Gallery Management and Additional Updates
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Since the launch of the new DeviantArt, we're continuing to develop and release more and more features to further improve your experience on the site. Check out our latest updates:

Drag-and-drop for Galleries and Collections

Reordering your Galleries and Collections have just gotten easier! Now you can organize your Galleries and Collections with drag-and-drop. You can also sort the order of the deviations within each unique Gallery or Collection with drag-and-drop as well!

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.54.34 PM

Custom Gallery Cover Images

You can now upload a custom cover image to your Galleries! Personalize your Gallery to match your aesthetic with unique covers that do not have to be an existing deviation or file.

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.52.39 PM

Block on Profile

We have now added the ability to “block user” directly from the Profile in our continued efforts of making moderation more accessible and efficient.

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.49.26 PM

More to Come!

There’s lots more updates coming soon, and we look forward to sharing them with you! Please continue sharing your feedback and what you’d like to see added to the site.

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THis new Deviant Art site sucks!! I cannot for the life of me find any of my favorites or galleries. When I goggle or go to the Help Center is showing me a header that I do not have...???? What is going on???!!!! grrrrrr

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DracoFlameusHobbyist General Artist

Will we be getting paginated browsing for galleries eventually? The endless scrolling is annoying when the loading keeps pushing comments down, or pushing whatever I'm trying to click on out of view.

And I don't know if this is a bug or by design, but I can't change the cover image for scraps like I can my other gallery folders. I want to be able to for consistency.

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The only thing I notice is that DA is slow as an old modem.

I can't search porperly, I have to wait for open arts and often loose the gallery list.

Please stop this ridicolous eclipse version and give us back the old one.

Old DA worked perfect. No one asked for changing a running system.

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FucthI that upto 95% o whI n ANY of the platforms I use

Someoneain thiis.

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THe above was typed as is, at a normal speed whilst looking at the keyboard.

This is pausing every couple of ketys, and waiting for the keyboard to respond so I can replace missingletters.

The above is supposed to read


Fuck this. When I try to type ANYTHING ANYWHERE after loading up DeviantArt I find that up to about 95% of the keys which I press do not register on ANY of the platforms I use.

Someone lease explain this.


And typing out this has again been a HORRENDOUS endeavour to acheive.

Devlin2477's avatar

Well that was an eyeopener.Got around to doing a set of installs on my pi

Tried actual RISCOS

Tried various linux installs

n the linux sets tried multiple browsers

Everytime I open DevientArt the OS almost freezes. Typing becomes intolerable.

Here I am back on windows and just typing this is a ruddy chore.

At least I can now fully assume that it is NOT m,y windows installation at fault.

[And oh yes.. got LOinux running on a with EXACTLY the same result..]

So come on you shills explain this away as being thhe result of me being a 'hater'

Or maybe you'll find a typo or two to gripe about.. ignoring t just said above that in DeviantArt typing for me now is HORRENDOUS


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exwolzHobbyist General Artist

Hm, as a happy dual-core Windows user, it seemingly helped me to bind my browser process(es) to a single core.

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Emerald-Wolf13Student General Artist

That's odd, I've always used either WinX or some Linux (I'm currently on LMDE), and I had my raspi on (Raspian install), and all seems fine...The only issue I've noticed is the scripts causing Firefox to get pukey once in a while.

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Username-91Hobbyist Filmographer

Could you explain to us why your update takes up so much memory? The funny thing is that you say there are no advertisements and trackers. I don't believe you, because if that were the case, the search engine Brave wouldn't block over a hundred on one page.

Eclipse of DeviantART.
EQINOX187's avatar

There are most definitely trackers, bellow is what Ublock told me the site was trying to access.

Username-91's avatar
Username-91Hobbyist Filmographer

I knew it. This whole update is a fraud. :grump:

Davinci975's avatar

how the hell do i get into my art

exwolz's avatar
exwolzHobbyist General Artist

With https? There is a link in the user menu↗, does it work?

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YamaJun-Fan98Hobbyist Digital Artist

How sad, there goes another user deactivation.

DeviantGiantFreakz's avatar
DeviantGiantFreakzHobbyist Digital Artist

I did leave. But now I'm back to enjoy the Simon (BULLL-SHIT!) - Icon Markiplier yes Yes fella ( Message )

Davinci975's avatar

you are not lessening to us we didn't want this and here we are over a month into this "update" and the last thing you give us about what you are doing to fix the site is over 2 weeks old and you have done nothing to fix the site. i'm ready to post the last thing to deviantart since artrise is up and running with a link to my new account. I'm sure i'm not the only one planing that. you need to wake the hell up and start putting in the hard work stop sending out fares to dodge doing. For an art site my comments that take minuets to write are getting more likes then favs on my art that thats me weeks to months to make i put my heart and soul into them and they are playing 2nd to my comments. this is why good artist are leaving you don't lessen to your users and do what you think we'll like when in the end we hate it. your update has made the site harder to use, slow, impossible to use on an ipod, and likes comply different form when we could pick the good working old deviantart and the beta eclipse care to tell us why that is. the watch is the biggest mess of this crap hole update. you should just come out and say your owners WIX told you to force this crappy update on us and you were too closed minded because of their money to tell them it wasn't ready to replace the 20 year old coding working better site then this google, pintertest, and myspace mixup of shit now i have to wait for this to get more likes then my art, and then cry about it, when start hoping artrise comes soon, because my fate in you is at 12.4% and falling with every week

Davinci975's avatar

hey team if anyone puts the idea of fixing the site do you throw them out a window

Random Eclipse Meme #37654
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DraakeTHobbyist Digital Artist

good morning!

Issue of course already reported in feedback like a bug

but for me, in my opinion is only code not optimized (and im sure at 90% you know this)

Some friend wrote me talking about the following issue: clicking reply they have access to other areas :D What?? So im gone to check why.......and i understood, they were saying right, the buttons extend their clickable area so the user if it isn't precise....can click easily the invisible extendend link area and enter into the profile of the relative user


Anyway you are doing a great work with the speed! Fantastic! On Chrome and Brave (chromium do miracles) the lag of specific areas is pratically zero like the old version.....Incredible progress!! (I test the speed also on this old pc system......of 17-18 years agoo. )

Instead Firefox on old pc is still an immense snail!! On new pc systems instead no problem

Good day - Good work


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exwolzHobbyist General Artist

Hi, do you have any comment for this?

Just added a fix for your bug, too.

Not sure the thing will ever get popular…

Davinci975's avatar

once artrise is up and running last post will be a link to it and my new account there because they will lesson to their users

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GranitoonsProfessional Traditional Artist

I'm beginning to hate this guy...

DeviantGiantFreakz's avatar
DeviantGiantFreakzHobbyist Digital Artist

I hated llamas since the day I joined Deviant Art.

Llama 2!!!!!! :llama favourite: Nobu Llama Thanks plz Shovel [Shaun of the Dead] Llama jump Baseball Bat [Shaun of the Dead] :shakellama:

Username-91's avatar
Username-91Hobbyist Filmographer

I’m beginning to despise him too. He is always popping out whenever I want to add something to the group by clicking the button, view comments, or browse journals. I don’t understand why does it take so much to load comments when I click “show more.” On the old platform, comments would appear in less than a millisecond, but now it takes too much time to load. It is as if they installed an extension that showcases our comments.

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