Change Log: January 8, 2020
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Happy 2020! Most of our team was on holiday break over the past few weeks, so we don't have too many updates to share this week. In this change log, we introduced a "less like this" feature that further personalizes your Recommended For You results.

Show Less Like This

With the new Recommended For You feature, your front page is now more personalized to you. Today, we've introduced a new function called "less like this" that allows you to further personalize your results. When you see a deviation that doesn't match your interests, select the "see less like this" option and Recommended For You will learn more about your tastes.

Change Log

  • On the new Stats feature, the publish date on deviations were sometimes off by 1 day.
  • While viewing someone's status updates, the posts would stop loading after several pages were loaded.
  • Fixed temporary issue where you could not create a poll or status update on Mobile Web.
  • Various minor design improvements to Stats & Insights.
  • Fixed bug where a Gallery section on profiles would sometimes be labeled "Collection"
  • Film deviations would sometimes not scale to the player, leaving small black bars on each side of the video.
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FauskyHobbyist Traditional Artist

I can't even clic on the "Less like this" button. It's like it is not here, when i click the 3 dots, the text appears, but when i click on it, it doesnt work, it's like my click pass through... and finish on the thumbnails witch make appearing the image i don't want t o see...

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YES. This is just the worst. It not only breaks the feature but does the opposite of what you intended. It never even made the piece in question disappear when it did work. Unbelievably bad execution on design. Honestly it should just be thumb up and down buttons if they're gonna do personalized recommendations.

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itchymotoHobbyist Digital Artist
With the influx of spam accounts lately Scam Alert. Fake Staff and Bots. MALWARE UPDATE!I have been on and around dA for 18 years and this is one of the worst spam scams yet...
but this one is for anyone who has seen this around and it's been going around. So this is for the mass community. This is for ALL deviants to be aware of. Looks like a gift card or username scam. It instructs you to have mobile only interaction so far. It states you won a contest and has stated that people you watch have sent something to you. (Further reading at bottom.) Some are also gift card scams or other random scams. This has been really bad for dA these days and I just don't get the logic going on. :/
Users spotted thus far: 
enragedotter8, gleefulsalt9, affectedhare9, yearningcardinal7, grizzledpie0, shamefulhawk4, annoyedjaguar4, eagerhoopoe4, joyfulboa0, vengefulcrane7, grudginpear9, wakefuljaguar5, peskyocelot5, emptybittern3, solemnzebra6, wingedsmelt6, innocenteland4, panickyviper6, dreadfulsmelt6, bubblybustard2, sincerewhiting1, superiorfish2, worriedapricots7, worldlybuzza
I wish you guys would make it easier to report them. It's kind of a pain in the butt to fill out a ticket (and honestly, I always forget how to do it and have to search the FAQ for it, so I don't usually even bother), it would be nice if there was just a button or something beside a person's username to report them as a spammer. I know there's the chance some people might "troll" and falsely report others just to be a douche, but I'm sure it would be easy for staff to see from their activity whether they were really a scammer or not.
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LillendandieProfessional Digital Artist

Yes. Please make it easier to report.

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Thanks for the mention and I agree too, I wish it were easier.
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I changed to the old version because I can't see my favourites section in the eclipse version, I use mobile. How hard is to put it simple like watch, favourites, notifications and all in one place.
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legorulez49Professional Digital Artist
Daemon-Illusionum Excuse me? Last time I checked, it was you who blocked me the first time. Now that you've reblocked me, I can't reply to your lying comment so now I have to write a new one. I can't believe you would stoop so low to lie about someone just to make yourself look like the hero.
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legorulez49Professional Digital Artist
How am I the bad guy when I'm calling this dude out for his literal lies about me. smh did you even read what I wrote?
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You're block evading, that's the thing. *shrugs* You should've let go and not do that is all. I don't care about who is right and who is wrong.
legorulez49's avatar
legorulez49Professional Digital Artist
The thing that you're not understanding is is that block evading means nothing if you're doing it to expose people for shit that they did.
I mean, if someone doxxed you online and they blocked you, what do you do? Do you just let it go?
ScalyFlower's avatar
Block-evading isn't the solution. Ignoring is, however.
legorulez49's avatar
legorulez49Professional Digital Artist
Let me get this straight, if someone doxxes you online or causes a huge thing about you online, the best thing to do is to ignore it?
If someone is spreading false rumors about you, and that person has you blocked on their account... it's suddenly the wrong thing to do if you call them out on it?
Is that really the moral with you?
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Doxxing people on their opinion won't make you right, and resorting to insults won't make you any better.
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Ech0ChamberHobbyist Digital Artist
I have the high ground.
Obi Wan Kenobi Hello There 
ScalyFlower's avatar
why do i hear boss fight theme ? XD
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LillendandieProfessional Digital Artist

I'm still submitting feedback. Hope it is helpful.

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Hey Admins, guess what? FurAffinity did this same thing in completely changing their layout with new one but......they also kept the option to allow their users to KEEP the old layout! It's called "CHOICE"!!! :slow: Isn't that neat?

So I was thinking maybe just make Eclipse optional and NOT get rid of the old layout as it would make everybody happy. Hell, you could even make alot of money if anyone is willing to pay to just keep and use the old layout OR pay to use Eclipse. Because isn't that what change is all about? Money? It pays to make everyone happy, wouldn't you agree?
Daemon-Illusionum's avatar
Daemon-IllusionumHobbyist Digital Artist

Well, here's the thing.

FurAffinity only changed the design a bit. The layout is still pretty much the same, the functionality is the same, the whole backend (the part of a website you as a user don't see) probably hasn't changed.

Eclipse, on the other hand, is a total overhaul of dA. They have new servers, different software, a completely restructured category system, brand new profiles and front page, tons of new features that are impossible to be added to the old site...

You're essentially askin to play a PS4 game on a PS1. They are not compatible, and dA doesn't have the funds, staff or income to host two systems.

legorulez49's avatar
legorulez49Professional Digital Artist
>You're essentially askin to play a PS4 game on a PS1
True, but considering it's possible to run a program designed for Windows Vista on Windows 98 using a few small programs, I don't think having to run old website software can be too difficult if you have people who know how it works.
At this point, you're just leeching for excuses to why the old layout cannot continue to be run.

Daemon-Illusionum's avatar
Daemon-IllusionumHobbyist Digital Artist

No, you're just leeching for excuses to hate and complain. I wrote the info I knew, up to you what you do with it.

Also, did you unblock me just so you could post this? Pathetic.

SunStar-Mage's avatar
Actually I'm pretty sure they do if they could afford an HQ, employees, podcasts, con visits, etc. FA is a smaller website but the diff is they care about its' users.

Even IF it's whatever you're comparing to a game console I know nothing about, then dA should have hired better designers than the trash Eclipse is looking like.
Daemon-Illusionum's avatar
Daemon-IllusionumHobbyist Digital Artist

The only reason dA can afford these things is because they were aquired by Wix. Anyway, I have a feeling you don't actually want to learn more, so I won't try to explain unless you ask me to.

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RhylemHobbyist Digital Artist
Can anyone help me with placing stamps side by side in a custom box? 

I tried using the gallery section, but now it has a huge border around it! XDDD I feel like it shouldn't be this difficult to do it, but omg- I can't figure it out, lol. 

In the old dA, all we had to do was paste the thumbnail and that was it. Eclipse is making it so much harder and it's starting to get frustrating. >x<;;;

Stamps by Rhylem  
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