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What is it?

DeviantArt wants to give artists the ability to continue doing what they love; being creative! That’s why we created the DeviantArt Collective, a program that sponsors exciting and uplifting artists. We’ll be working closely with these artists to engage and inspire the art community on DeviantArt through contests, challenges, and more. We hope that you find inspiration — as we did — from this unique group and join in as we delve deeper into the art community and what makes it so special. We’ll be featuring interviews with the artists on DeviantArt, as well as sharing some of the Collective’s newest works and community initiatives.

In coming months, we'll also be opening this opportunity up for more and more deviants; hope to see you there!

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Who's in it?

We're so excited to announce the current and past members of the DeviantArt Collective. These deviants have shown real joy in enriching the art community, and we can't wait to see what they do next on DeviantArt and on their streams!

00 Ccayco

@ccayco is a full-time art streamer and art tutor. Primarily a traditional artist, his Twitch streams emphasize and focus on the study and practice of illustration. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Ccayco Article

00 ChrissaBar

@ChrissaBug is a 2D game artist and animator by day and a Twitch Streamer and illustrator by night based in Stockholm, Sweden. She loves painting cute, colorful, and expressive characters. In her streams, she loves to chat and connect with viewers while working on her art of the day. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet ChrissaBug Article

00 Cnot

@Cnotbusch (Christopher R. Notbusch) is a self-taught traditional sculptor who found a career in live streaming while sculpting. They have been doing so since 2011. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Cnotbusch Article

00 Dzikawa

@Dzikawa (Anya) is a Russian artist and Twitch streamer, who primarily creates digital art and manga. A teacher by day and streamer by night, they are thrilled to meet such inspiring people around the world!

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch

00 Kloir

@Kloir (aka Sam)loves painting landscapes and environments! They studied digital art & animation in college and fell in love with painting landscapes. They stream 4 days a week to help people unwind from their days and to spread knowledge for background art!

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Kloir Article

00 overlordJC

@OverlordJC is an animator, concept artist, and illustrator with over 12 years of experience. They have been a Creative Streamer for nearly five years, with an emphasis on helping artists grow. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet OverlordJC Article

00 Pixiepowderpuff

@PixiePowderPuff is a self-taught digital illustrator. She loves to draw sexy characters highlighting their unique features and expressions. Pixie streams three times a week on Twitch where she and her horde of animal co-hosts entertain and encourage her art community.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch

00 Quel

@Quelfabulous is a full-time freelance illustrator out of the Greater Boston Area and loves all things retro. They have a BSAEd in Art Education and started their career 9 years ago as a teacher before jumping into the publishing world and realizing their true love for fantasy illustration. When they aren't running around as an elf in a faraway land, they're painting for games, books, and paying homage to their early career roots- teaching digital art through mentoring and fostering a positive, healthy space for the growth of other creatives. Quel is determined to underline the joy of art-making with their draw-together and shop-talk streams.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Quelfabulous Article

00 SimzBar

@simoneferriero is an illustrator and comic book artist based in Italy. He works as a freelance artist on branded projects and on personal works as well, collaborating with companies like Clip Studio Paint, Celsys, Huion, XP-Pen, Parblo, Artisul, Graphixly, and Wacom. His work has been featured on many platforms like Reddit, Ko-fi, DeviantArt, Imgur, and by thousands of fans across all his social media. DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet SimoneFerriero Article

00 StumpyBar

@stumpyfongo graduated in 2012 with a BFA in Illustration and spent the next eight years in-studio working on the marketing side of the entertainment industry on projects like video game key art, movie posters, and toy Box Art. He's worked with clients like Disney, Ubisoft, Activision, EA Games, Lucas Arts, Hasbro, and many more. In August of 2020 he made the decision to go full-time freelance and now streams his art online most week days as a Twitch Partner.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet StumpyFongoArticle

00 SylessaeBar

@sylessae is a self-taught digital artist with a love for fantasy characters. Driven by passion and positivity, she is on an endless journey to encourage others to follow their own creative dreams—no matter how big or small. When she's not creating art, she's fumbling on roller skates, taking cat naps, and recharging with the not-so-occasional googly-eye dance on stream.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Sylessae Article

00 TastyPeach

@TastyPeachStudios (Riss) has held a love for creating since she was a child. The mission and vision of her brand has always been to bring happiness & comfort to others. She's a driven self-taught artist with a passion for character creation and design. When she was 10 she had a dream, to be an artist the rest of her life & to bring smiles to the world.

