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Draw a Hand with schmoedraws


 To participate, follow these steps:

  • Learn: View the video tutorial or use this step-by-step to learn schmoedraws’s technique for drawing hands.

  • Create: Use the steps to practice illustrating a hand, or incorporate the techniques into a new piece.

  • Upload: Submit your work as a deviation with the tag #DATutorialHand to get a new profile badge!

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JaguarArtStudio's avatar

First time making a good hand. 🙂

JaguarArtStudio: The Hand
JaguarArtStudio's avatar
Laugh-Butts's avatar

Thanks for sharing these tutorials!

eboy2002's avatar

thanks schmoedraws , but i'm still dumb in my studies🙃

TzaoTao's avatar

Thank you, I always screw up when it comes to hands and fingers

HDdeviant's avatar

A hand, I hope my hand is good for others to help them learn how

Draw a Hand with schmoedraws submission
Zapeline's avatar

I made this, thanks schmoedraws.

Hand training
ChatLunatique's avatar

A simple basic technique that's fairly easy to expand upon. This was a fun little exercise.

Hand Purractice
Cyberbee15's avatar

Please, can I still try to earn this badge if I to it today or tomorrow🙏🐺😣?

Dear deviantART sorry I harassed so many users I promise I won’t do that again
The-Meh0629's avatar

Thank you for this tutorial! This is very useful! Here is my hand. ^_^

My Hand
Azel4's avatar

This is pretty hard to follow. I probably learn better with video and guides about art in words tend to be very poorly written and this is just okay. I feel like I can only draw one hand position with this and I still got really confused with shaping the fingers and palm. The banana analogy did not really help me get a grasp on thumb design either. I still think it helped my comfort with hands.

AltonTowersFreak's avatar

This is very handy ;)

SpoopyMoth's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial.
Azel4's avatar

Seems like you did not pay much attention or you got too ambitious because this looks nothing like the reference.

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