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Deviation Actions

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UPDATE: DeviantArt Protect Now Detects Potential NFT Infringement

DeviantArt Protect, our state-of-the-art image recognition software, is expanding its reach beyond just DeviantArt, and now scans public blockchains and third-party marketplaces for potential art infringements in the form of minted non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Not every NFT is minted by the actual owner of the art, allowing bad actors to sell and profit from the hard work of deviants. With this addition, DeviantArt Protect provides an additional layer of security to help safeguard your art. Learn more »

DeviantArt is proud to introduce innovative new technology in our continued effort to help protect our registered artists. DeviantArt Protect, our new state-of-the-art image recognition software, was developed to help safeguard your art in ways that were not possible without recent advances in machine learning. As many artists are aware, copyright infringement is a serious problem. This technology is trained to identify new images that appear nearly visually identical to other images on DeviantArt and allows us to notify you when someone uploads potentially infringing art.

The effort that goes into your piece of art is more than simply the time spent creating. The practice, gaining of knowledge, and skill are all evident in the finished product. When DeviantArt sought to utilize machine learning with added human oversight, the goal was to help protect more than just one’s finished work. It's about helping to provide protection around the totality of effort put forth.

Helping Protect You From Unauthorized Art Uploads

Asset2a - Same (1)

DeviantArt Protect can easily detect exact matches.

Asset2b - Similar (1)

Machine learning allows us to detect a level of manipulation and variation.

Asset2c - Different

DeviantArt Protect is trained to ignore passing similarities, and human oversight adds an extra layer of quality.

Steps Towards Proactive Protection for Artists

Every deviation, submitted from any deviant, is covered for three months after its submission. Core Members’ deviations are covered forever, as long as the deviant’s Core Membership remains active.

Remember that all deviations are covered by our copyright policy and you can always submit a DMCA notice about any deviation that infringes your art at any time.

How DeviantArt Protect Catches Potential Infringement

All new submissions are scanned with DeviantArt Protect. If an image resembling a deviation you've uploaded to your DeviantArt gallery is identified, you'll receive a notice in your notification center informing you that a possible match was discovered. You then have the option to file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) compliant notice of infringement.

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 4.26.13 PM

Content is Never Removed Automatically

DeviantArt Protect will not automatically remove any content. We recognize that there are cases where deviants don't mind if their content is reposted — or they've encouraged it — especially in cases like memes or editing challenges. It’s the user’s decision to file a DMCA complaint.

NEW: NFT Detection

Since the launch of DeviantArt Protect, we've seen a positive response from the community, as well as a rise in the number of requests to remove potentially infringing submissions. To provide even more protection for deviants, we’ve expanded the scope of our system to identify near matches of minted non-fungible token (NFTs) submitted across the Internet. We monitor public blockchain events involving standard NFT tokens types (ERC721 and ERC1155) to identify potential art infringement.

We realized our technology could be applied to help safeguard deviants on emerging NFT platforms and tested the same machine learning model that powers DeviantArt Protect on NFT listings. The model identified NFTs that originated from artwork submitted on DeviantArt, where the minter was not necessarily the owner of the original work, alerting to potential art infringement.

New NFT Notif

Because NFTs are a new domain where artists’ rights are concerned, DeviantArt Protect is at the forefront of the Internet with regards to your rights as a creator and will now notify an artist if their work is submitted on a NFT marketplace platform. In the case of an infringement, the artist will then need to take action by filing a DMCA takedown request with the specific marketplace where their art has been listed.

For more information, visit the Help Center.

Helping Safeguard Your Art

DeviantArt Protect was developed with a goal of providing peace of mind. The hours, months, and years spent creating belong to you, and you should feel more at ease knowing that similar image detection exists to help protect your hard work. Rather than spending your free time staying vigilant to catch your art posted by someone else, DeviantArt Protect aims to take care of it for you.

Tip: Artists who want to be extra vigilant should ensure content they publish online is also submitted to their DeviantArt gallery, allowing coverage under the DeviantArt Protect umbrella. Submit now!


How does DeviantArt Protect work?

DeviantArt Protect is trained to find near-identical matches. We use proprietary automated image detection software with human oversight to provide additional quality assurance. Each similar image match is reviewed to ensure accuracy by a member of our Customer Support team.

How will I know if an image is found that's similar to my deviation?

In the top right of DeviantArt, you'll see the notification bell icon in the navigation bar. Click the bell to see your recent notices, and if an image is found that's similar to your deviation, it will be contained in the drop-down menu. If you receive many notifications and you'd like to view older ones, click the bell, then click "Correspondence" in the tabs.

What if I’m okay with the detected similar image? (For example, an adoptable or a commission that the purchaser uploaded with permission.)

It's your choice to ignore the notification or take action by filing a takedown notice. The other deviant won’t be notified unless you choose to take action.

If I submitted an image a long time ago and an infringement was submitted earlier this year, will I be notified now?

Notifications are sent based on the infringing image’s submission date. When you get a notification, it’s because the infringement was posted recently. Put another way, if an infringing deviation was posted before the launch of DeviantArt Protect, you will not be notified and must file a DMCA takedown notice once manually discovered.

Who can file an infringement notice, and how can I file one?

Anyone who owns or shares the copyright in a work can file an infringement notice. DeviantArt members can file a notice by filling out this form. Non-members will need to follow the instructions at the bottom of our Copyright Policy.

Can I whitelist deviations that I don’t want to be notified about?

