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DeviantArt has been acquired again for a cool amount of dough and is being rebranded to DevianTART, home of the world’s largest online bakery and baking community. The acquisition was a long time coming, as bakers (formerly called deviants) have always had a passion for sharing their confectionery creations with the world!


Top Off Your Treats

As part of the rebranding efforts, bakers (formerly called deviants) are encouraged to put a delectable topping on bakes (formerly called deviations) that they love!


When you find a bake (formerly called…you know what? You get the gist.) you think is good enough to eat, decorate it with Whipped Cream so it will look pristine in the bakery display.

There’s enough Whipped Cream to last every baker until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on April 5th, so be sure to practice and perfect your piping by then! If you give 50 bakes or comments a Whipped Cream topping, you’ll receive a Baker’s Delight decoration for your bakery!



The Great DevianTART Bake-Off

Every burgeoning baker wants to earn a Michelin star for their efforts, but only a select few can succeed above all others. Listed below are the 25 most acclaimed bakers, based on the amount of Whipped Cream they’ve given! The list will be updated daily, so check back to see what bakers rise to the top like a well-proved brioche loaf. On your mark, get set...BAKE!

Star Bakers

  1. @Phraggle — 2176

  2. @phoenixleo — 1866

  3. @SCARY-WIZARD — 884

  4. @MelMuff — 725

  5. @InahoSabremere — 711

  6. @SmashTekk — 674

  7. @MaddiiCake — 643

  8. @Xenocanid — 511

  9. @Small-Brooke1998 — 458

  10. @AutunnoTheFox — 453

  11. @Autobot793 — 425

  12. @harvestcheddar — 404

  13. @R-4-Z-I-E-L — 396

  14. @Jadago-Art — 372

  15. @Creativa-Artly01 — 362

  16. @theblock — 358

  17. @Kloubtz — 278

  18. @KovoWolf — 265

  19. @tempdog — 257

  20. @EclipsisHorreum — 256

  21. @Sly-Mk3 — 256

  22. @Noire-Ighaan — 255

  23. @IrisObscura — 254

  24. @ScornedWords — 242

  25. @LucierdaLovesU — 210

Final leaderboard update on April 6, 12:00AM Pacific

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FINALLY !! I've been waiting for this moment all my life ! You see, I've grown tired of all the exciting and dramatic stories about superheroes and secret agents trying to save the world. The amazing pictures are ok, I guess. But after a while the whole "interesting" vibe on Deviant Art just wasn't cutting it. Now, thanks to the new management I can embrace a new hobby: Baking. Or, anything really, as long as it's less interesting than my previous hobbies which engaged my creative side. Bring on the food... or whatever it is you're going to feature.

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Oig1 - 2024-03-13t230935.878

And it looks like Batwoman is on board with the changes. She even stopped her high speed boat pursuit of dangerous thugs to go home and bake. Who wants a slice?