Celebrating Deviousness - July 2020
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Deviousnessaward Smallheader By Moonbeam13 Ddyitja

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community


LawrenceCornellPhoto I am Lawrence Cornell and I live near London. I am not a city boy however and spend as much time as I can outdoors. My photography is mainly landscapes and nature, the more remote and wild the better. I love stormy weather, not sunny blue sky days. The wilder the weather the better.  I am at my happiest in the mountains of the Scottish Highlands or on the Isle Of Skye. I have itchy feet and I love to travel. When I go to be in nature I want to be away from people and I want to be spellbound. That is easy for me as I find nature incredible. The world is a beautiful place and I search for this beauty every time I pick up my camera. When I take a picture I want to capture not only the beauty of what lies before me but also the feeling I had when I was pressing the shutter.  When you look at one of my landscapes I want you to feel what I was feeling. I want you to feel  like you were with me at that moment. I hope I succeed some of the time at least.

Before I joined DA some 8 years ago nobody saw my pictures but me. In my time here I thinkI have improved greatly as a photographer mainly because I spend so much of my time looking at other people's work. I love the variety of artist I find here. A much wider variety than I find at other sites. There are so many truly wonderful people here too. One of my absolute favourite things is the journal/features I do on a monthly basis. It gives me a chance to share some thoughts with everyone but mainly it gives me a chance to thank everyone for all that they give to me and I can share their work to a wider audience. I can tell you that gives me a lot of pleasure. Sometimes the journal bit gets a bit long, like this, but I get carried away. On my front page I have two quotes that sum up my feelings about photography and what it means to me.

Photography for me is not looking, it's feeling. If you can't feel what you're looking at, then you're never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures. - Don McCullin

Lobster pots.
The Italian Chapel exterior.
A train journey is another world
Down river.
Four seasons.
The chill zone.
History come alive
Never stand still.
Dalogo Hr By Moonbeam13 Ddyitk9

JULY 2020


Visiting @LawrenceCornellPhoto's gallery is like going on vacation without needing a plane ticket. We experience the world through his eyes and witness a glimpse of his soul with each image he shares because each piece clearly comes from his heart. For almost a decade, he has continued to hone his craft but beyond that, he has continued to nurture the community through features, comments, critiques and unwavering kindness. He has solidified himself as a pillar of the DeviantArt community and we are truly honoured to award him with Deviousness for July 2020.

Dalogo Hr By Moonbeam13 Ddyitk9



davincipoppalag Lawrence is a wonderful person and a fabulous photographer. His beautiful images and descriptions take us to places few of us will ever see. He is a sensitive and caring person who truly loves natural beauty and presents it to us in his remarkable photographs. He shares his appreciation of the work of others often and I am proud to call him friend! The deviousness award is WELL deserved. Congratulations Lawrence.

sesam-is-open I have known Lawrence for a long time and it is always a pleasure to see the world through his eyes. He is a complete artist and a wonderful photographer, and his beautiful images bring us closer to a wonderful natural world. It has a unique style and a special imprint. Beyond these beautiful qualities, Lawrence is also a very good writer and those who visit his page will always be delighted by his sincere and so beautifully written diaries. It's not hard to talk about Lawrence! He is a generous and wonderful friend with impeccable taste and attitude. I think Lawrence fully deserves the Deviousness Award and I am proud to have been able to say a few words about a man and an artist who set a beautiful example in DeviantArt. Congratulations!

Mrs-Durden For the better part of a decade, Lawrence has been sharing his outstanding photography with the DA community. He's allowed us to travel to beautiful places with him, capturing them in awe-inspiring ways. His skills have grown and he's amazed us at every upload. Beyond being an incredible photographer, he's also proven to be a kind soul, someone the photography community can truly be proud of counting as one of us. Seeing photographers like Lawrence be such a strong part of the community for so many years brings a smile to my face. Congratulations on this much deserved recognition, and I wish you nothing but the best!