In 2010 she started her journey to do just that. In the last 11 years she and her team have worked hard to build this brand into what is it today: A well known, officially licensed brand with the continued passion to make hard times a little softer for everyone.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet TastyPeachStudios Article

00 Tofusenshi

@Tofusenshi (Petra Zemánková) is a self-taught digital artist based in Czech Republic. She has streamed her art journey from the very beginning on Twitch while sharing her learning process and passion, already for 5 years and it has become her living. One of her goals is to study at FZD school in Singapore and become a studio artist.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet Tofusenshi Article

00 Theonewithbear

@TheOneWithBear (Sarajean Chung) is a freelance illustrator who cannot make up her mind on what medium to use for her next piece. Aside from daydreaming about different projects she'll eventually work on, she spends her days nerding out on tech and video games to anyone who would listen. Born in Taiwan, her art is heavily influenced by eastern cultures.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch // Meet TheOneWithBear Article

00 TsaoShinBar

@TsaoShin is a digital painter and professional conceptual illustrator based in the US! He loves fantasy and cute stuff and his artistic aesthetic is vibrant and colorful. He loves giving back to the art community so check out his tutorials and resources through DeviantArt, Twitch, and YouTube.

DeviantArt Profile // Twitch

Da Collective (1)

July's Community Challenges!

Join in with the DeviantArt community in some of these fun activities created and run by the artists in the Collective!

Da Collective (1)

How can I join?

The DeviantArt Collective was developed to celebrate streaming artists who nurture inspiring and inclusive spaces. Does that sound like you? If so, click this link and fill out the form to apply!

Da Collective (1)

Your Thoughts:

  1. What kind of streamers do you like to watch?

  2. Who are you excited to see/would you like to see in the DeviantArt Collective?

  3. What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt?

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BaronJoshua's avatar
  1. Cooking and Video Game streamers.

  2. Tsaoshin

  3. Events themed around community icons such as Llama Day where we draw Llamas. Such an event I feel would help to bring our community together.

supergirl3rd's avatar
  1. The kind of streamers i like to watch are streamers who live stream about gaming and chill streams.

  2. Amazing Newer people and older people in Deviantart collective.

  3. I would like to see more Deviantart collective events involving more badges the Deviantart artist earning and more art events that artist can apply for.

Isaac7500's avatar
  1. dont know...

  2. not sure...

  3. draw this in your style type of thing...

Neon-Dusk's avatar

What kind of streamers do you like to watch? -

I watch art streamers and gamming streamers and variety streamers who either do both games and art or stream a variety of games.

Who are you excited to see/would you like to see in the DeviantArt Collective? -

i am excited to see chrissabug and simoneferriero in the collective. I watch their streams a good amount and love their art.

What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt?-

i would love to see events like world building, character building like design your character or design the world of your character. More draw this in your style challenges, color pallet / 3 color challenges or drawing yourself in a fantasy setting or as a elf and such kind of challenges.

RubieMoonie's avatar
  1. I usually watch in streamers with comfy/chill vibes and work while watching their streams.

  2. I am still a little bit new so I will comment more when I know someone who do deserve it OwO But for me, every talent artist should be on the list OwO

  3. Some art community events could be "draw this in your style" and role play drawing. I will comment more once I have more idea to share UwU

Hope everyone enjoy the wonderful day~~~~

Galexiyadacheeto's avatar
  1. I don't really watch streaming but I might in future

  2. Every talented artist there

  3. Not sure.. I'd like to see others opinions on this one =)

maglluvia's avatar
  1. i don't see it

  2. yes!

  3. i don't know

KyShoujo's avatar

1: i don't watch any :)

2: none of them, seriously, streams are so long :c

3: i would like to see something related to fantasy :3

Xentrias's avatar

I have been writing my own manga series for 13 years and I should be able to publish it within a few years. I would like to take part in this, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing my work online until it’s published and copyrighted. I definitely do feel that I could be a big part in this community if only I could finally finish this manga.

