DeviantArt Protect: 80,000 NFT Alerts Sent

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DeviantArt Protect now scans over 3.8 million new NFT images every week, and since the addition of NFT protection in August 2021, over 80,000 alerts regarding potential NFT infringement have been sent.

The increase in popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been notable in recent months, and with it, the issue of art theft related to NFTs has also grown dramatically. The amount of DeviantArt Protect alerts sent for NFT infringements grew throughout the last three months of 2021, showing increases of:

  • 30% from September to October

  • 100% from October to November

  • Over 300% from November to mid-December

In mid-December, we rolled out an additional layer of protection through DeviantArt Protect—including monitoring and blocking mechanisms—to safeguard and defend deviants against malicious bots that copy art without permission to mint as NFTs.

While the issue of bot-related art theft continues to be a hot topic in the NFT space, DeviantArt is seeing positive results with our technology. Since launching bot protection through DeviantArt Protect, alerts for NFT infringement related to art theft bot attacks dropped over 600%. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, learning from and adapting to new strategies to ensure your art is protected.


DeviantArt Protect was developed in-house by DeviantArt with the purpose of protecting our artists from art theft. Our only collaboration with other creator platforms and NFT marketplaces is leveraging their APIs to scan for possible art infringement.

DeviantArt Protect is available to all deviants for 3 months after each work is submitted, with unlimited coverage on all deviations provided to Core Members.

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Pls someone steal my low budget looking ass drawing so i can report you to deviantart

JOE10K's avatar

Really? Why Not?

AngryWorgen's avatar

Hopefully NFTs are just a fad that will be dead by next year.

Leanndra51's avatar

This is a service I truly appreciate!

GarbageArtist2009's avatar

I want someone to steal my artwork

beamdump's avatar

Oh I'd love to, but I can't right now. The boss is being a real pain. You know how it is. but uh maybe remind me to steal it again later? Thanks man.

AngryWorgen's avatar

same it would be kind of flattering tbh

Anton-Constantin's avatar

Please help me stop this account.

They are impersonating me. Someone PLEASE HELP ME.

Anton-Constantin's avatar
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You have to be patience. I did fill out the form through this link Naered provided, and it's took OpenSea web administration 3 days to email back to me that they finally took it down my artwork from an infringer's content. This NFT Protection really work very well. (Thanks to Naered for a link and deviantART staff for the NFT Protection!)

Naered's avatar

Then wait^^ There's nothing else to do.

Do not report to Open sea! You are sending your credentials to a site that is endorsing the theft, You need to file your reports directly to google, which is what they use for their image hosting services

Naered's avatar

DMCAs do that, it's not to blame on OpenSea but the law, but reread the thread. It's not about reporting art theft there, it's about reporting impersonation.

Jadago-Art's avatar

I dont like the aspect of revealing my full name there. I didn't do so and OpenSea didn't do anything about my art showing up there. It is really annoying to know that you are completely annonymous when opening an account there but have to give personal information to get rid of stolen art... Intentionally I think that this is not the way it should be :/

Bizee1's avatar

Question Please:

How can we tell if our images are stolen?

dannykojima's avatar

Hi Bizee1! If you're a Core member, Deviant Art NFT Protection will notify you that the system have detected one of your art have been sold on Opensea NFT site. So you will have to contact Opensea web administration with DMCA Take Down request. Opensea web administration will email and notify you that they have take down your artwork and inform the infringer that they have violated the policy for selling the art that isn't belong to them. I hope this helps answering your question.

Bizee1's avatar

Hi Thank you for answering.

It's important that people understand how these things work.

I appreciate your reply

dannykojima's avatar

You're quite welcome, anytime Bizee1! :)

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In case someone needs help with how to report their stolen art I made a little tutorial here:

I was asked this by friends a few time and thought this might be helpful for others as well. I had that struggle a few times by now and every artwork was taken down after a few days.

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Aren't NFTs just one gigantic money laundering scheme?

beamdump's avatar

Oh come on. It's more complex and nuanced than that. I mean there can be more than one money laundering scheme. ... and they can be all different sizes too!

Spacegryphon's avatar

A scheme within a scheme within a scheme. How clever!

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