VasiDragos Lawrence Cornell is one of the best photographers I have ever had the privilege of meeting in the Deviantart community. Lawrence is truly an outstanding photographer - and wonderful person - with an almost mystical ability to capture the essence of places seen through its lens. His photos makes you stop and look deep into. It isn’t just perfect exposure or a beautiful scene. They have instant impact and creates a quick emotional response. The viewer is taken to places that many of us never dream of reaching. It’s these moments that open our eyes to the wealth of beauty that our natural world has to offer. Moments that leave those who witness them all the richer for it.

pulbernI have been an admirer of Lawrence's work for a while now. His nature photography is the epitome of beauty and serenity. His gallery is full of great examples of his dedication and skill to the art form! This award is much deserved and I can't wait to see what you do next Lawrence!!

PaigeMillsArt Lawrence has exhibited what a true landscape photographer really is. He travels to different places and captures the most breathtaking and captivating photos. He has the ability to make you feel like you are actually there with him as his photographs are brought to life by his talent of bringing his photography to invigorate your mind. His expertise for me personally makes me strive to work harder on my own photography skills. He is such an inspiration to many. On top of that, he shows extreme kindness and support for other artists. I am honored to call him my friend.

Mouselemur Lawrence - there are so many things you can say about this amiable British fellow! Not only is he a truly terrific photographer, showing us all the beautiful places he visits and taking us along on his journeys - be they big or small - and teaches us a little something about the gentlest of things. Mostly, he's just an amazingly wonderful person. Simply reading one of his journals, you feel like you've known him for years, talked to him on the phone just yesterday, and get together for a monthly cup of tea. He's open about his life, about his views on life, and about his love for life. A huge part of said life is art - and he keenly shares his love of it through those same journals. His taste in art is so wonderful, diverse and inclusive, his journals are a joy to read and to watch. Lawrence has become such a loved member of this community, we can't think of someone more deserving of Deviousness. Congratulations, friend!

EdinaBaltas I can say based on his thoughts he should be a great person who loves people, with a philanthropic personality who loves arts so much and garden and travel... and I think this is great! His journals are impressive, I love them all! He puts so much energy in it , it's fascinating! He is very significant part of Deviantart community, he is unique! Lawrence highly deserves this award, he is outstanding! I wish you all the best, Lawrence

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AndoradaHobbyist General Artist

Awwww, congratulations, LawrenceCornellPhoto

!! :clap:

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LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you very much Andorada

:D :bow:

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GeorgeXVIIProfessional Traditional Artist


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there is nothing worth celebrating on this site anymore

I hope you're proud of yourselves

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Tinselfire General Artist


That's not okay. That's really not okay.

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Prove me wrong then

What has gone right or work porperly since Eclipse was launched

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Tinselfire General Artist

I agree with you, but consider if this was the right time or place.

I have no wish to argue with you, so please, let us leave it at that.

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Fair enough

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LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thanks for your positivity

You really made my day

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PokeTitanHobbyist Photographer

This was a long time coming, congrats Lawrence! I hope take us on many more trips with you through your photos for years to come! :heart:

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LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you very much :D

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MouselemurHobbyist Photographer

How wonderful to read how you resonate the same way, with so many of us LawrenceCornellPhoto :D

This is a truly well deserved deviousness :hug:

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LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

:hug: :hug: :heart: :heart: :) :)

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Congratulations on your Deviousness Award! :ahoy:

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LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you very much :D

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lucytherescuedcatHobbyist Photographer

Congratulations on your award Lawrence you truly are deserving of this honor, so happy for you dear friend. :hug:

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LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you Michelle :D A total surprise :D

:hug: :)

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PaigeMillsArtHobbyist Photographer
Congratulations 1

Dear Lawrence! I can not think of anyone more deserving of this award. So proud and happy for you, my Dear Friend!! :hug: :heart: Happy Hop

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LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you very much dear Paige :hug: :D

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mrcrozierHobbyist General Artist

Congratulations, very well deserved!!! :D

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LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you very much :)

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DraakeTHobbyist Digital Artist

Your next step is win 2million $ to the lottery :D

Congratulations on your senior level Lawrence!! LawrenceCornellPhoto

King fella (Universe)

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LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you very much :)

I'll take the lottery win too :D

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