Assemble Your Herd in the DreamUp Llama Challenge

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Deviation Actions

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With DreamUp, DeviantArt’s new AI art generator, you can create images of nearly anything you can DreamUp from a prompt you craft. If you want a fleece of the action, join the challenge to dream up your very own llama!

How to Enter

  1. On DreamUp, enter a prompt including “llama” as a subject, giving as much detail about the subject, the style, colors, background as possible.

  2. Click “Create.”

  3. Click on the three-dot menu of your favorites, and select “Submit as a Deviation.”

  4. Be sure to add the tag #DreamUpLlamas to be included in the challenge!

For inspiration, choose from one of the below categories, or DreamUp your own!

Start Dreaming

Cutest Llamas

01979 Sd
04807-anaglyph Uneven Unnerving Cutest Tiny Fantas
05005-anaglyph Uneven Unnerving Cutest Tiny Fantas
06786-feminine Bold Gloomy Cutest Tiny Fantasy Clo

Cursed Llamas

01985 Sd
01972 Sd
Magical Llama Pixar movie DVD cover -H 768 -S 1834
02917-safebooru Amorphous Sly Scanning Tunneling E

Llamas Around The World

07187-perspective Feminine Gloomy Double Exposure
05322-lush Safebooru Low Energy Cyberpunk Anthro L
01959 Sd
05799-accurate Manmade Apocalyptic Double Exposure

"Hand-Made" Llamas

03747-uneven Defined Ornate Energetic Highly Rhyth
Fractal Wood Burning Lichtenberg Figure Llama Port
Highly Rhythmic Expressionistic Wild Symmetrical F
Llama Head Made Of Playdoh Kindergarten Level Scul

Sci-Fi Llamas

01833 Sd
06709-lavish Angular Light Cyberpunk Anthro Llama
05340-elaborate Precise Balmy Hyperdetailed Master
02528 Sd

Browse the growing herd of llamas

Get the Badge

When you submit using the tag #DreamUpLlamas, you’ll add a new badge to your corral!

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🔴 LIVE SOON: DreamUp Livestream

If you're looking for inspiration, join our livestream to learn more about DreamUp from DeviantArt CEO @wannabby. Create your own llama, tag it with #DreamUpLlamas, and you might see your submission shared on the stream!

📆 Stream goes live today at 3:00 PM Pacific!

Need More Prompts?

The more you dream, the more inspiration you get for new creations. Upgrade to Core to receive a monthly allotment of prompts or buy more as needed with Points!

Start creating your dream llama now on DreamUp with five free prompts!

Start Dreaming

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