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As we're hard at work evolving DeviantArt based on your feedback, we received constant requests to improve discoverability; especially new art from artists of all levels. We hear you. That's why—starting today—we'll be testing a few changes to Home (a medley of curated and recommended content), New (recently submitted deviations), and Popular Now (popular deviations submitted recently) to help your deviations be seen more frequently by audiences that will be excited to see them.

We’ve consolidated New by moving it into Home rather than a dedicated page. It will now appear as a strip of thumbnails on Home. Our data shows that New gets 0.8% of the traffic that Home does on a typical day, letting amazing artwork slip by unseen. Therefore, moving a strip of thumbnails onto the front page increases its audience by 130x.

In addition, the New strip on Home will now be more personalized to your tastes so you’ll likely see new content that’s more tailored towards your interests, which means seeing less content that’s not relevant to you. Our goal with this change is to get new deviations in front of more people, and with personalization, we’re hoping it’ll give more exposure to new artists.

Popular Now is also being moved to Home and will become more personalized as well. You’ll still be able to find Popular 1 Week, Popular 1 Month, and Popular This Century on the Popular page on your sidebar.

Last year, we introduced a “Welcome New Deviants” strip on Home and it’s been successful in its intent to increase community engagement by welcoming new deviants to the site. As a result, we’ve seen more artists returning to the community after receiving a warm welcome and, because of this success, we’re hoping these changes to New and Popular Now will have a similar positive impact.

These changes will be monitored closely to ensure the day-to-day engagement and health of the community remains constant. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments below!

© 2021 team
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Question. Would it be possible to have both, the option for "new" in the side bar AND the suggestions on the front page itself? I mean, the front page suggestions add to the visibility, which is nice. But it's limited to a small selection of deviations and... how many uploads does dA have per minute?

It is clearly not enough for most people who do enjoy the new page.

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Good, I'm not the only one that noticed just how curated this list is. It really defeats the purpose of increasing visibility if i'm only served tailored artwork that makes DA look good in the long run.

thats what made the new deviations page so great, I could see all level of art and artist.

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Or a link to it like the Popular strip has, so that you can click on it and see the unfiltered page.

I've been seeing a LOT of people asking for the link to the Newest page; seems like it was pretty popular.

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So I keep refreshing homepage for about 10 minutes, and "new" section is not changing. I wonder - is it no one posts anything? They did some kind of nonsense here.

Apparently, now there are absolutely no chances for beginners on dA. Let change site name to "S*miChanArt for example.

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The New strip is "tailored to your tastes" (based on stuff you've clicked... it's sort of like RFY, but with only new stuff), and is just a subset of new deviations. For the full, unfiltered page, use the link Drachenmagier sent you.

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I mean, not that I personally cannot view the "Newest" (although thanks to drachenmagier for the link), but the fact that the developers have practically removed the function and made it very strange in my opinion. And, sorry, but this link looks like leftovers from an old site that they forgot to delete. Why did they remove the button from the sidebar and leave no obvious way to go to Newest?

I also get the feeling that this change does not increase exposure to new artists as they would like. Moreover, this only enhances the influence of the recommendation algorithm, which no one understands how it works (maybe the developers should make a guide on how to use it, so that people understand why, for example, 10 of Jack's works are ignored, and John's works - each gets into the recommendations, and collects 1000+ views)

Also from personal observations. On my Home Page, only two random lines are always displayed and change only once a day - 2 days ago there was just New Deviants and Newest Deviations. Yesterday - Deviants You Watch and Popular. Same today. Someone decided that I don't need to see Newest today, and this is sad.

In general, I do not have the feeling that things have improved with these changes, but rather the opposite.

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Personally, I think they are just testing things out. :) And people now have the option to say yay or nay. Sure, it's not always fun to be the guinea pig, or - worse - something great gets introduced and later taken away again, because the majority disliked it.

Anyway, considering the feedback I see, I don't think they will remove the new option for very long.

One thing I DO see though: When I get to dA and look at the not-logged-in front page, it's looking really nice. No weird porn, no naked ponies and diapers or other fetishes. Just really good works. And I think that is one of the main goals of dA: To make sure the first impression is not one of weird fetishes, even though they are not actively removing them.

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It's sad this is now a hidden feature. Thank you for sharing the link.

