrolls all it the book draw.
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Really cool tbh, have not but the block yet tho.


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  1. I go outside and breath

  2. i think about it for a hot second

  3. what

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i havent figured out how to get out of an art block, esp because mine was started by depression :( but this is a cute batch uvu

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  1. Random generators are great.

  2. Put pen to paper, if I have to start scribbling nonsense, so be it.

  3. No tags


Img 20160420 024204
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