At this time, deviants cannot whitelist deviations that are allowed to be submitted by other users. Feel free to simply ignore the notification or click the “X” to dismiss it. However, you can opt out and will no longer receive these notifications by visiting your settings.

How long does it take for a take down to happen after a DMCA has been filed?

On average, notices which are compliant with the DMCA will be processed and the targeted content removed within 72 hours of the receipt of the compliant notice. The legal process for the removal of content is standardized.

Will I get suspended or banned if my work is flagged in this system?

Simply appearing as a similar image is not a suspendable offense. Our copyright policies have not changed with the introduction of DeviantArt Protect. The copyright owner still retains their right to decide how their work is used and to file a notice of infringement when they object.

Why do non-Core Members get three months of DeviantArt Protect, while Core Members are protected infinitely?

It would be prohibitively expensive to compare every new image submission. Providing the service in an unlimited manner to Core Members and the last three months' worth of deviations from our non-Core community is a much smaller subset, and makes such a resource-intensive feature viable. It's a significant batch of deviations, and we are thrilled to have the capability to help provide protection — if limited in some cases — to all deviants.

Is there a limit to how many notifications I could receive per day?

Only one notification per similar-image submitter per day will appear in the Notification Center. Because of this, we recommend notified deviants check the galleries of the similar image's submitter, just to see if there are other similarities contained within. However, users will get multiple notifications if similar images are detected from multiple submitters in the same day.

Put more simply, if SuperLlama submits 10 deviations similar to Fella’s, Fella will only get one notification, with a recommendation to check out SuperLlama's gallery for more. However, if SuperLlama and their friend NinjaLlama submit five deviations each that are similar to different deviations by Fella, Fella will only get two notifications — one per similar-deviation owner.

Will I receive notifications about similar literature or journals?

DeviantArt Protect is image recognition software, so it does not currently apply to written work. If you’d like to see DeviantArt Protect expanded to include literature or journals, please let us know!

What if I do not want to receive any DeviantArt Protect notifications?

You can opt out of receiving DeviantArt Protect notifications at any time by visiting your settings.

We look forward to making even more improvements to DeviantArt Protect to keep helping protect deviations on DeviantArt and beyond.

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Mystar21's avatar

This is f**king useless because you open a DCMA and then DA asks you for very private and personal information that, in the start, they never knew of you. Because you don't have your full name, your full adress and your phone, all that linked on your DA account, so how the f**k does that provide that you're reporting something?? Why DA needs that so bad to just take down a repost????

Instead of just deleting the repost they ask you this and if you don't tell them your private information they will do nothing! Instagram's DCMAs works perfectly if you only put the links to the original and the reposted images, they always delete the reposts by that. DeviantArt should learn from them.

FeatheredRainbovv's avatar

DMCA has to do with the US law. It's not about DA needing it, it's how the law is. Anywhere where you can file a DMCA, you'll need to give out some personal info.

Mystar21's avatar

Istagram doesn't ask that much information on their DMCAs and anyway they always take down the reposts by just only providing links to the original and the repost. Here it doesn't matter how much I report the repost that this tool warned me about, the post of the reposter is still on, and I'm not the only artist that had their art stolen by this user. I just was expecting DA to protect us from reposters like Instagrams does.. 🙄

FeatheredRainbovv's avatar

Well i don't know what da can do regarding that Compared to insta, da's an art site so the law about that might not be the same

Vhadoz098's avatar

se me hace una tonteria los nfts pero el evitar reposteo o el robor de arte pues no esta mal

Abashi76's avatar

I already said that I took other peoples' art (not just on DA) and modified it with GIMP. So i'm just a GIMPer.

FeatheredRainbovv's avatar

If you never asked for permission, that makes you a copyright infringer.

Godzilla2000orbit's avatar

why core members when everyone is vulnerable?

Wyzzel's avatar

What about posts that are only a close up of an artwort or a image cut? Will this work too? I don´t think so.

ThatWasLeftHanded's avatar

It's just an auto-reverse image search tool.

FeatheredRainbovv's avatar

Reread what OP wrote; they're talking of flaws the tool might have.

I see you often jump to conclusions instead of actually reading what someone actually wrote. Read carefully, next time^^

degausser333's avatar

hello how long does it take after submission to get your #DATutorialcat badge?? i see some others have it but i don’t, i only submitted last night

FeatheredRainbovv's avatar

That's the wrong journal to ask that on...

You'll get the badge directly after having done everything you needed to do. If you respected all the guidelines but still don't the badge, use the "submit now" button that's in the journal^^

Heterodontosaurus's avatar

Can you make deleting earned badges possible here on DeviantArt please? Pretty Please?

Heterodontosaurus's avatar

i want to delete some badges of mine

Heterodontosaurus's avatar
FeatheredRainbovv's avatar

that isn't a good reason for them to implement that

Heterodontosaurus's avatar

ok ok I want to delete badges on my alt account because I want no anything on my alt

drachenmagier's avatar

You could ask an admin to remove them. They should be able to do that, from what I know, since all the journals where badges are handed out mention that badges can be removed if the deviant went against TOS. Automated process, some journals give you a badge when you just comment, even if the comment is abusive.

Though a few badges, like the llama, might just pile up again, since a lot of users just randomly give those out to everybody. Even if you never use your account for comments, they might still just drop in from time to time. :)

HappinessHater's avatar

eh basically all my art is hand-drawn on paper by me and then captured and submitted to my gallery. I only have one or two digital arts that i made within my first weeks on here. How and why would someone even steal mine and furthermore, who would be stupid enough to post it on the same platform?

Deviantart you assholes

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