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This time another member has taken the time to write out cosplay tips for Alois Trancy. As an Alois cosplayer myself, I have also written in my own ideas! Please read if you wish to gain tips, helpful hints, and advice if you plan to cosplay this fabulous character or already do <3


Provided to you by :iconmasterciel-bocchan: and :iconcult-clueless:

:bulletpurple: [Main] Costume :bulletpurple:
Alois is a boy who wears short shorts. Easy enough, but that's what you would think. When cosplaying as Alois, you want to make sure that your shorts are not reaching your knees. They have to be at least mid thigh or shorter. As for his stockings, they go above his knee and never touch his shorts. You'd be surprised how many people just wear black pantyhose.

Alois's ring is also on his right index finger, always~!

Now this is just a petpeeve of mine but when the shoes are just regular high top heels it bothers me. He wears boots!

I would like to point out that if you really wish to cosplay Alois, but are uncomfortable to wear short shorts, do not panic! He does wear pants! Though I think that detail is missed since we all get so used to the booty shorts. Do not believe me? See for yourself! images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__c… It is from the scene in which Ciel and Alois duel eachother. I like to think he was given pants in this particular situation so that he would not be straddling Ciel in shorty shorts <_<

Anyway, do not get yourself down or conscious to cosplay Alois because of the shorts. He does have pants!

As for the boots, I would suggest trying your best to search out for black or dark brown laced boots that has a heel! I spent days looking for affordable Victorian style boots and I did! fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/201… had found them off this following website: www.polyvore.com/victorian_boo… Keep in mind that his boots are decorated with bows! (I do not have them in that photo but I did the next day. I needed scissors to cut the ribbon XD)

If buying or making your Alois costume, colours of the coat and design of the vest can be tricky. Official art, I find, does not make it easy to replicate. I have seen many shades of purple and even a sort of burgundy red colour and some people just sort of went with it. In the end, all I can say is if the coat is pretty, then so be it for the shade of purple. The vest is the same way. Dark green or a brighter green, it is up to you. Solid green or pin stripes, go nuts. I like to think that if you have the look down then what does the shade of purple or green matter? Make sure the coat is past your waist, also, to your knees!

www.cosplayisland.co.uk/files/… www.cosplayisland.com/files/co… www.cosplayisland.co.uk/files/… neonstar.files.wordpress.com/2… Take note of the detail differences in all of these pieces of official art. The pockets, collar, colour, and even the style of the shorts!

Do not forget your big black bow! <3

Oh, and lastly, the stockings. My advice is if you cannot find solid black thigh highs, then layer them up to get them darker! This is what I did and it works <3

:bulletpurple: Wig :bulletpurple:
Alois's hair can be kind of silly sometimes but you can still see the style. His bangs are always going to the right. So if you're looking in a mirror, part the bangs to the left. This is optional, but he always seems to have that one stray section of hair that just goes off to god knows where. For example: cdn.myanimelist.net/images/clu…
See there that one stray section that just pops out. Besides that Alois has three main spikey bangs. So if you're wanting to be accurate that's what you gotta do.

Hairspray is a little testy with a lot wigs due to the chemicals but if you are confident enough to use it and know the wig you have gotten will solely be for Alois (if not for a long time) then go for it! Hair glue is better for wigs and easy to wash out without as much damage to the wigs but it is more time consuming than spray. The product you use is completely up to you! I personally prefer using hair spray.

You can check out ebay.com or taobao for wig selection for Alois Trancy! I actually recently purchased my current Alois wig at a convention, so, you could even look there if you really wanted to! That said, you don't even need to use a wig. If you fancy using your own hair (which I have seen done!) don't be shy to do so but pleasepleaseplease have it looking nice and to the style! Believe me when I say that it will not be looked at with kind eyes.

Oh. Do not forget to use a wig net or something similar to keep your hair tucked in!

:bulletpurple: Makeup :bulletpurple:
Alois is a young boy, so he's not going to have any blemishes, wrinkles, or dark circles under the eyes. So, to me personally, when cosplaying as Alois or Ciel: Makeup is Mandatory. Basic makeup is pretty much all you need, Because (again), they are young boys so they're not going to pile on the makeup hinamomo.deviantart.com/art/CO… - This is a perfect example of how you're eye makeup should be for Alois Trancy. It can be a little less, but no more than that.