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The strip worked pretty well for finding new art, the content in it was a lot more interesting than average and it didn't show me any fetish art, so whatever algorithmic magic was used to tailor it to my interests seemed to have worked. I really miss it now that it's suddenly gone missing again (or is it only shown occasionally?) I now have no way of finding fresh new art, and my own art is noticeably even less discoverable than it was before: it tended to get 10 or more views before the changes but my most recent art has 2 favs and 3 views, with that last view probably just being from me clicking on it. Please bring back some reliable way of finding new art.

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Don't know why, but it seems that DA wants to reduce the showcase of new deviations or new deviants in general.

Thats maybe okay for People with hundreds/thousands of Watchers but for smaller or new ones, this is a real nightmare.

If you post a new Artwork when "recent deviations" doesn't Show up on 'Home', well.... rip.

And they haven't fix sideway scrolling on Android, so somedays, i can only see 2-3 times the "new" works and only 3 of it.

They should change the "Submit" Button to an "View all" Button for the "recent Deviations".

What DA gets witch those changes? Maybe more of this "Fav/Watch bombings".

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Could you fix Scorlling up and down please?

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Edit: Ah! It changes. I see now that the 4 strips have been condensed to 2 with rotating themes.


I only see two strips on the homepage now. The ones missing are "Welcome New Deviants" and "Popular Now." Is this a bug, a test group thing, or an intended permanent change?

whovianmiss's avatar

I don't think it's a bug. As far as I know they changed it.

barananduen's avatar

It changed now! So it looks like they condensed the strips... from 4 before to 2 now, and now the two rotate between New Submissions, New Deviants, Popular, and the Collection one. It may be the "Deviants you Watch" strip is gone, or it just hasn't rotated to that for me yet (personally, I don't mind that one being gone, as I use the message center/Watch Page anyway, but yeah).

ChasingNitemares's avatar

The both Strips are random with "Popular, Deviants you watch, recent Deviations, Welcome new Deviants, Topic X, Something like Valentines Day or Black History Month, and randoms like "Daft Punk" in the last days.

Seeing more new works of undiscovered (smaller/new) Deviants seems, sadly, very unlikely.

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Oh, I want to see that Valentine's Day strip; I haven't seen that one!

Don't remind me of Undiscovered :crying: I miss it sooo much! A page where you could see good new art by not super-popular artists, that wasn't tailored (so, everyone could see the same deviations and the artists could get more exposure)... that was my favorite part of DA!

ChasingNitemares's avatar

Haven't seen the Valentines Day Strip for some Days, maybe they removed it.

DA needs a Changelog.

Sometimes you don't now if something is buggy or intended^^'

barananduen's avatar

They had a weekly change log a bunch of years ago (pre-Wix), but it got discontinued.

Emerald-Wolf13's avatar

Yup, there are only two of those sidewinders, I'll have to keep an eye on them if they change though. Still stupid....

lowleveledclutter's avatar

i was able to see the changes for about a day, then every way of seeing new deviations disappeared. not that i used it much, but still. now i only see "new deviants" at Home.

actually, "new deviants" now disappeared too :monocle:

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update: i went months without seeing fetish art on my main page, and i was happy. this update came out. i have now seen more fetish art on my front page than i have in months, which admittedly is a low bar on account of the fact i HADN'T been seeing fetish art. which is exactly the amount of fetish art i like to see on my front page! none. none fetish art. 8')

look i totally get needing to bring exposure to smaller artists, that's something i can agree with actually, but there's gotta be a better way - maybe a way to adjust what KINDS of new deviations you see based on your general viewing history? it's like 'recommended for you' but only new stuff. i cannot. emphasize. how much i do Not want to see lewd and fetish art on my front page, in a section i Cannot turn off. please-

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Do you have mature content turned off? I turned the filter on about a month ago and my dA-everything is just... better. I mean, I can still click *display anyway* when one of the people I watch uploads m-content art. And the few fetishes I do get to see, I can instantly report because they are not correctly tagged as M-content.

GirlWithTheGreenHat's avatar

I've always had mature content hidden, and double-checking my settings now, it's still that way. I've never liked reporting untagged fetish art because that involves opening said fetish art and getting to see it in-full on my giant monitor, having it in my browser history (granted i can just. delete it. but my other points still stand), and potentially having algorithms think i opened that because i enjoyed it and not because i needed to report it.

I'd suggest the option to report things from the thumbnail, but that might make it easier for people to abuse the report system :thinking: Might just need to accept sacrificing my eyes for the Greater Good(tm).

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