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We’re excited to introduce topics, a new way for you to browse and discover art connected to specific interests! Topics are a reflection of the skill in our community, featuring some of the best work DeviantArt has to offer.

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As we continue to develop DeviantArt Eclipse, we’re always thinking of ways we can keep art front and center – better ways to find artists, more deviations for you to favourite, as well as an improved experience on seeing the art you want to see.

After countless hours of data, research, and collaboration, we’ve compiled the most featured subjects on DeviantArt to create topics. Topics easily let you view deviations that are most relevant to what you’re looking for within a given genre. Seeking some pixel art inspiration? Curious to see the community’s display of cosplay? Select a topic and find deviations fit to your specific search.

Browse Topics

The new topics feature is based on machine learning using curated content, meaning they will continue to evolve and improve based on what the community submits. It's important to tag your deviations appropriately to help ensure visibility into the relevant topic. This ensures a better browse and search experience for the whole community. Topics represent the best of the best, and you don’t want to miss your chance to be a part of it! We recommend following our best practices on tagging your artwork.

Share in the comments below some deviations you’ve discovered with our new topics!

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ToshifulHobbyist Digital Artist

How can we browse by newest in a topic? I used to browse adoptables and when I browsed by newest, I could see which ones were for sale because they'd just been made available. When you show "best of" adoptables by whatever algorithm, all of these are already sold.

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DryLightPhoto Photographer

Oh goodie, so now we're Instagram, where your work lives and dies by The Algorithm™. But they say tags will get you listed! Will this tag or that tag even get you listed under the topic that's relevant to your work? How did all of these untagged pics get listed under these topics? Why can't we just choose what topic is most appropriate for our work like we always have? Why can't we just have a system where everybody's work starts on a level playing field? Who knows??? 🤷‍♂️

Capshing's avatar

Where is the "furry" topic?

Tearup's avatar
TearupHobbyist General Artist

Okay I am a bit confused about how this works. I'd like there to be a 'stock images' category again. Does that it mean, if enought people tag 'stock image' the category will show up??

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MorJerHobbyist Digital Artist


justbehappydammit's avatar

Is there a way to search within a topic? Or are you determined to make it harder to look for specific content while claiming the opposite?

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MorJerHobbyist Digital Artist

No and yes :)

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HimitsuUKStudent Photographer
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
KhasdannyanlordStudent Traditional Artist

why this no work properly what happens why is so clumsy sloooow and glitching?

THECOOKIEGHobbyist Writer

I don't know why but when I try to download images on my phone the app just turns off. but when I download on my laptop its fine so whats wrong?

Khasdannyanlord's avatar
KhasdannyanlordStudent Traditional Artist

because is shit and is all full of bugs! the yruined it all!

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LunaTheNightFury General Artist

I’m so confused... it’s literally just browsing by category???

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drachenmagierProfessional Traditional Artist

Not quite. In the previous category any work of that category would show up. Here with topics, it seems stronger limited and with curated content. From what I saw so far, that mostly means higher quality (and no porn! <3).

LunaTheNightFury's avatar
LunaTheNightFury General Artist
Ah, I see. Still pretty similar but slightly improved, I hope
drachenmagier's avatar
drachenmagierProfessional Traditional Artist

I hope so too. :D From what I saw so far, the "higher quality" part is certainly a thing. :D

GuardianDragon1's avatar
GuardianDragon1Professional Digital Artist

I actually really like this, it looks so much more professional!

Rh-enn's avatar
Rh-ennHobbyist Digital Artist

It's??? The exact same as categories... what's even the point.

MorJer's avatar
MorJerHobbyist Digital Artist
It's not the exact same. There are less categories, you can't search within the categories and half of the categories don't work properly.
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
KhasdannyanlordStudent Traditional Artist

nothing work here looks cool but works like garbage!

Sheri-Adopts's avatar
Sheri-AdoptsHobbyist Digital Artist
goddamit... why the switching again??????
please..... let Eclipse die
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SplendorTheWolfStudent General Artist

we need a furry topic, too!

lapis-lazuri's avatar
lapis-lazuriHobbyist General Artist
Uh-oh.... the AI is taking over DA as well....
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paradigm-shiftingProfessional General Artist

Are you a fan of Classic DA who just got tricked into switching to eclipse by clicking into this journal? Here is how to avoid this in the future.

Copy and paste the link into a text file first. What you will see is a two-part URL:

[the eclipse switcher] + [the journal link]

The eclipse switcher looks like this: www.deviantart.com/features/switch_version/

The link to this journal looks like this: www.deviantart.com/team/journal/Explore-More-Art-with-Topics-831065280

Copy ONLY the link to the journal, paste it into your web address bar, and there you go!

You can now read the journal without being tricked into switching to Eclipse!
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