9 Best Practices for Successful Subscriptions

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DeviantArt Subscriptions is here to help artists get paid for their creativity. You can create multiple tiers with exclusive content and give fans insight into your process. The largest art community is at your fingertips; here are some strategies we’ve seen work well for other artists!

1. Think about what quality content you can offer.

Think about what your fans often ask for. Is this something you can offer? In addition to exclusive artwork, try thinking outside the box with ideas like monthly one-on-one chats, portfolio reviews, and/or Discord access.

2. Use tiers at different price points to attract different audiences.

Three tiers is always a good starting point to keep things accessible like a Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tier at ascending price points. Find ways for those with less to spend to still offer support and discover awesome content!

3. Don’t undersell yourself.

It’s not uncommon for artists to undervalue their own work, but you should try to break that pattern. We recommend a tier price for a minimum of $5.00 USD, but you can edit the price up until a tier gets a subscriber.

4. Start with what you can handle. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

If you’re not currently creating monthly content, you’ll want to avoid over-committing yourself right away. Instead, it can help to start small and then add more once you know you can handle it.

5. Be transparent about what your subscribers will get.

Write clear and concise descriptions and benefit lists so your supporters know which is the right tier for them.

6. Make your subscribers feel valued.

Thank your subscribers for their support, and find ways to connect with them. Chats or feedback on their work are great options, as well as doing a special themed deviation when you reach a milestone like 100 subscribers.

7. Promote your subscriptions on multiple platforms.

Share teasers on DeviantArt and other social media sites to gain interest. Additionally, creating an attractive profile and tiers with well-selected cover art will help market your subscriptions and draw people in.

8. Be authentic and show your passion.

As with many parts of life, the most important thing is to be yourself! Showing how much you care about your work will make your subscription offerings much more appealing.

9. Utilize DeviantArt’s tools.

DeviantArt is here to help with additional tools to improve your success. Track your progress with Stats & Insights, get promoted on Deviants You Watch, connect with subscribers on Chat, and even more features can help you earn more.

Share your tips in the comments!

Ready to get started? Create a tier!

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  1. no, unfortunately it is not celebrated near me; w;

  2. pablo picasso!

PastelMunchkinz's avatar

I don’t know if I would have much use in this, I don’t really have much of a following and this seems like something that requires a following or at least an active following in order for it to be effective for the artist.

if I am wrong then please feel free to enlighten me.

daleksupreme's avatar

Best practice tip No1. Go to a different site that charges half as much.

This “offer“ is a total rort and as usual with DA a lot of money for something others do better for less.

shame on you DA.

piggies-go-moo's avatar

Art examples inserted into this journal would be helpful. :aww:

Likewise, linking in this journal to where deviants can find Stats & Insights, Deviants You Watch, Chat, etc. (or find tutorials on how to use/access those features) would also be helpful.

Finally, pointing out deviants who are successfully doing the things mentioned in this journal, as successful examples to follow, would also be nice.

Just some suggestions. :heart:

SlayersStronghold's avatar

Helpful journal, feel like some of the answers could go into a bit more depth.

The subscription feature appears simple and easy to start so far, ty!

G-ravenimage's avatar

This is very exciting!

WLHcomics's avatar

I'm kinda curious about how this works, I have a few questions that I hope could be answered.

Like for starters, what happens if I don't renew my core? will I still be able to access and keep adding to the tiers I already made and still get paid? or will it lock the tiers until I renew my core?

Is it possible for deviants to pay with points as well? Or do you just pay with cash only?

Do you get notified if someone unsubscribes from any of the tiers? Or is it just like when someone unwatches you?

These are just the top questions I have about this, I want to know what to expect if I ever get a chance to have core again.

eelsun's avatar

@WLHcomics Hello, thanks for your questions ^^

To answer the first question about what happens if your Core expires, you can check out this!

As of now, it is not possible for Deviants to pay with points.

As of now, you don't get notified when someone unsubscribes.

Hope this was helpful!

WLHcomics's avatar

Yes, this was indeed very helpful! Thanks! :D

MaraRey's avatar

@team @spyed @ikazon @Heidi

A couple great additions to this feature would be a "Pay-what-you-want" model. To allow customers to pay what they want on certain products. I use 1 tier for donations. I would like them to be able to choose how much to donate on a monthly basis.

Another great option would be to allow tiers on tiers. So for the same donations example allow me to put 3 different price points on my donations tier.

LittleSatyr's avatar

Okay so, how big of a cut does DA take for the subscriptions? I can't find any info on that.

UnexpectedToy's avatar

The @team posted this information here:

Transparent Fees

We often hear that artists are frustrated with the amount of hidden, additional fees when selling online, so we understand how important it is to be transparent when it comes to your earnings. That’s why we are working on updates to Core Membership with Subscriptions and monetization in mind. Stay tuned!

Current Fee Structure:

  • Core: 15%

  • Core+: 15%

  • Core Pro: 5%

  • No currency conversion fees

A processing fee for credit cards (1.8% + $0.07) will be applied to each transaction.

LittleSatyr's avatar

Thank you, I couldn't find it somehow

UnexpectedToy's avatar

Appreciate the intent of the new subscription features.

You may want to point everyone to the Help Center documentation. https://www.deviantartsupport.com/en/subscriptions/creating

Katieline's avatar

Oh boy. I guess "content subscriptions" are the new streaming sites--they worked fine when it was a couple independent sites serving people everywhere, but now every site wants to have their own exclusive version to rake in that sweet sweet $$$.

Loki-Icon's avatar

It is no use to me it just something else that wont be used never mind :no:

InkyFoxes's avatar

Just used this feature! Excited to see if it can help me out with my current goal!

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