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We look for the most creative (or at least good) art work mainly focused on Optimus Prime and his team members (and I mean Autobots only, unless they are with or without a Decepticon - no Decepticons allowed!!). However, we also accept other members of Team Prime (the autobots I mean). The generations available would be the Live-Action, G1, Armada, Cybertron, TF-Prime and some TFA. MAYBE beast wars, just depends on how good it looks.

Humans and OCs are available as well.

Please no LGBT or heavily sexual content.

And I expect authentic artwork. What I mean is don't slap characters from Google into a photo. Unless you add more effects and actual drawings, stuff like that will not be allowed, including the motivational photos. I do not care how good or decent your drawings are, just make it a drawing.

Again, this group is dedicated to Optimus Prime and the Autobots only, NO DECEPTICONS. If you want a group dedicated to Megatron and the Decepticons, then go to my other group here :iconteam-d-16:

We look forward to your creative work for this group ^-^
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Submit Button is On!!

Change of plans!! Ok I once didn't put out the submit button. But, many people seem to complain that they want tosubmit it themselves. So, I decided to bring overthe submit button in hopes of fewer complaints. Now you guys can submit your work here. HOWEVER, my deal with the group's reputation is still on it's toes. In other words, once you submit your work in my group, it won't be entirely in until I vote on it. So, be prepared that some work may be rejected depending on the subject (no offence, but that includes no homosexuality pics). PLEASE keep in mind I love people even if they are homosexual, but I just don't agree with the principle of homosexuality and Transformers, in reality, does not involve that sort; it's a child's favorite toy. So, I'm still going to keep this at least as clean as possible and keeping it's reputation. For those who don't like this otherwise, please keep it to yourselves. I'm trying to be as friendly as possible.


This info goes to both Team Prime and Team D-16.

Yeah, I know, I am a terrible groups journal writer LOL :ashamed:

I normally don't post things like this, but by a request I thought I share this. A dA user, :iconsaoswife:, asked me for help concerning her TFP story. All she wanted was some ideas and wants me to ask you guys to help her out.if you have any time in your hands, go to her for details and see what you can do to help. Just click her avatar I just posted here and hopefully you can help out 8)

As concerning for the groups so far, you guys did much better with following the rules that I mentioned about a few months ago (ya know, no cons allowed rule). And I want to thank you very much for doing that.

Guess while I'm at this to make up for not posting much her on group journals, I have a little fun idea that would make at least some TF shows (personally TFP) more recognizable and not just the movies. Have you heard of Nostalgia Critic ( aka That Guy with the Glasses or Doug Walker)? For those who know, he does reviews of older films, generally speaking. He is my absolute favorite critic to watch. He has this tradition when a Transformers movie comes out, he does his review like how pumped he was (with the exception of TF4 in which he was pumped with annoyance and frustration LOL). Anyway, because of that tradition, I think he should make a special treat for his fans like doing a Transformers month, where he would review the most requested TF show he should review. The few I think he should do is TFP, beast wars, and possibly either armada or animated. Or at least for TFP, he could do 2 reviews: one week for the first 5 episodes (when he would do a brief reviews on TV shows depending on how long the arc is) and the other week for the TFP movie after Doug walker watching all the episodes of TFP. I WANT HIM TO REVIEW TFP IS ALL I AM SAYING LOL If you guys are with me on this, go to his page and send a short email (his email address should be there) and let him know which TF show you want him to review. Or heck for Doug walker (actor as NC) to do a Vlog. Here is the link to his page if you don't know who he is, then by all means check out his reviews (even check out his G1 review, that review was hilarious LOL if he has reviewed all the TF movies and reviewed G1, he should do TFP).

Transformers RiD: coming at 2015

:iconprimeawesomeplz: :iconsaysplz: :iconautobotsplz:, transform and ROLL OUT!!! :iconoptimusprimelaplz:

TFP Optimus. by Tojosaka666
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