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PkingSora's avatar

This is fun XD

seresere's avatar

Well, I don't know what to post but I want that badge :P

fireanubis's avatar

I'd let you have mine if I could get rid of it

TopazTalon's avatar

Gotta get that badge :eager:

AzakiShimo's avatar

I wanna try and know my fortune~

Satoga's avatar

It's a little bit early for April fools for me. xD

I always love the april fools things on here so much. <3

Azurelly's avatar

Shiet, I was about to join the fun and was about to upload a pic to get the badge.

But I guess it's part of a joke :noes:

EDIT: It IS possible! Dummy me! xD

But you got me! That's still a pretty pun :lol:

Virus-20's avatar

Sounds like Skynet stuff. Very scary.

Sketching-Panda-Ren's avatar

Ok but why did you pick a time where Asia and Russia are the only ones in April 1ST? I'm pretty sure more people on this site are American or European. It's also not even evening is America so the joke is lost on that chunk. P:

Cyberheinrich's avatar

Because those dA members count too, maybe?

L-Starshade's avatar

I read this 10 minutes earlier than April 1st. It was funny anyway

Lilyunad's avatar
When it'd be the 1st in other part of the world, it'd be the 2nd in others. They have to post it around this time to catch everyone
ERA7's avatar

Nice thing! =D

HaruShadows's avatar

Lame April fools

Autodidacta's avatar

It seems to be as 'intuitive' as Facebook's. I've submitted a pic of a tree blossoming and all I've got back is that love will come my way. :giggle:

TunRae's avatar

I knew pictures could predict the future!

And now DeviantArt has technology to read those futures? Sign me up!!!

What is my Future DA?

Such excite!

OutsideFate's avatar

dA, April First is tomorrow.

Lilyunad's avatar
Not in Australia. Timezones exist buddy
GothNebula's avatar

I don't have an art but my favorite thing is the projector that is like a fortune teller. It helps me wish what my future will be.

Fortune Teller
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