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What is it?

DeviantArt wants to give artists the ability to continue doing what they love; being creative! That’s why we created the DeviantArt Collective, a program that sponsors exciting and uplifting artists. We’ll be working closely with these artists to engage and inspire the art community on DeviantArt through contests, challenges, and more. We hope that you find inspiration — as we did — from this unique group and join in as we delve deeper into the art community and what makes it so special. We’ll be featuring interviews with the artists on DeviantArt, as well as sharing some of the Collective’s newest works and community initiatives.

In coming months, we'll also be opening this opportunity up for more and more deviants; hope to see you there!

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Who's in it?

We're so excited to announce the current and past members of the DeviantArt Collective. These deviants have shown real joy in enriching the art community, and we can't wait to see what they do next on DeviantArt and on their streams!

00 Ccayco

@ccayco is a full-time art streamer and art tutor. Primarily a traditional artist, his Twitch streams emphasize and focus on the study and practice of illustration. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Ccayco Article

00 ChrissaBar

@ChrissaBug is a 2D game artist and animator by day and a Twitch Streamer and illustrator by night based in Stockholm, Sweden. She loves painting cute, colorful, and expressive characters. In her streams, she loves to chat and connect with viewers while working on her art of the day. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet ChrissaBug Article

00 Cnot

@cnotbusch (Christopher R. Notbusch) is a self-taught traditional sculptor who found a career in live streaming while sculpting. They have been doing so since 2011. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Cnotbusch Article

00 Dzikawa

@Dzikawa (Anya) is a Russian artist and Twitch streamer, who primarily creates digital art and manga. A teacher by day and streamer by night, they are thrilled to meet such inspiring people around the world!

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Dzikawa Article

00 Kloir

@kloir (aka Sam) loves painting landscapes and environments! They studied digital art & animation in college and fell in love with painting landscapes. They stream 4 days a week to help people unwind from their days and to spread knowledge for background art!

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Kloir Article

00 Pixiepowderpuff

@PixiePowderPuff is a self-taught digital illustrator. She loves to draw sexy characters highlighting their unique features and expressions. Pixie streams three times a week on Twitch where she and her horde of animal co-hosts entertain and encourage her art community.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet PixiePowderPuff Article

00 Quel

@Quelfabulous is a full-time freelance illustrator out of the Greater Boston Area and loves all things retro. They have a BSAEd in Art Education and started their career 9 years ago as a teacher before jumping into the publishing world and realizing their true love for fantasy illustration. When they aren't running around as an elf in a faraway land, they're painting for games, books, and paying homage to their early career roots- teaching digital art through mentoring and fostering a positive, healthy space for the growth of other creatives. Quel is determined to underline the joy of art-making with their draw-together and shop-talk streams.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Quelfabulous Article

00 SimzBar

@simoneferriero is an illustrator and comic book artist based in Italy. He works as a freelance artist on branded projects and on personal works as well, collaborating with companies like Clip Studio Paint, Celsys, Huion, XP-Pen, Parblo, Artisul, Graphixly, and Wacom. His work has been featured on many platforms like Reddit, Ko-fi, DeviantArt, Imgur, and by thousands of fans across all his social media. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet SimoneFerriero Article

00 StumpyBar

@stumpyfongo graduated in 2012 with a BFA in Illustration and spent the next eight years in-studio working on the marketing side of the entertainment industry on projects like video game key art, movie posters, and toy Box Art. He's worked with clients like Disney, Ubisoft, Activision, EA Games, Lucas Arts, Hasbro, and many more. In August of 2020 he made the decision to go full-time freelance and now streams his art online most week days as a Twitch Partner.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet StumpyFongo Article

00 SylessaeBar

@sylessae is a self-taught digital artist with a love for fantasy characters. Driven by passion and positivity, she is on an endless journey to encourage others to follow their own creative dreams—no matter how big or small. When she's not creating art, she's fumbling on roller skates, taking cat naps, and recharging with the not-so-occasional googly-eye dance on stream.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Sylessae Article

00 TastyPeach

@TastyPeachStudios (Riss) has held a love for creating since she was a child. The mission and vision of her brand has always been to bring happiness & comfort to others. She's a driven self-taught artist with a passion for character creation and design. When she was 10 she had a dream, to be an artist the rest of her life & to bring smiles to the world.

In 2010 she started her journey to do just that. In the last 11 years she and her team have worked hard to build this brand into what is it today: A well known, officially licensed brand with the continued passion to make hard times a little softer for everyone.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet TastyPeachStudios Article

00 Tofusenshi

@Tofusenshi (Petra Zemánková) is a self-taught digital artist based in Czech Republic. She has streamed her art journey from the very beginning on Twitch while sharing her learning process and passion, already for 5 years and it has become her living. One of her goals is to study at FZD school in Singapore and become a studio artist.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Tofusenshi Article

00 Theonewithbear

@TheOneWithBear (Sarajean Chung) is a freelance illustrator who cannot make up her mind on what medium to use for her next piece. Aside from daydreaming about different projects she'll eventually work on, she spends her days nerding out on tech and video games to anyone who would listen. Born in Taiwan, her art is heavily influenced by eastern cultures.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet TheOneWithBear Article

00 TsaoShinBar

@TsaoShin is a digital painter and professional conceptual illustrator based in the US! He loves fantasy and cute stuff and his artistic aesthetic is vibrant and colorful. He loves giving back to the art community so check out his tutorials and resources through DeviantArt, Twitch, and YouTube.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch

Da Collective (1)

Community Challenges!

Join in with the DeviantArt community in some of these fun activities created and run by the artists in the Collective!

Da Collective (1)

How can I join?

The DeviantArt Collective was developed to celebrate streaming artists who nurture inspiring and inclusive spaces. Does that sound like you? If so, click this link and fill out the form to apply!

