Celebrating Deviousness - September 2020

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Deviousnessaward Smallheader By Moonbeam13 Ddyitja

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community


AlexanderPaupoff Hi, hello! I'm a thirty-something tutor in literature in English and I doodle in my free time. DeviantArt was my first experience of community. I accidentally discovered the site during high school, and wish I hadn't waited until six years after to make this account because I learnt so much here. Not just about art, but about people, about life and about myself too. I learnt that, much like being an artist, being a person too is a work in progress.

It makes me happy to be here because DeviantArt has become my home online.

I love it when I find art that I can't wait to feature and share with everyone I can reach. I love how alive and inclusive the community is and how there are so many ways to get involved. I think I even love it when I find people complaining about stuff here because it just shows their passion for the site. And I've met some of the most beautiful people here like mondscheinsonate, JustACapharnaum and SavageFrog, whom I'm happy to call my friends. In the end, this is why I keep coming back.

Being awarded Deviousness is an honour that I'd never dreamt of but that I'm truly thankful and happy to receive.

Dalogo Hr By Moonbeam13 Ddyitk9

August 2020


AlexanderPaupoff is a deviant who shares their creativity in the form of features, collections, curation and spreading that community love. AlexanderPaupoff fosters motivation and inspiration wherever they go. You will find a plethora of features on AlexanderPaupoff's profile, showing there is no short order of community spirit here. Their dedication to the DeviantArt community is undeniable and we are thrilled to award them with the Deviousness Award for September 2020.

Dalogo Hr By Moonbeam13 Ddyitk9



JustACapharnaum What can I say about AlexanderPaupoff? AlexanderPaupoff and I go way back. DA wise, they're the embodiment of the word" Community", always putting it first before themselves, always supporting it and being a positive force through a flood of DD Suggestions, comments, regular features and forum threads, participation in various contests and challenges. They do everything that they do for DA selflessly and genuinely without expecting literally nothing in return and this kind of humility is very rare. We've been working together through our DA groups Artistle, but also DeviantLounge, TheArtistLounge and Digitalists and it's just a pleasure to work with them. Oh, and did I mention how talented they are? They swear they aren't but clearly, they lie. I am very thankful for AlexanderPaupoff because of how kind-hearted they are. They are a gem. Congratulations on Deviousness, my alien friend!

Zara-Arletis I think AlexanderPaupoff is a fantastic writer with stories and poems that run the gamut from sweet and funny to somber. They've been a supportive and kind member of the deviantArt community, regularly featuring artists and writers that don't get much exposure, hosting contests, and participating in events - with insightful commentary that is much appreciated. I am so glad Alexander is getting a deviousness award - it's well deserved!

GeorgeXVII We met on chats years ago and talk a lot about art and life in general. They are very kind person and always open to help everyone. Very active in groups and chats, and also very talented creating beautiful artworks and poems. AlexanderPaupoff really deserve this beautiful award, for their hard work and good vibes in the community. So happy to be part to this deviousness award. Congrats friend! You deserve it!

JessaMar I first got to know AlexanderPaupoff when they were running a contest and asked CRLiterature to offer some support. Since then I have come to see that they are not only engaged in the community but also a talented writer and artist. I look forward to getting to know them better as time goes on.

Thiefoworld AlexanderPaupoff's commitment to the community is outstanding. I see them involved in almost every project we volunteers launch, I'm always expecting them to participate in our next contest and activity and they never disappoint! They're also constantly supporting other artists through journal features and making great suggestions for Daily Deviations. A true carrier of community spirit! Many congrats!

Mrs-Durden When I think of AlexanderPaupoff I reflect on how I've legitimately only had positive interactions with them, and only ever seen them contribute positively to the community. It's something worth noting. They were a part of the first batches of editors to help us proofread content at projecteducate and that is just one of the many ways they've contributed to the community with their passion and altruism. I highly recommend you check out their many many art features, artwork and collections if you haven't already.

DStever AlexanderPaupoff is one of the most true people I have met on DA - not only did they accompany my journey very early on, they also held my hand throughout! AlexanderPaupoff has shown me where to find resources, taught me how DA works in detail and used any communications and means so that even I can understand it. But it doesn't stop there, they've shown their support to me - and I'm sure many more people - by keeping in touch. Whether there's a contest I might like, an event that suits my art, or ways to improve -they're not hesitating to invite me over even if it's been a while since we talked. That is a quality I respect deeply, AlexanderPaupoff keeps so many people in their heart without an "expiration date" and they never fail to show that they truly care.

Pascua-Tanya I met AlexanderPaupoff a few months ago when they were looking to form a new team of moderators to bring Artistle back after a long hiatus and I decided to join in to collaborate with my projects. During all this time that I have worked with Alexander, I have noticed that they are a great leader for the group and a great, kind, enthusiastic and understanding person who is always ready to provide advice and words of encouragement for anyone who needs it. They have helped me a lot with my projects, motivating me to continue and never give up. In their journal, you will find a lot of fun and amazing features, but my favorites are "HiddenSparks" and "Themed Thumbshare Thursday" because they don't just focus on promoting different types of artists that they have found browsing DA; They also motivates the community members to share their favorite artworks according to a specific theme each week. And their drawing style with female character sketches is detailed, beautiful, and flawless. Without a doubt, Alexander has made a significant mark in the community with their contributions. It was a pleasant surprise when we both received the Seniority in July, and I am very pleased to see that they are now recognized with the Deviousness Award. You deserve it. CONGRATULATIONS!

SelflessDevotions AlexanderPaupoff is one of those Deviants that I admire. From their features that shine the spotlight on artists that deserve more attention for their work and their breathtaking gallery, we're glad they are getting this sought-after award! Congrats!

SavageFrog There are honestly so many things that I can say about Alex since they're one of the absolute sweetest people I've met here on DA. They're quite positive & whenever they feel invested in something, they go above & beyond to promote it. I really wish that there were more people out there like Alex since the world would be a better place if there was.

Img 4 By Moonbeam13 Dcjs2v6

Congratulations to AlexanderPaupoff!

© 2020 team
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RdPSLk4Professional Filmographer
Congratulations !
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Thank you : )

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TheGalleryOfEveProfessional Digital Artist

AlexanderPaupoff CongraSUPERtulations!!! :heart: :la: :happybounce: :la: :heart:

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Thank you so much! :glomp: :tea:

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AleXandeko99New Deviant
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LuigiFanatic87Hobbyist Writer

Congratulations AlexanderPaupoff, really happy for you!

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Thank you, I appreciate that :hug: :tea:

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TokyoMoonlight Traditional Artist
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Congrats AlexanderPaupoff You really deserve it.

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Thank you for your kind words, TicciTobyHatchetBoi :heart: :tea:

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No problem!

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IjiTheBelieverNew Deviant

Congratulation, alexanderpaupoff! You def deserve this!:hug: :love:

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That's kind of you, IjiTheBeliever :hug: Thank you! :tea:

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SelflessDevotions Digital Artist

Congrats AlexanderPaupoff! :heart:

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Thank you! :heart: :tea:

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StygmaHobbyist General Artist

Congratulations AlexanderPaupoff! :la:

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Congratz AlexanderPaupoff !! :la:

I LOVE that Freddie gif you put above to another commentor. I remember that video, plain as day! :giggle:

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Haha, glad you liked it! :XD: And thank you so much! :hug: :tea:

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You're Welcome! :dummy:

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Grace-ZedHobbyist General Artist

Congratulations, AlexanderPaupoff .:Tiny bunny love:. Well deserved.

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