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We’re extending the functionality of Status Updates to bring them more inline with other content like deviations and journals. This provides a more consistent look and unlocks new features for status updates!

What’s New

  • Ability to favourite status updates to show your appreciation or support

  • Ability to collect your favourite status updates, or ones you might want to come back to

  • View counts on status updates

  • Ability to share a status update to a group gallery

  • Report button on status updates

Try It Out!

  1. Post a status update about something you’ve learned in 2021! Whether it’s advice from a friend, a personal development you've learned from, or something that would have been helpful to know at the start of the year.

  2. Share a link to your status update in the comments of this journal.

  3. Browse the comments to find other interesting status updates! Favourite or collect any you like!

Other DeviantArt Updates Today

Update, April 12: There was an issue that prevented some new status updates from appearing on the Watch page, despite appearing properly on the Posts feed. This has been fixed, and now status updates should appear as normal in both locations. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

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Please can we have the categories back? They are most helpful!

me-and-mojo's avatar



Please may we have the categories back?

It is incredibly difficult to search for specific things. :(

HeartStorm4ever's avatar

According to staff, after I asked for categories being back, said that they were removed because no one used them. We thought that we did, but we didn't.

That's what I was told about categories, so... they won't bring it back, since apparently we only thought that we used them. Basically it's saying that everyone who used categories was delusional and didn't actually used categories.

mora-KBM's avatar

What the for real?! I never thought I'd see a statement like that. Thats just a huge smack to the face of the DA community. How can any1 claim we never used categories for submissions. They were required to be selected before even uploading any piece on DA. I wonder how we allegedly didn't use categories. If only the person who made this statement can show us exactly how categories weren't being used... Oh wait 1 year too late now!

me-and-mojo's avatar

Well that's a bugger, I found the categories very helpful.

I think it was probably the best feature.

Edited because I was embarrassed by my outburst.

I apologise.

HeartStorm4ever's avatar

Wow! Calm down and take a deep breath.

Stress is bad for you.

me-and-mojo's avatar

My whole year has been stress, I think I'm just used to it now.

My annoyance is not directed at you, but at the staff who say

we don't.. didn't use the categories.

Sigh.. Think I'll go have a cuppa tea.

HeartStorm4ever's avatar

I feel ya, honestly.

And I understand that. However, yelling won't do anything, unfortunately. The only one affected is you.

Perhaps that tea is a good idea. Try a camomile one. 😊

me-and-mojo's avatar

Thank you, sorry, & thank you again. (F2U) tea cup

HeartStorm4ever's avatar

You're welcome. ^^

No worries, are you feeling better?

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me-and-mojo's avatar

Can we please have the categories back? Pretty please!

shedofjoy's avatar

I left facebook 9 years ago because of the stupid "social media" bs, please don't go down that path keep DA an art site, or i will be leaving here too for more "Artistic" pastures

Scalycopersicon's avatar
DA started as a firum, then became "a social media for artists" ; it has always been both a social media and an art site.
DausenMoore-Art's avatar

Mkay... Please bring back art categories. It was WAY easier to get views and find art I liked when we had categories.

Also, you NEED to at least require a minimum of 3 tags on art and it'd be great if fetish art was separated from normal art lol. I'm trying to block tags so I can avoid them but there are too many and lots have no tags so they're unavoidable.

PowerpuffObsessed's avatar

I think it's nice your adding new stuff and junk, but there are some old features that we'd like back too and preferable first instead of the new ones- like the birthday reminders and junk

Granitoons's avatar

One would think that a site so intent on being all 'scoial media'-y would have birthday notifications anyway.

Watermelonthecat's avatar

now im kinda creeped out

Spitestar's avatar

So in the future can we use the item select feature in "Watch" to add multiple deviations to a favorite folder at once? As the system is right now, it's far too cumbersome to bother using the favorites folder feature.

PowerpuffObsessed's avatar

I agree, the favorites folder used to have a drag thing where you could hover over a bunch of pics at once and put them all into a folder- want dat back .3.

esmeralda2004's avatar

i want categories back...

Gladiatore79's avatar

Unfortunately the other users are absolutely right, for social media there is Facebook this is a TOP art site do not ruin it ... I was better off before with the old version of the site now everything seems so confused missing functions of the old version are a bit disappointed with these updates give us the freedom of art. I can no longer purchase the CORE because your site no longer accepts my ATM. :(

iedasb's avatar

that's stupid

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