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Caption Contest!


The contest is now closed. Congratulations to pokemon-comix for winning a Wacom One drawing tablet! Check out the winning caption in the deviation, or read it below!

“when your dog learns how to text you”

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Caption contest!

Come up with a clever and creative caption for this deviation created by our guest judge, 
Cyarin, and leave it in a comment here by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on May 20th, 2020, for a chance to win a Wacom One drawing tablet!

By leaving a comment, you are entering the contest and agree to the Official Rules.
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MEOW, MEOW see Honey I'm learning a second Language.

Meow means Arf, isn't that interesting?

SecretAshes's avatar

No this is when he learns to text.

deltafx's avatar

noooooooo wae. i like it huh

gustavo14gnt's avatar
now where's my badge
DreamsofEden's avatar

Congrats to the winner.

xanthochroidien's avatar

What a dumb winning comment ffs

heyhitsthefan's avatar

cant believe this one didnt win

AshmitDobhal's avatar
“Do you like me ? “
Starwarrior3906's avatar

where are my balls at Amy?!

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Multiple people who commented here have gotten scam messages referencing this contest. There may be a bot or something tied to this particular article, so posting here may put you on the scam list.

This bot is very insistent and will send multiple messages to get you to win some kind of $100 or $700 card, and it's usually sent by some username with an adjective-noun-number format (ex. SpiritedPie3 or DopeyUnicorn6)

So, long story short, post a comment here at your own risk!

Starwarrior3906's avatar

Bro I didn’t comment here and I got it anyway

SecndLogic's avatar

Hm, so maybe just visiting here is enough? I could just be paranoid, but the fact that the message specifically referenced this contest seemed like a good indicator that this bot is tied to this post in some way.

It's bad enough getting randomly sent bots. But since this bot centers so much on this contest, I hoped we might have a chance at cutting it off.

SecndLogic's avatar

Wow, these scammers won't stop! Now, I'm getting another bot message from LyingCheetah3 offering a $700 Amazon card.

It cleverly mentions the fake raffles in order to make me believe that this isn't one of them. Same problems, though. The link goes offsite to some fishy address that has nothing to do with Amazon, and the sender is obviously a bot profile. It even has the same exact username style as the last scam, so it's clearly the same bot!

You know, I'm starting to think this post is hacked somehow. Multiple people who commented here got scam messages referencing this event. So, be forewarned. In fact, I think I'll post a warning right after this.

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'' When you find out your husband's new boyfriend is Ricardo''

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amazing caption

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the caption

its amazing hahah

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