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As part of promoting deviants and their work, we regularly interview artists and share their art and featured answers on our official Facebook page. Today's featured artist is @batjorge!

Royal obsolescence

When did you first start exploring fractal art?

Back around the turn of the millennium, I saw some fractal spirals that fascinated me so much that I said to myself, one of these days I have to do something like that. Some years later, around 2005, I began to explore Kai's Power Tools (PS plugin), then later embraced Apophysis and later Mandelbulb 3D, which I've stuck with from around 2011 until now.

What is it about fractal art that pulls you to it?

You never know what you will find next. Every time you’re jumping into an unknown realm in which you don't know anything!

Droid Miner

What's a common misconception when it comes to fractal art?

It has been long discussed whether or not mathematical plots can be art. Computers are tools to achieve a certain artistic expression, much like a brush or palette knife, and math is involved in every piece of art, from a song to the Fibonacci sequence and so on.

What sort of atmosphere do you most like portraying in your art? How do you work to do that?

It is an endless, always changing endeavour to create a scene. I like to experiment with variations of color schemes and light. I read that many great artists had periods focused on certain colors and materials, etc. I've found myself doing experiments this way, as part of the endless learning process.

I begin with a formula of mixing and begin to mold fractals from a certain interesting starting shape showing off until refining those shapes into what's possible in the fractal medium. Everything is unpredictable. If I'm happy with it, I go for framing and set up light and colors. Both parts can take a lot of time to achieve something satisfactory.


Do you create in any other mediums? If so, what makes you explore one over the other?

I used to draw by hand and make 3D art, but there are only 24 hours in a day! I hope to get a digital tablet someday because I'm left-handed but use a conventional keyboard and mouse. A better PC would be nice too!

How do you avoid burnout as an artist?

Good question, let me know the answer! Honestly, I feel burnt out almost every day. But I don't wait for the muses to come; I call them. You just need to make the connection by leaving worries away. It will be your little Satori.


Who are two artists on DA that you feel people should follow? Why?

Hard to stick only with two! Shoutout to @AkuraPare and @hypex2772 for being awesome, kind artists with a lot of creativity!

See more of @batjorge's work in his DeviantArt gallery!

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jim373's avatar

Kudos to Jorge!! A really fine artist and a hell of a nice guy!! :D :w00t:

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Thanks for reading it Jim! :boogie::wave:

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My pleasure, Jorge!! 😊

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can you please answer my ticket? i was charged for buying points but there's no history of the purchase on DA and i never received the points.

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Please respect this artist, this is not the place for your problems. :(

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Well deserved. Jorge is the man!

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Thanks Daniel! :blush:

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I like your presentation, they feel real. Congrats!

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AureliusCat's avatar

Very cool, congrats Jorge!! :w00t:

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Thanks Mark! :wave:

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Thank you very much for the feature! Very honored to receive such a feature! :aww:

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To the featured. So very talented . 👍💐🎀

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a pleasure rose

Well deserved.🤗🍪👍

timemit's avatar

Nice Jorge, well deserved and well done. 11/10 for skill, effort & output. :hug:

batjorge's avatar

Thank you for being my friend and doing the fractal journey along us fractalists here! Good fun times indeed :)

timemit's avatar

yes indeed, wish I had more time in life to be part of it.:)

ScrubFiend's avatar

Wow your fractal work is so amazing @batjorge! I love how unique and completely different all your pieces are. I really like how you said you never know what you'll find next in fractal art, your gallery is indeed like jumping into an unknown realm!

batjorge's avatar

Thank you for the praise! :D :wave:

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Wonderful feature of an amazing fractal artist!!!:heart::D

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