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Monetize your artwork and build your brand by creating Premium Galleries!

DeviantArt is not only a home for artists to share their work and grow their skills; it’s also the place to build your community. Using the new Premium Galleries feature, deviants can monetize access to an exclusive set of art or resources.

Deviants have often asked for more ways to monetize their skills, as well as supporting their favorite artists, and we’re excited to share the next in a series of features that allow artists to expand their brand and following. With Premium Galleries, artists can create a more personalized experience between them and their supporters in just a few, simple steps.

How to Add Premium Galleries

Step 1: Head to your Gallery to add brand new Premium Galleries


Step 2: Select the Points price for your Premium Galleries


Step 3: Submit new deviations — or add existing ones — to your Premium Galleries. Now, supporters will be able to pay with Points to access your exclusive content


Showcase your Premium Galleries on your Profile by adding a Gallery grid section featuring your Premium deviations! Only individual supporters will be able to view and comment on this select section of your artwork, fostering an encouraging and exclusive bond between artists and art appreciators.

Try It Out Now!

Want sneak peeks to some works in progress? Or maybe you want to support the stock resources from your favorite photographer? Perhaps be a part of a limited viewing of some of the top artists you follow? Premium Galleries help deviants build exclusive experiences and unlock their potential.

In addition to our new Premium Galleries feature, all deviants will also have the ability to create Watchers-Only Galleries as well. Similar to commissions and Premium Content, Premium Galleries can only be purchased at the moment with Points. A flat 20% fee will be applied to your earnings, with no hidden processing fees or charges.

Learn more about Premium Galleries in our Knowledge Base.

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CozyKomalaHobbyist Digital Artist

Why do we have to make people pay to see things? Isn’t gaining access by watching enough? Can’t it be free somehow??? Making people pay for something that’s not a commission doesn’t sit right with me.

The-Magical-Rose's avatar

Couldn't this get abused by art thieves though? People wouldn't know that the person stole someone else's hard work until they paid them. It seems to me that this could make it a bit easier for thieves to make money and get away with stealing art for longer periods of time.

TallGlassOfTallGlass's avatar

This feature honestly is a risk as it can enable scammers and art thieves by letting them make really poor art or steal other people's work without getting seen or caught until you're literally paid for it.

Bowser57's avatar

Is this a way to encourage users w/o credit cards to get a job right then an there? Hard to do that during a pandemic

YouAreNowIncognito's avatar
YouAreNowIncognitoProfessional Digital Artist

You really should fix the site bugs and the clusterfuq watch inbox before adding idiotic features like this.... :c

GogetaLiebtChester's avatar

1.I would like to know,

if Admins have free acess to premium Galleries,

or have they unlock them too!?

2.Oh and I would like to know,

if Premium art is searchable.

3.I hope that people before an unlocked folder

will be notified before how many art is inside.

It would be a shame,

if people will unlock a folder with no art or only one piece in it.

CaseyJewels's avatar
CaseyJewelsStudent Writer

I'm a little slow at commenting, but this is literally the worst thing you guys have ever done. At least before, the paid content was on another site, so I wasn't having it shoved in my face how poor I am. I rather a deviation NOT show up in my notification center than seeing that I can't see it without paying money.

RoyalDoughnut's avatar
RoyalDoughnutHobbyist Artist

So if someone whose art I enjoy seeing and have watched for a long time makes their gallery premium and I can`t see it anymore because I`m broke? How many of the favourites I enjoyed seeing are behind a paywall now? How fun you money grabbing fuck nuts

metakirby3's avatar
metakirby3Hobbyist Digital Artist

great a new way to ruin seeing what my favorite deviantartists post

AdriMMD's avatar
AdriMMDHobbyist Digital Artist

This person is still trying to make profit out of another persons content and nobody is doing anything about it :

The original artist MMDkitsunefox left Deviantart back in 2018 so they cant raport this thief themself

SweetHentaiBabe's avatar
SweetHentaiBabeStudent Digital Artist

i have a question, how do i get the money, and if i get the money that they pay? I wanted to create one for a dollar or something but i wanted to know how i get that money.

Slenderman7676's avatar

The watchers only stuff is pretty useless since you can just watch then look at the art then unwatch immediately after. I found out myself when I came across one.

irinaillyustrator's avatar

that's a great idea.

Team-lightfury's avatar
Team-lightfuryHobbyist Digital Artist

When I do it my premium gallery option is grayed out

JCoolArts's avatar

I think it would be nice if official site updates were a bit more publicized. It took me 20 days to realize this journal had came out, whereas before with hot topics sticking to the top of the feedback page, I would see updates right away.


Mixed feelings about this overall. I guess I'll have to give it a better analysis after it's been used for a while. So far I haven't came across many premium gallery-using users.

I have a question, what if you buy access to a premium gallery, and then a day or so later, they just delete that gallery?

lrdalucard's avatar
lrdalucardHobbyist Digital Artist

same, but I guess that's a very DA thing. Been the same sh!t for almost 13 years as far as I can remember. Even the portfolio thing, I only found out by the time it was terminated and they moved on to that stupid Winx program thing, lol.

JCoolArts's avatar

In the months following up to eclipse, journal entries from the team regarding the site we're much more in your face. I came to appreciate that over time.

RamsesMont's avatar
RamsesMont Digital Artist

I have a question. I have made a private gallery where I will be posting my linearts, bases and things that can inspire or help other artists based on my designs.

For now I have 1 supporter but the works in that gallery have more than 4 views, what happened there? I'm curious about that. :confused: :-?

Iduna-Haya's avatar
Iduna-HayaHobbyist Digital Artist

People can view the individual deviations, but they can't see anything except an extremely blurred preview, and a text saying that it's premium and that they can unlock it for whatever is the price you set for the premium gallery.

RussMid's avatar

Yeah, I'll pass on that and also pass on the blurry stuff as if you can't see what's there why should I risk any cash. But still, DA gotta get in on that sweet, sweet MTX gravy train.

lrdalucard's avatar
lrdalucardHobbyist Digital Artist

You know, usually whats in there, is what the artist alredy has made in the past. And since you are paying I assume he will also disponibilize the HD versions of his drawings, with no marks or censures.

Is not like you will "blindly" purchasing if you alredy know the Deviant in question who you will be supporting. At least that's wht I did with my gallery, I put pretty much patron only things in there.

eztnemhasznalom's avatar
eztnemhasznalomNew Deviant

lol moneyhungry dicks, also thanks for not giving a fuck about the art theft problems.

BuchiPipi's avatar

After more than 2 weeks, posting this THE THIRD TIME NOW. And DA DOING SHIT!

This fuck is STILL SELLING STOLEN MODELS FOR PREMIUM CASH CRAP YOU ARE ENABLING, stealing from another DA member and selling them for his/hers. Reported about 10-times and DA doing SHIT ABOUT IT:

FUCK YOU DA for enabling shit people like this to hide stolen content that cannot be reported as theift if you don't pay for it! FUCK YOU and fuck your site.

Leave this fucking place if you don't want your shit to be stolen and sold behind invisible paywalls like this! Because as you can see, DA is doing SHIT to stop reported thieft on here, because they are getting their 20% off those! FUCK YOU DA!!!!

exwolz's avatar
exwolzHobbyist General Artist

Do you know whose art is there? Do the artist know? You told them? Maybe if the art owner reports theft, it will cause a greater effect.

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