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Celebrate Pride Month on DeviantArt! Learn how LGBTQ+ professional artists Create With Pride and join the festivities to get a new profile badge! :createwithpride:

For LGBTQ+ Pride Month this year, DeviantArt connected with recognizable LGBTQ+ artists in professional creative fields to share what Pride means to them, and how their identity inspires them to create. Each week we’ll share a new journal and new prompt on how to Create With Pride, featuring the creative and talented Dax ExclamationPoint, Alyssa Wong, Allegra Clark, GlitchxCity, and this week’s featured artist, Fortune Feimster!


Meet Fortune! :wave:

Stand-up comedian, writer, and actor, Fortune Feimster first made a name for herself on Chelsea Lately. She was a series regular on The Mindy Project for Hulu, Champions for NBC, and has made many television and film guest appearances including Tales of the City, Glee, Dear White People, Claws, Office Christmas Party, Chick Fight, and a recurring role on CBS’s Life In Pieces. Her voiceover work includes Pixar's Soul, The Simpsons, Cartoon Network’s Summer Camp Island and Craig of the Creek, and a series regular on Fox's Bless the Harts. Amblin recently acquired two features Fortune wrote, Bad Cop, Bad Cop and Field Trip, both of which she is attached to star.

Fortune has performed stand-up on Conan and Late Night with Seth Meyers, as well as on her own specials for Comedy Central and Netflix. Her one hour standup special, Sweet and Salty, premiered on Netflix last year and was nominated for a Critics Choice Award. She recently appeared in the films Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar for Lionsgate and Netflix's Yes Day alongside Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez. She can currently be seen as a recurring guest star on the NBC sitcom, Kenan. She also co-hosts the series The Netflix Afterparty alongside David Spade and London Hughes, and she can be heard on the daily Netflix Radio show, "What a Joke with Papa and Fortune" on Sirius XM. And fans can tune in weekly to hear more of Fortune on her popular podcast, Sincerely Fortune, which features fan favorites: her wife Jax and her mother Ginger. You can follow her on Twitter at fortunefunny, and on Instagram at fortunefeimster.

What Does Pride Mean to Fortune? :community:

Back in 2004, before I came out of the closet, Los Angeles was celebrating its annual Pride. I remember seeing it on the local television station and being so in awe of so many people being their authentic selves and the joy that came with that. Everyone looked so happy. It really hit me that I wasn’t being true to myself and it gave me a great deal of shame. A year later, I came out and had never felt such peace. And it made me freakin’ happy too! Ever since then, pride for me has symbolized exactly that: being proud of who I am. I don’t have to hide. I don’t have to pretend to be somebody else. I can be who I want. I can love who I want. And I can stand shoulder to shoulder with the other people in my community and feel a great sense of pride in that.

As a comedian, part of my job for the last 13 years has been performing at Pride events all over the country. I get tears in my eyes at every Pride parade because no matter what city you're in, it is always such a big celebration of who we are, and you realize that we all share this common bond that goes beyond us as individuals. We are a community that has fought for our rights and for equality and we have each other’s back when it matters most. You are reminded of the strength of our community. Then you see all of these rainbow flags in the air and people expressing themselves in whatever way is authentic to them, and you know and feel that this is a place where you belong. It’s a really beautiful thing to witness, and it makes me proud to be gay.

How to Participate :painter:

What inspires you to Create With Pride? Join Fortune and share how you express your true self in a status update! Include the new Create With Pride emote in your status update to get a brand new badge for your profile!

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  1. SHARE: Create a status update by selecting Status Update from the Submit menu and share how you express your true self.

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Celebrating Pride All Month! :party:

Check in each Tuesday for a new journal on how LGBTQ+ professional artists Create With Pride!

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Járd mindig a saját utadat, és légy büszke rá!:wave:

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We're even proud to pride with all everyone ^_^

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Happy pride month! :)

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Im a supporter to pride

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Happy Pride Month everyone!

Know I love you guys and I'm always here for a chat if you want one <3

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I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing!

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A great sentiment for pride. Thank you for sharing! Happy Pride!

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Thanks for sharing ! Happy Pride !

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