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The future is now. DeviantArt is proud to announce Art Fortunes, a new feature that uses groundbreaking new artificial intelligence to predict your future by analyzing your art!

At DeviantArt, we work at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and current trends in the art world. It's an important part of creating new products and site features that help deviants of all skill levels grow as artists and form connections with their peers. As part of that ongoing effort, we are thrilled to announce a new feature: Art Fortunes.

Art 1

Using AI to Make Predictions

After a long period of intense research and development, DeviantArt is proud to introduce a groundbreaking new artificial intelligence. People have long said a picture can say a thousand words, but now it can tell your future as well!

Art 2

This AI uses a deep neural network based on an Adversarial Transformer architecture trained on thousands of hours of psychic readings given to artists. The model was also provided with each subject's art over the past 3 years, capturing patterns — down to the brushstroke — and learning to produce their art from their psychic reading and vice versa. After training this model for years, we’ve developed a technology that can accurately analyze your art in order to provide insight on what you can expect in the coming months. As the AI improves, we hope that it will be able to offer fortunes that indicate details even farther into the future.

Submit a Deviation with the Tag #ArtFortunes

Crystal Ball-5x

How does it work? All you have to do is submit a deviation with the tag #ArtFortunes, and our trusty artificial intelligence will do a complete scan of the composition, colors, shapes, line work, syntax, diction, format, and any other element of the piece. When the scan is complete, your deviation will be accompanied by a custom fortune offering advice, guidance, or even a warning.

As an added bonus, every deviant who submits art for their fortune will also receive a brand-new badge!

© 2021 team
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This deviation underlines this simple fact that a recent mistake will become a guiding factor in everything you do. Confucius says: your friendships will grow stronger in the coming year. This is a recipe for success.

I'm touched

9:39 pm

KasiTheArtist's avatar

Hey...can we submit more than one....just for fun?

KasiTheArtist's avatar

"Considering the composition of this art, you should call her"

Not sure who I gotta call but I guess I will find out lol

Yoshipea64's avatar

"Based on the color palette used, an important person will enter your life"

Hmmm... I wonder who that might be...

Amattista's avatar

It is certain: you become more determined when confronted with a challenge.

This will likely not come as a surprise, but you should confront any fears with courage. Maybe go outside?

RowanlovesDragons's avatar

"Your choice in medium shows that things aren't so bad. Had to double-check that one."

I can't tell if this is bad or not-

xxCherryBlxssomxx's avatar

"Through the shrouds of uncertainty, clarity can be found: a faithful friend could use your help right now. Remember to hydrate!"

My friend who I said I would shut up to bec I felt like I did something wrong: "You dont have to..."


somari-theadventurer's avatar

"The clues in your artwork indicate that more creative ideas will strike you soon."

where can i buy another fortune cookie

somari-theadventurer's avatar

thats..... that's not how it works

Amattista's avatar
somari-theadventurer's avatar

"Hmm... you should confront any fears with courage."



but for real,

Thanks for the encouragement! xD

Gonna need it this year.

WhirlingClouds's avatar

"The motif of this piece shows the truth: you should seek out new and exciting experiences. Your style tells the world that you should maybe go outside?"

Mountain Pass

the badges will arrive sometime, right? ((i hope so lol))

funny little new tool

Mom0San's avatar

It's decided: you will enjoy a year of love. ;)

The Uchiha's Pride Animated

Like oatmeal topped with shredded cheese, you will discover a new talent.

Uchiha Itachi the Clan Killer

I haven't received the Badge yet XD

byJK87's avatar

I will try ! I like the Fortune Teller ! 🤪

TheGamer2000's avatar


Random Sketch ''#3'' ~ My Style Sonic And Tails

"Your future is coming at you fast, and your future looks bright."

dynaheart's avatar

"Science reveals the truth: it's going to be okay"

Mister Weak (Original song OUT NOW! link in desc)
DCLeadboot's avatar

I don't personally belief in fortune-tellers... always tell you you're going to meet a tall dark stranger or something, it's all a bunch of nonsense.

“Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one” ~Doc Brown (1989)

Giri1412's avatar

I tried it too no idea how to recieve the answer though

Anomaly Unbound (Kuro Von Einsbern Fan Art)
blacknazgul13's avatar

Never mind. I just misunderstood how it would be given.

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