Eclipse Change Log: February 6, 2020
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This Change Log covers the past two weeks of changes, including the launch of Live Notifications, which just went live to all deviants!

Live Notifications Now Available to All Deviants!

Get notified the instant you have new activity! A few weeks ago, Live Notifications began rolling out to deviants. This feature is now available to all deviants!

Learn More

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 11.07.08 AM

Say Hello to Our New Font, Devious Sans!

We're excited to announce DeviantArt's new font, Devious Sans! You may have noticed that the font has changed across the site. Devious Sans is now the default font across DeviantArt Eclipse!

Live Updating Notification Count

Along with the Live Notifications update, the counter on the bell icon on your top navigation bar now updates live, without having to refresh the page.

Next & Previous Buttons On Commissions, Polls, Status Updates

When browsing through Commissions, Polls, and Status Updates on the front page or Watch, you can now use next and previous buttons to keep browsing through content.

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 2.34.14 PM

Poll by ryuu-jiro

Change Log

  • Redesigned About Tab: The About tab on Profile pages has been uplifted, removing the empty space. This change was requested by many deviants.
  • Accessibility support for “Reduced Motion”: We’ve added support for the “Reduce Motion” standard that’s available on most operating systems. This allows users to turn off interface animations and transitions. Instructions on how to enable this on several operating systems, including Mac, iOS, and Windows 10 is available in this article.
  • DeviantArt's favicon (browser tab icon) on Desktop Safari was stretched.
  • The size of titles on Commission pages was reduced.
  • Fixed issue where a HTML pre tag used on the old site would cause display issues.
  • You can now search in your favorites in the Media Manager (the pop-up that allows you to add artwork to a comment or journal)
  • On Mobile Web, there was a bug that prevented you from clicking a Group deviation stack on Watch
  • Fixed an intermittent issue — particularly more noticeable on Mobile Web — where clicking on a deviation from browse, then clicking back, would sometimes cause deviations to be hidden on browse until you scroll.
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Offering Photographer

Hi, this is not abuse.

I've just discovered how to make text a link in the comments section. It's actually easier to do than it was in the old Deviantart. I'm wondering, though, is it possible to change the colour on the mouseover to something other than green, and is it possible to remove the underline? Ideally, the text in the link would just be in bold.

Sown-Laughter's avatar
Sown-LaughterHobbyist General Artist

wtf where the hell do i submit poetry now i cant even simply inject text into a submit box WTF

NiGHTSfan223's avatar

fuck u deviantart for making this site look like ur shitty mobile app desktop is supposed to be different for a reason

peachloaf's avatar
peachloafHobbyist Writer
Eclipse is shit stop trying to force it on us lmao
worldvsunicorn's avatar
worldvsunicornStudent Digital Artist
Ok - so eclipse is happening whether we want it or not.

So help me - How on earth do I stop the "recommended for me" section being P0RN?? Classic DA gives me all the stuff I actually look at.
Every time I open Deviantart Eclipse, I'm greeting with a page covered in gaping vaginas and flaccid dicks. "Show less like this" does nothing. 

Is this all DA is now? DO NOT WANT
MikuEvalon's avatar
MikuEvalon Artist
you need to mute/block those tags.
Glerfl's avatar
GlerflNew Deviant

And there are so. many. tags. Hiding mature content works a ton better, but there are still things I don't want to see - why is the "show less like this" script included if it's been disabled somehow?

MikuEvalon's avatar
MikuEvalon Artist

You can still hide mature content but a problem with that is most people don't tag mature stuff as mature, so some works still appear.

"Show less like this" works perfectly for me, I haven't had to mute tags thanks to it.

If they had to mute categories instead it would have been extremely bad, so tags where the only solution, tags are just to reinforce hiding content but you can still hide them the same way as before.

Glerfl's avatar
GlerflNew Deviant

I can click on the "..." and the "show less like this" popup appears - but I can't click on it! It just clicks through the popup and onto the image I'm trying to see less of - presumably telling the site's filter algorithm I want to see MORE.

But the popup is working for you? It just stopped for me, sometime around the update.

MikuEvalon's avatar
MikuEvalon Artist

It must be a glitch you should report it so it can be fixed, hover over your avatar at the top right and go to get help/feedback, then click give feedback and select bug report.

