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Chat is now available on the DeviantArt app for both iOS and Android! With tens of thousands of deviants using chat daily, you can now keep in contact through the mobile app too.

Real-time conversations are at your fingertips with the new chat, letting you talk with any other deviants without interrupting your ability to browse art. To get started, tap the new Chat icon on the top right of the “Home” tab in the latest version of the app! You’ll also see a new “Chat” icon on deviants’ profiles.

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Direct Chats

Send a message to a fellow deviant and start a conversation about anything! Whether you’re chatting up a friend, telling an artist you admire their work, or checking in on a commission, private communication is quick and easy.

Chat With Multiple Deviants

Create group chats with up to 20 deviants so you and your friends can chat together whenever!

Name Group Chats

Give your group chats fun and distinctive names so you can always know who you’re talking to.

Share GIFs!

Share GIFs in your chats to express yourself in a fun, quick, and easy way.

Start Chatting!

Get the app on iOS or Android.

Push Notifications: Coming Soon!

When you get a new chat from someone, you’ll see a green indicator on the Chat icon in the app. In a future version of the app, we’ll be adding Push Notifications so you can be notified when you have the app closed.

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Please stop trying to shove this Chat system in our face. We're comfortable with Notes. You're actively taking away basic features like the Send Note button that has been on people's profile pages for years; in turn, you're making communication harder.

You're forcing Chats on us like how you forced Eclipse.

Both were incomplete and buggy at launch, people hated them, and yet you released them anyway. I won't even be surprised if you get rid of the Note system like you got rid of the old design. You just love introducing features we don't care about and getting rid of what worked.

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notes work just fine, why change it?? with notes i can bookmark and sort specific responses, it's especially useful for commission work. chats are just, endless singular logs. put the 'note' button back on profiles, ffs. hiding it isn't going to make me use the chat feature lmfao.

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yeah they are doing more work on the app then the site

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ohhhhhh wait a minute, that's right, people use mobile these days for some reason

they're probably just making decisions made on how it'll benefit mobile dA, and leaving desktop behind to catch up even though what works for mobile and what works for desktop Are Not The Same

shame u _ u

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at this rate both are going to be ghost sites by 2022

GirlWithTheGreenHat's avatar

on one hand, i don't want to see my first social media platform that i've been using for like 12 years die off and be shut down.

on the other hand, this place is already a god damn shell of its former self and I think something like that would be the only thing that could get it through the dev's heads that this was a terrible, horrible idea lmfao.

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i know they keep make horrible chooses for the site they should has asked the users how to improve their site. over going for thinking our users would like this so lets just force it on them with so many bugs and things that they loved and remove them all then replace them with crappy knockoff version of what they loved driving our users away making it easy for them to make the choose to move to another site that looks and works so much better then ours

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yeah, it feels like they don't want to actually re-introduce any of the BIG features deviants have come to love and have been asking for, relentlessly, for months. like better profile customization, for example. or listening when we said taking paypal withdraw away from regular members was the worst damn idea they've had since eclipse. they'll throw some smaller feature requests our way to placate us, make us think they're listening, but they wont make most of the actual big changes people want because they're too set in their ideas of what a "good" website would be.

i hate it here but i refuse to leave x _ x

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Especially when you consider that this is an art site. I may be out of the loop, but I don't know anyone who creates or edits art on a tiny phone screen.

GirlWithTheGreenHat's avatar

i actually do know some casual artists who use mobile, and drawing on ipads is quite popular these days, but i still agree - this is like the one site where it doesn't really make sense to prioritize mobile development over desktop o_O

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I prefer to see art at a reasonable size too. I haven't used a 'phone for that purpose in almost a decade! The novelty just wore off.

GirlWithTheGreenHat's avatar

yeahhh, i've got a giant android phone and it's still not super great for viewing art x _ x it works in a pinch but it's hard trying to admire details, if i want to seriously look at something i'll just want until i can look at it on my computer.

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yall get back here with that sweet note button on people's profile

pspspsps don't be afraid little DA eclipse PSPSPSPSPS...

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Just came to take a look at the comments here and most I see is negativity, so yeah... Seems the majority of the people here still have justified complaints and dislike towards the design of this site.

This site has been in really bad shape every since the launch of Eclipse which was and still is unstable and flawed. Please, just get your act together. That is all we ask.

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I've gotten the message "Couldn't submit your report Something went wrong on our side. Please try again later." Every time I tried to report explicit content, for the last few months now, and I am frustrated as heck! Leaving a report ticket to staff has also solved nothing! I am sick of seeing porn! The Mature filter does nothing, if the porn bots do not bother to use mature tags! This is not an isolated issue either! It happens to all accounts after they've made a set number of reports in their life time. If I make a new account, on the same computer or smart device, I can make reports just fine, until I eventually reach that limit, and I am not referring to the 50 reports a day, limit! Once you reach that over all limit, you will always get the message "Couldn't submit your report Something went wrong on our side. Please try again later." Please fix this!

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Just an assumption from me and it does not need to be true, but I could imagine the dA report system has an upper limit of how many deviations they allow people to report in a fixed amount of time, to make it harder to flood the abuse center with too many tickets. :thinking: And I would not be surprised if you just reported so many deviations, that the system flagged you as someone who tries to abuse it, putting you on hold like that.

In addition, if you previously reported deviations and the abuse center decided the report was unfounded, it could be that you're already "flagged" as someone who sends in false reports, which would just trigger this "talk to the hand" faster.

Again, though: This is just an assumption and I have no idea if it is true. I'm not staff and with that have no way to tell you anything about the inner workings of dA. :)

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The report message I sent to staff, says that they could not find any reason as to why I can’t send reports and why I get this error message. They also said that they’d let the technical staff know about the problem. But let’s be honest, the technical team won’t do anything to figure it out. They already have mountains of issues piled up already, to deal with.

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is the site still crashing for anyone else?

I can't stay on a page longer than a minute and it is wearing on my last nerve

roboguineapigultra's avatar

Could you at least fix the search function not being on Mobile? Or give us the old site back...?

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Don't bother asking DA to be reasonable. They're so uncaring of our problems, they may as well be owned by Bethesda.

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Soooo, now all my notes are gone? I had a shit ton of story and art ideas in there, works with other artists and now everything is just GONE?!? ALL OF IT?!?!? This is bull shit. I know the creators of dA won't read this or even give a shit, but I do. I care about my art. And now I go to my notes to read up and work on some things and everything is gone then I see this 'chat' thing where my notes where? IT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE ALL MY STUFF BACK. Maybe fix all the other bugs and problems FIRST. You know....try your damnedest to keep what little following you have left on here! This shit is getting old dA. :grump:

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The Notes aren't gone, they are just hidden.

If you hover over the tab that lead to the Notes before, a tab will open.

Along the top you will see Notes. Next to it click the "See All"

That will take you to where the Notes are now.

A pain in the butt to use the Notes now, but at least there are still there.

I hope the backlash is enough for the Staff to change things back, but I doubt it.

japanese-freak-show's avatar

Thank you so much for letting me know that. I have so much in my notes, and when I was gone for a while and came back to it all being gone I just about cried! You're right, it is a pain, but I really don't think the staff will do anything except keep doing what they want to do and 'hope' everyone else just either leaves, gets over it and keeps going or jumps on board with whatever it is they are doing. Sad really. I think things would go a lot better if they listened to us and we all worked together.

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