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Get to know @mikiko-art in this amazing series of interviews with the artist! Want to watch it all with one click? You can also find it on YouTube (with captions).

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Focus Artist: Mikiko-Art (Style)
"I've gone through a number of [art] phases where I tried to be more concept-arty or tried to, you know, paint more freely, and not everything worked out for me. I did learn a few things, and picked up a few techniques over the years, but at the end of the day I think it's [my style] is pretty much anime."

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Focus Artist: Mikiko-Art (DeviantArt)
"I got my first like commissions on DeviantArt, I got my first proper job offers as well, bigger things, and I think it was the place that got a lot of attention. My first viral mini-comics were posted on DeviantArt, and my publisher found my DeviantArt page, and was impressed with the amount of traffic I got there. They could flip through the gallery and all that, it was it was great... I've met the most important people, colleagues, and personal friends through DeviantArt. So, yeah, it means a lot to me."

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Focus Artist: Mikiko-Art (Mental Health)
"I could not draw anymore. I was able to mechanically draw if I needed to for money, but I didn't have any enjoyment in it, and whenever I could avoid it, i'd avoid it. I was not enjoying the process of of creating art anymore. I feel like, maybe, some people have a very similar situation where something is not right in their life and they need to figure that out first... Maybe the question is not, "How do i start to draw?" but more like, "How can I be balanced again?"

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Focus Artist: Mikiko-Art (Family + Art)
"When I got older, people got more and more worried [about me wanting to be an artist]. My family got quite worried, and they tried to get me to go to university and other things. I was very resistant. I really just wanted to be a manga artist. Nowadays, however, they're all very supportive; my dad's my biggest fan."

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Focus Artist: Mikiko-Art (Discipline)
One of the first websites that I got onto was DeviantArt, and there were so many resources for free that you could just look up. You could get references, stock images, tutorials... There was a community that pushed each other, that was driving each other to improve. Even if it was hobbyists mixed with professionals, you know, you still push each other to go forward. I think just knowing that on the internet, somewhere out there, you had all the answers; that was really key to me like going further.

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Focus Artist: Mikiko-Art (Comics)
"When meet I people who go, "I read your story. This part really made me cry," or, "Oh my god, this this thing made my heart skip a beat," or something. It's moments like these where you realize that we're all humans, feeling the same things, looking at the same sort of thing, and I created that thing. I got an emotional response out of it. I think it's kind of magical."

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Focus Artist: Mikiko-Art (Focus)
"I think the main thing I hope to convey is that the process can be very very long, and sometimes it doesn't go off without a hitch. ...having to go back and change things, and fix things, and spend hours and hours and hours is a thing that happens, and it's perfectly fine. There is no speed at which you have to be as an artist to be a good artist. There is no secret ingredient to make it all perfect."

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