Club-Dreamiverse's avatar

Awesome job.

  1. Netflix, Peacock, Plex and Disney+.

  2. Anyone.

  3. Perhaps the day the DeviantART upgrade idea gets considered.

Additional question, but I gotta ask: if any of you were to get DeviantART Originals of your own (if a streaming service gets considered), what'll they be?

Ittichy's avatar
  1. What kind of streamers do you like to watch? AuronPlay and Rubius

  2. Who are you excited to see/would you like to see in the DeviantArt Collective? Any pokemon artist

  3. What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt? Badges for everyone!

selinaw323's avatar
  1. It depends

  2. I don't know

  3. It depends

mirimag's avatar
  1. All that is awesome and creative.

  2. Myself and nihiski

  3. I wish that my artworks to appear on Home.I wish to see contests with original themes,not from other artist's gallery,at least once in few months.I wish to don't have to see vulgar nude ,of Men and women,who are a disgrace for an amazing artiste, DA.

  4. Mirimag,thank you

TheOneWithBear's avatar

I'm so excited to be a part of thisssss. Thank you DeviantArt!! :cries:

Ariana-MMD's avatar

1 . mmder streamers .

2 . i excited to see devart !

3 . i love to see all of them .

paolat77's avatar

Good afternoon. My name is Paola and I have my profile on Deviantart: From a some of time, the program doesn't allow me to insert new images of cover, neither to change for a long time the photo of the profile and me error. How come? And' a general problem of Deviantart or otherwise as I can resolve? Thanks.

CameronAustin's avatar
  1. The streamers I'd like to watch is arts, programming codes, and gaming.

  2. If there's new cartoons coming up.

  3. Not sure.

SplatterFoxyArtist's avatar
  1. What kind of streamers do you like to watch?

Vr-Tubers, I think they have fascinating caricature and avatar designs.

  1. Who are you excited to see/would you like to see in the DeviantArt Collective?

Let’s see here...

@ChrissaBug, has an interesting artstyle and love the hair.

@ccayco, nice line work!

@OverlordJC, cartoon artwork on point.

@simoneferriero, abstract scenery.

@stumpyfongo, so much surrealism!

@sylessae, once again so much surrealism!

@TastyPeachStudios, 10/10 would ask for a commission.

@TsaoShin, Not bad artwork.

I would say I’m excited for all of them to be honest.

  1. What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt?

I do have a couple of ideas in mind that I want DA to include in their next online

event. For example...

National Sub-Culture Day or National Sub-Culture Week

Where we celebrate the day or week on online fandoms, and how they

became so iconic. (Furries, Bronies, Weebs, etc.)

As for the special day, I think artists should create some artwork

dedicated towards their favourite community that they admire or they’ve grown

up with on the internet. Or if it’s a week, each day should have a theme and a

badge to go with, like wondering why you joined the fandom or drawing yourself

as a character from that community you love being part of.

Underrated Dedicated

Underrated Dedicated should be an event that involves artists on the internet who

are creative and a splash full of inspirational colour! Finding and giving him or her

a chance to be in the spotlight. We’ve seen some people who want to show off

his or hers talent to the world, but sadly he or she is not getting enough attention

as much as most artists do. I wanna see DA give those artists a chance to shine

by not only giving his or hers account a shoutout, but also show their artwork,

what makes him or her unique, and many more!

I also wanna see a lot more from DA, such as a store that’s dedicated to selling

more then just drawings, a program that’s an alternative to Flash, perhaps a new

mascot? I think they might be some good ideas.

OverlordJC's avatar

You watch such a great collection of streamers! Great post

simoneferriero's avatar

I'm so glad to be in your list of suggested streamers! <3

ToonWorldStudios's avatar
  1. The streamers I'd like to watch is arts, programming codes, and gaming.

  2. If there's new cartoons coming up.

  3. Not sure.

ROTNJHNY's avatar
  1. Ones with a upbeat and good sense of humor

  2. KayPikeFashion

  3. Tutorial is fun because all talent levels of deviants get involved and it encourages submission.

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