Yes it is working for me and I actually used it today.

Glerfl's avatar
GlerflNew Deviant

Actually, it magically fixed itself! Which leads me to believe it was a Windows issue, since I'd recently updated. Windows! The primary source of (and solution to) Windows issues.

Thank you for your advice, however.

MikuEvalon's avatar
MikuEvalon Artist

Well it's a good thing it was fixed! I wonder if some issues users experience has to do with windows as well...

aww np! I am sorry I couldn't help much though.

Well have a lovely day and/or night~

x-Werifesteria-x's avatar
x-Werifesteria-xHobbyist General Artist
If you ignore your users, you WILL lose them. Period.

Don't force us to use Eclipse. Keep it optional or your site will most likely wither and die.
YohoTheDeviant's avatar
YohoTheDeviantHobbyist Digital Artist
What's happened to categories, I wonder? I remember choosing "Digital art/People/...." only several uploads ago. And now I see them neither in "Upload" screen, nor in "search". Seems, they just disappeared from everywhere in Eclipse at some point... Okay, maybe we do not really need them. But how do I separate photos from drawings, and digital from traditional now? Should I put a corresponding tag? What if other people do not do it?
Smokymoka's avatar
Smokymoka Filmographer

They're called "topics" now!

YohoTheDeviant's avatar
YohoTheDeviantHobbyist Digital Artist

Wait, but... how do I set category for my own art? I do not have anything like that in Upload page.

Smokymoka's avatar
Smokymoka Filmographer

I'm not sure since I haven't uploaded in a while... Maybe next time I'll tell you if I find out?

YohoTheDeviant's avatar
YohoTheDeviantHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah! Thank you.
Liebevolla's avatar
LiebevollaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Why I don't have any editing options in my custom widget? How can I change or add anything and save this???
I DON'T have this:
Wreswdef by Liebevolla
HearseGurl's avatar
I have noticed you cannot have custom widgets save what you have written in them in the past. For example, on the classic site, if you hide your widgets, all your content was saved and you could hide and bring back any widget as many times as you wanted without losing the content in them.

I was messing around to test this out and it would be disastrous to have to retype everything over and over again if we hide a widget and then bring it back in the future.

Will there be a way to save the content within the new widgets without losing the content?

And yes, I searched FAQ and I sent a feature request.
Strawberry-HeartRose's avatar
Strawberry-HeartRoseHobbyist Digital Artist

From what I’m able to do on eclipse, I have a few issues I’d like to address.

1. please allow for “select all” in groups of notifications, both in the watch area and the personal notification area

2. images appear to have low resolution in my gallery, or at least the thumbnail of it, and can be quite distracting. I don’t want to use your “spotlight” feature because of it, however this could be because I’m using the website on my ipad, but things weren’t blurry/dithered on the old version

3. allow editing to comments

4. add more space to the margins, everything feels very close and cluttered.

5. in live notifications area, allow for easy quick delete. (Primarily for favorites, gets cluttered and annoying)

6. In the spotlight, allow people to zoom in on a specific area of the piece if it’s too big.

7. I can’t seem to use thumbnail codes anymore? I know the html is gone but please at least being back that.

ScalyFlower's avatar

1. There already is a "Select all" button. Go in one tab, such as "Deviations", select something, then "select all" will appear.

3. Comments were always editable in Eclipse

5. See #1, go in activity, select a notification, "select all" will appear at the top

7. Copypasting a link will transform it into a thumbnail. You can use the "add image" option as well.

Strawberry-HeartRose's avatar
Strawberry-HeartRoseHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you for informing me of this, I was glad to re-check. However, I still have issues with a few of these things and I’ll show screenshots.

  1. where is it?? quq I’ve tried clicking on pretty much everything here, but I can’t find a select all ANYWHERE
  1. after I posted the comment, I realized I could edit the vast majority, however an Old comment I made I edited from forever ago I can’t?
  1. There is no select all I could find in the live notification section, nor in the “see all” section

I also can’t delete the notifications directly in the small notification box, for some reason. Only in the larger section.

apologies if I’m being an idiot, I can’t seem to find it. I’ve clicked and searched and looked everywhere for some of these things but I can’t find them. This also may be because I’m on an iPad mini, not a pc.

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