Da Collective (1)

Your Thoughts:

  1. What kind of streamers do you like to watch?

  2. Who are you excited to see/would you like to see in the DeviantArt Collective?

  3. What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt?

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Au-Plau-Se's avatar
  1. What kind of streamers do you like to watch?

  2. Who are you excited to see/would you like to see in the DeviantArt Collective?

  3. What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt?

Ans to 1: I would like to watch anything I want, especially the streamers that are on live.

Ans to 2: Art challenges where we can earn badges and contests where we can earn points.

Ans to 3: More Art challenges and tutorials shown where we can earn badges.

Cerulea-blue's avatar

I want to be as famous as them...

Au-Plau-Se's avatar

Do you use twitch? I ask because there are people who would love to see you do livestream art.

DexinProgress's avatar
  1. What kind of streamers do you like to watch? The main streams I watch every week are Drawfeeshow and SecretSleepoverSociety (which is a gaming channel hosted by two of the people from drawfee). I also occasionally watch a handful of furry vtubers and BobRoss ^_^

  2. Who are you excited to see/would you like to see in the DeviantArt Collective? Idk... most of my favorite artists either don't stream OR aren't an DA anymore... so kinda hard to have them join in lol

  3. What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt? Maybe something that celebrates a particular media (other than hyper skilled digital painting) or theme? Like have a day dedicated to Traditional Painting, Sculpting, Cartooning, etc. Have tutorials or interviews with some popular artist in that field, Give away some prizes associated with that medium, and showcase the newest 50 or so submissions of that genre (that are PG and meet site guidelines) so that a wide range of artists get some spotlight instead of just really popular people. That'd be cool I think ^_^

MBMcKenzie's avatar

I'm sorry to say, that I do not believe you want to hear anything from a 59 year old white man, no one does. SO I just keep on keeping on. Glad to be here, glad to help, but I don't offer anymore - I feel politics oozing into the cracks of our sanctuary and it doesn't belong here.

PrettyShadowj28's avatar

1.What kind of streamers do you like to watch? I don't know

2.Who are you excited to see/would you like to see in the DeviantArt Collective? I like to see more Nostalgic artwork,Crossover , Literature, Meme

3.What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt? Birthday, Drag art into collection etc

4-Chap's avatar

What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt?"

You ask us about things like this and you say you "appreciate" feedback but your actions and your decision making may say otherwise.

My answer to this question and also this is what I would be ordering you to do if I was your boss.

A community event called the "Community Rebuild" which involves a full rebuild of the site and platform headed by the community allowing fellow members of the community who are good at coding and website design. To aid in rebuilding DeviantArt to restore it to it's former self. And to clean up the mess it has become with Eclipse.

Also this is the goal of what I call the Sunrise/Phoenix Movement.

If you and the rest of the admins and staff continue to refuse to work with the community to make real improvements that I along with others are requesting as well as aiming to accomplish. Then you need to go back to businesses school and get re-educated in this area of work. And let a new team of staff and admins who are willing to work with us take your position and help to make DeviantArt a better place.

oroladian's avatar

Not interested

vequene's avatar

Take me off the sendlist

Niveithika1999's avatar
  1. I sometimes watch streamers from St. Andrew's Church

  2. I would like to see more Crash Bandicoot in the DeviantArt Collective.

  3. I prefer not to.

Bunatee's avatar
  1. I mostly watch art streams, especially for artists who's work inspires me to grow my own style.

  2. I'm very excited about all of these artists but particularly for sylessae

  3. I'm really fond of challenge events ❤️

WindySilver's avatar
  1. I don't have time to watch streams most of the time; usually when I do watch a stream, it's because I already know the streamer from their other content (e.g. art or YouTube videos).

  2. No one. I already spend as little time as I can on DA, so I don't care about this thing. No offense to the artists, I just don't care about this DeviantArt Collective thing.

  3. The kinds of events the notifications of which I can opt out of.

Dr-Kineil-Wicks's avatar
  1. I don't watch streaming.

  2. I'd rather not get these notifs because DA events have never done anything for me.

  3. I came here to inform you that your logo strung together looks like someone screaming and I have never seen a more accurate representation of Eclipse, so for that I thank you.

blingblingbabe's avatar

Fix navigation instead of sendung junkmail

heliowinter's avatar
Sabrina-Icestaff's avatar
  1. Usually I watch my favorite gaming channels stream (Ie Jacksepticeye, Markiplier), so I haven't ever watched a art stream....mainly because I don't think anyone really notices their supporters.

2. Honestly, EmalaJiss. She's an amazing youtuber artist and an inspiration.

3. SUPPORTING SMALLER ARTISTS, nobody seems to give a damn about us....the ones with less than 100 watchers. And it pisses me off

LazyCafe's avatar

😕 ... the banner just keeps coming back

doctor-synapsis's avatar

Remove me from this sendlist

Valognir's avatar

I'd personally love to see a 3D artist added to that roster. ^^ But I mostly watch game streams, if any. When it comes to art, I'm more the toturials-on-youtube-in-the-moment-I-need-em kinda guy.

As for events, things were everyone gets at least something are always nice and motivating to participate in. After all, nobody likes to work for free and most artist's chances of winning are astronomically small. For beginners or mediocre artists like me, having some sort of small reward, something to collect or use on the site, is much more motivating than the prospect of some expensive piece of equipment I won't get anyway. xD I really dig the badge and fragment rewards, for example.

Not a huge fan of the tutorials though, because so far, none of them really struck me as... very helpful. Drawing a thing in a single pose and without studying the actual three dimensional shapes behind it seems rather counterproductive when it comes to learning. People should be encouraged to experiment with shapes and poses, rather than only ever using one shape / pose, I think.

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