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What is it?

DeviantArt wants to give artists the ability to continue doing what they love; being creative! That’s why we created the DeviantArt Collective, a program that sponsors exciting and uplifting artists. We’ll be working closely with these artists to engage and inspire the art community on DeviantArt through contests, challenges, and more. We hope that you find inspiration — as we did — from this unique group and join in as we delve deeper into the art community and what makes it so special. We’ll be featuring interviews with the artists on DeviantArt, as well as sharing some of the Collective’s newest works and community initiatives.

In coming months, we'll also be opening this opportunity up for more and more deviants; hope to see you there!

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Who's in it?

We're so excited to announce the inaugural members of the DeviantArt Collective. These deviants have shown real joy in enriching the art community, and we can't wait to see what they do next on DeviantArt and on their streams!

00 Ccayco

@ccayco is a full-time art streamer and art tutor. Primarily a traditional artist, his Twitch streams emphasize and focus on the study and practice of illustration. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch

00 ChrissaBar

@ChrissaBug is a 2D game artist and animator by day and a Twitch Streamer and illustrator by night based in Stockholm, Sweden. She loves painting cute, colorful, and expressive characters. In her streams, she loves to chat and connect with viewers while working on her art of the day. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch

00 overlordJC

@OverlordJC is an animator, concept artist, and illustrator with over 12 years of experience. They have been a Creative Streamer for nearly five years, with an emphasis on helping artists grow. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch

00 SimzBar

@simoneferriero is an illustrator and comic book artist based in Italy. He works as a freelance artist on branded projects and on personal works as well, collaborating with companies like Clip Studio Paint, Celsys, Huion, XP-Pen, Parblo, Artisul, Graphixly, and Wacom. His work has been featured on many platforms like Reddit, Ko-fi, DeviantArt, Imgur, and by thousands of fans across all his social media. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch

00 StumpyBar

@stumpyfongo graduated in 2012 with a BFA in Illustration and spent the next eight years in-studio working on the marketing side of the entertainment industry on projects like video game key art, movie posters, and toy Box Art. He's worked with clients like Disney, Ubisoft, Activision, EA Games, Lucas Arts, Hasbro, and many more. In August of 2020 he made the decision to go full-time freelance and now streams his art online most week days as a Twitch Partner.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch

00 SylessaeBar

@sylessae is a self-taught digital artist with a love for fantasy characters. Driven by passion and positivity, she is on an endless journey to encourage others to follow their own creative dreams—no matter how big or small. When she's not creating art, she's fumbling on rollerskates, taking cat naps, and recharging with the not-so-occasional googly-eye dance on stream.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch

00 TastyPeach

@TastyPeachStudios is a driven self-taught artist with a passion for character creation and design. When she was 10 she had a dream to be an artist for the rest of her life and to bring smiles to the world. In the last 11 years, she and her team have worked hard to build this brand into what is it today: A well-known, officially licensed brand with the continued passion to make hard times a little softer for everyone.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch

00 TsaoShinBar

@TsaoShin is a digital painter and professional conceptual illustrator based in the US. He loves fantasy and cute stuff, and his artistic aesthetic is vibrant and colorful. He loves giving back to the art community, so check out his tutorials and resources across DeviantArt, Twitch, and YouTube.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch

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Current Community Challenges!

Join in with the DeviantArt community in some of these fun activities created and run by the artists in the Collective!

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How can I join?

The DeviantArt Collective was developed to celebrate streaming artists who nurture inspiring and inclusive spaces. Does that sound like you? If so, click this link and fill out the form to apply!

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Your Thoughts:

  1. What kind of streamers do you like to watch?

  2. Who are you excited to see/would you like to see in the DeviantArt Collective?

  3. What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt?

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KhaleesiKiyiyaWolf's avatar
  1. What kind of streamers do you like to watch?: As a former Mixer mod, I prefer to watch gaming streams over art. Art streams tend to not have many artist interaction whereas with gaming streams, this happens and my being needed, is often a requirement to keep the game chat running smoothly.

  2. Who are you excited to see/would you like to see in the DeviantArt Collective?: Would it be ballsy to say myself? I'd love to see some of my better photographs recognized by my fellow deviants and not just "faved" all the time. Getting feedback would be nice :/ but never seems to happen. I hate getting single typed comments of "too blurry" or "can't see" as this leaves me nothing to go on.

  3. What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt?: Something not geared towards top name artists. People with well over 12k followers, etc. Start recognizing the smaller communities of folks who have under 1000k, folks who have maybe around 100 followers and go from there, etc.

LaceyPowerPuffGirl's avatar
Gothie666's avatar

Are you planning to go with other platform for the streamer ??? Because you only take Twitch, but there is Picarto who is a streaming platform more for drawing and art. Twitch is more gaming ( for me anyway ).

KovoWolf's avatar

Heya @Gothie666 !

As @ggMattB mentioned here, other streaming platforms is something we are definitely considering!

Gothie666's avatar

Thank you I miss it in all the comments thanks a lot ^-^

KovoWolf's avatar

My pleasure! :hug:

JRizetcio's avatar
  1. I do like to watch Reiq time to time. He's a great artist and with great entertainment in his streams. I also like Saruei a lot. She is a lewd artist but never breaks the 18+ boundary. Her art stile is very anime-esc and she completely nails her craft while you watch her work on her art piece. I recommend to watch these streamers if you haven't yet.

  2. I think it would be great to see ccayco, simoneferriero, or TastyPeachStudios to win.

  3. Well I'm a sucker for comic stuff and I world personally love to see a comic event here. I think this because comics is a medium that mostly everybody loves/ enjoys to read or glance at. And I feel if DA had this as an event it would make everyone go crazy to bring out their storytelling and illustrating skills. And lets not forget how much inspiration comics give to new artist helping expand the art community.

KovoWolf's avatar

Great suggestions, thank you :)

GeorgeXVII's avatar

Sounds great! ♥️👏🏽

UnicornOfHope's avatar

Yes!~ I'm so happy something like this has been implemented on here!

I plan on applying soon once I get a decent gallery going.

I too want to become a full time artist so hopefully this will help.

KovoWolf's avatar

Me to! I've learned so much from all the streamers! It's truly been a wonderful experience!

appltun's avatar

uh oh... i submitted the poll without realizing it was for streaming artists...

InterestingExistence's avatar

1. I like watching gaming and art streams.

2. I honestly don't know

3. Maybe crossovers with other peoples ocs or just collabs

This is my set of 3 questions

The ones where you can get badges for participating

Mostly the ones who do anime

Well I did not see any streamers

Alpha-Works's avatar

What kind of streamers do you like to watch?

I honestly dont watch many, the ones I do are drawfee Who are you excited to see/would you like to see in the DeviantArt Collective?

I would love to see lesser known artists being supported What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt?

As above, some event based around lesser known artists

SparkleXDYT's avatar
  1. if we're talking about yt streamers, im just gonna say.... BIOHASARDIA! BELLASAURUS! LAMP0ST!!!



Whirlwind-Tigress's avatar
  1. Not a fan of any streamers really. I prefer to watch things at my own leisure.

  2. Unsure.

  3. Smaller Artist Features (Under 1K Watchers) to help promote artists. Contests for small artists.

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