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Chapter 6 The Letter
Harry collided with the wall in an attempt not to land on his brother when their uncle pushed them into the foyer when they got out of the car.
"WHAT HAPPENED?" their uncle shouted, spittle flying out of his mouth.
"I don't know!" Severus said
"Look, uncle Vernon Harry was just reading the little card of info about the snake. I have no idea what Pierce is talking about…"
By now Harry had gotten fed up with his uncle yelling at his big brother like that and he spoke up.
"Magic." Harry stated with a wolfish grin.
Their uncle roared and grabbed them both by their hair and threw them into their room.
THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC!  and he slammed the door on them.
"Nice getting him angry Harry, that'll teach him to be bigger and stronger than us."
"Shut up, Severus."
When Severus woke up he felt that today was going to be a big day. He sighed
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Chapter 5 the zoo
Harry couldn't believe his luck, Miss Figg was sick and that meant that him and Severus were going with the Dursleys to the zoo. He wasn't looking forward to a whole car ride with them but he was really excited about seeing the animals. When he and Severus were getting ready to go Harry was practically jumping on their raggedy bed.
"Hey hey don't break that! We've got to sleep on that! I highly doubt we'll get a new one. 'sides I can already hear Uncle Vernon now."Severus puffed our his chest and stuck a pillow under his shirt and in his best imitation voice he said, "I'm warning you freaks, no funny business or else you'll need surgery to remove my shoe from your scrawny arses!"
Harry fell down laughing and said, "I can't help it, I'm crazy excited! I hope we see the reptile house"
"Oh yeah you and your crazy fascination with snakes" Severus shook his head fondly and attempted to help his brother brush his hair.
"Naw man, it's not a fascination I can understand them and they understan
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Chapter 4 Growing up
"Crap, Harry run faster!"
"I can't a rock caught my leg and it hurts like crazy!"
"Well you need to hurry up or Dudley and his gang'll catch you!"
Life wasn't well for the Potter boys. They've been treated like diseased baboons ever since they were rudely awakened the morning after their parents' untimely death. You see, their aunt and uncle hated the boys for some reason, as did their obnoxious son Dudley. So today was like any other Saturday, which meant that the boys were running for their lives from their darling cousin and his obedient crew. The boys were generally too fast to be caught but that didn't stop Dudley from trying.
"Get back here you freaks!" Dudley shouted
"You just had to provoke him, didn't you Severus?" Harry said breathlessly
"Well I couldn't just stand there and watch them verbally abuse you Harry." Severus countered.
"Over there Sev! Up that tree, Pierce is afraid of heights and the rest of them are too fat and lazy to climb after us."
"Alright then, up we go!"
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Ch3 the short happy life of the Potter family
Albus Dumbledore read through the letter for what seemed the fourth time. Minerva stood over his shoulder reading along.
"I don't understand Albus. Why are they keeping the baby, they have one on the way!"
"Minerva, James makes a good point. The world is no place for a defenseless orphan. And look at it this way, James and Lily's young child won't be so alone in this burden that's been placed on his shoulders."
"And another thing! Why are you putting so much stock into what that crazy Trelawney had to say? She's a fraud Albus."
"Minerva you weren't in that room when she spoke. It was a real prophecy and I—"
Albus was cut off as a stag patronus bounded into the room with a short frantic message.
"The baby's coming!"
"Minerva I do believe that we have a birth to witness."
"Lead the way Albus"
Lily swore on her life that she was going to murder James then feed his body to a pack of wolves. Lily glared when the man in question told her to push.
"Oh since when did you
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Chapter-2 relocation
"Merlin, harry I hope this works!" Hermione said as she tried to untangle her hair from Severus' unforgiving little fingers. She cooed at Severus when he started to fuss as Harry penned a quick note to the family living at the house across the street. He slipped it in his bundle of blankets and took him so hermione could transfigure him a basket.
"I hope it works too Mione, ok so i'll go run up and put him on their doorstep and we'll watch from here."
Harry took the basket containing little Severus and higtailed it over to the house. He set the basket on their doorstep and ran back across the street to where Hermione was crouching. She muttered wingardium leviosa and sent a rock to go hit the doorbell. The duo held their breath until and waited for someone to open the door.
"Who it i— OH! James come here quick!"
Lily Potter picked up the small struggling bundle from the top step and looked around outside for any sign of life. Seeing none she took the baby, and t
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Homestuck Character Meme by team-severus Homestuck Character Meme :iconteam-severus:team-severus 2 0
Chapter 1- saving the Prince
"Man, is this a gloomy neighborhood."
"We were both thinking it so I don't know why you're yelling…"
"I'm yelling because that's Professor Snape's mother over there—"
"Severus, we're going to have to get used to the name anyway, because after this he won't be a professor anymore, at least not ours."
"Oh well, look Harry there she is again! We have to catch her; I think she's holding Severus."
"It's either Severus or she really wants to get that loaf of bread home safely…"
Hermione didn't hear the jibe because she was already running at breakneck speed towards Eileen Prince. Harry shook his head at her determination and took off after her. Harry being the athletic person shot past her laughing but Hermione, being a sensible girl shot a hex at Harry's legs to make him go down. Severus couldn't have gotten all of his paranoia being a spy.
"Harry we can't just run up on her" she held up her hand to silence Harry's retort, "I was only running to no
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Rewrite history
"Harry, are you nuts? You can't alter history like that!" Hermione Granger yelled. She and Harry had been living in Sirius's house for nearly a year now. Ron had gone off to play quidditch abroad for the Cannons, Harry was now working as an auror, and Hermione owned two of her own apothecary shops, one in Hogsmead and one in Diagon Alley. And now after years of war followed by another year of hunting down rouge Death Eaters Hermione realized that her best friend had finally gone off the deep end.
"Look Hermione, it's almost like fate! I have to do this." Harry clutched the box he was holding to his chest and tried to reason with his ever concerned roommate. "You ran through the arithmacy problems and you even said that it will change the outcome of the war for better!"
"Yes I know what I said but in this case it could be tricky…what if-"
"Hermione stop with the what if's already I have to do this for… for him" Harry swallowed even after all this time had passed he still could
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well...hey there...
i'm a huge alan rickman fan...understatement of the century right there especially in the harry potter series, and january man, and dogma and help i'm a fish...
my sister hates jason isaacs therefore i love him with a burning passion but he was sexy in brotherhood...and harry potter...and the patriot...and peter pan...
the dresden dolls make me smile and squeek like i swallowed a friggin chew toy (but its mainly Amanda palmer) =P
nothing ever really sickens me...except for things burrowing under the skin. *shudder* no thank you if i have a tick i will scream and cry until that damn thing is removed

i'm pervy, a creep, and i have semi-curable laziness syndrome...



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