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Updates to DreamUp have landed, including improved image quality and more free prompts for all deviants!

DreamUp is DeviantArt’s AI image-generation tool that allows you to visualize most anything you can dream up! Use DreamUp to make concepts for your next creation, craft textures and backgrounds, or generate a complete masterpiece.

Recently, improvements were made to the quality of images that DreamUp generates, and because of it more deviants have been hitting their prompt limits.

So, everyone’s getting more prompts!

Here’s an overview of the new prompt structure:

  • Non-Core: 20 free prompts (increased from 5)

  • Core: 100 monthly prompts (increased from 50)

  • Core+: 200 monthly prompts (increased from 100)

  • Core Pro: 300 monthly prompts (increased from 200)

  • Core Pro+: 500 monthly prompts (increased from 300)

When you submit art made with DreamUp, it will automatically be labeled as “Created using AI tools,” and your prompt will be shared so others can follow your inspiration!

As always, DreamUp has transparency and protections in place for all creators:

  • Like all submissions on DeviantArt, DreamUp images must comply with the Terms of Service and Etiquette Policy.

  • All DreamUp images submitted on DeviantArt are auto-tagged #AIart and have a DreamUp indication.

  • Creators who reference any artist in a prompt must credit them as inspiration on their deviation.

  • Artists who don’t want their name to be used in prompts can opt out at any time.

If AI art isn’t your thing, remember that you can change your AI Content Settings options at any time from the menu under your avatar at the top right of the site.

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Please make a report tool for mislabeled AI generated deviations!