The way that I do it: I always put on concealer and foundation that is a shade lighter than mine, since Alois is such a white boy and I am not tan, but I'm almost there and then I blend it into my neck. I also put some concealer over my lips and then put on a very light pink lipgloss, I just think Alois looks adorable with pink lips, but that's just me. You might also want to brush on a little pink blush on your cheeks. As for the eyes, for eyeliner or black eyeshadow, you want to make a slightly bold line accross the top lid (where your eyelashes are at) and wing it out at the outer corner of your eye. Then follow the shape of the wing and draw a line from the outer corner of your eye to the center of your lower lid. After that, go into the inner corner of your eye and draw a sort of triangle shape in that corner. When you're done with that, either fill in your waterline with black or white eyeliner, whichever you prefer.

There are actually quite a bit of fabulous Youtube videos on make-up tutorials for Alois Trancy! www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwm-oV… www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPrL-W… www.youtube.com/watch?v=av6j60…

Also, I have seen Alois cosplayers use fake eyelashes which, I think, looks amazing since Alois does have thick eyelashes so it gives it that extra effect without needing to use as much eye make-up. Also, do not shy away from shaping your eyebrows for Alois with some liner. It is a bit difficult, but it gives a distinct character look, but mostly if you wanted to portray yourself as the more creepy side of Alois. cdn.myanimelist.net/images/cha…

I personally suggest the light blush so that you are not completely pale looking. It gives you a more natural and lively colour.  A simple lip chap does also help, not only for the character, but from keeping the foundation on your lips form drying out (which ends up looking terrible after sometime)

When buying contacts, always make sure you know the color you're getting. You don't want to end up with a green contact for Alois. Alois eyes are a cerulean blue kind of color. Also you want to take the right precautions when buying contacts from anyone. You want to ask your eye doctor if it's alright to buy theme from whoever's products you're looking at. If it's your first time wearing contacts then I suggest you get regular contacts first and start getting used to them. If they are just irritating you and you can't stand them, or they are painful; Then just don't wear them. You need to consider the safety of your eyes. Contacts range from $15-$20 to about $100-$300. Yes these things are very expensive; However, contacts really do make a difference, they add that pop to your cosplay that just allures people. So it's always a boost to have them.

If worse comes to worse, there is always photoshop and similar programs to colour your eyes if you have pictures that you really want to share! As mentioned, do try and find a light blue colour for your contacts! This part is always tricky, to get the right colour, but do not let it get to you too much. Not everyone can wear contacts after all!

Also, I shake my fists at those of you Alois cosplayers (and soon to be!) who already have fabulous light blue eyes. Like my cousins and father. Damn them! Of course, I do like my green eyes more... but you know what I mean XD

:bulletpurple: Posing :bulletpurple:
I've been told that posing for Alois is difficult. Which I don't think is true if you know the character. Alois is such a bipolar boy that you could do practically any pose you wanted. I mean look at what I did masterciel-bocchan.deviantart.… and I was still told that I cosplay Alois well. Look at me, sittin there with my legs spread and what not. It can work. As long as it's not something stupid like this. raven1213.deviantart.com/art/D… -Well, you can do that, but I won't guarantee it will be a legit picture of Alois

As MasterCiel-Bocchan said, you can get away with pretty much anything with Alois. He has feelings, and is very obvious with them. You can look sad, depressed, happy, angry, evil, mischievous, cute, even sexy, and pass off Alois well. You can cry your heart out, laugh your ass off even, be horribly clingy, and still do Alois amazingly. This is the best part of cosplaying Alois compared to Ciel: You have a lot more poses and actions to work with while still being able to remain in character. Of course, I do not suggest crying in the middle of a con photoshoot! Please bear in mind what is best for a public shoot versus a private one.


Thank you for reading this, if you have any further questions or inquiries on cosplaying as Alois, feel free to contact MasterCiel-Bocchan or Cult-Clueless. Of course, do not be shy to ask any other Alois cosplayers!
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I'm thinking of making an Alois Trancy cosplay but i'm new to the whole cosplaying thing. Hoping to get some tips, please help me out ahaha Alois Trancy (Kuroshitsuji)

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Man, you guys are so brave when it comes to cosplaying, When i think about it i just automatically start shaking. I really want to cosplay but im really shy
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Hi! I loved your page, it was very helpful!! 
But I have one question. My friends invited me to an anime cosplay really early for later this year in October. I was thinking about doing an Alois cosplay! The only problem that I have is my eyes are an extremely dark brown color, and I also wear glasses. I have never worn contacts before, and i'm scared that they would irritate my eyes greatly. This is getting me thinking that I would look really weird is I was Alois, but had brown eyes... do you think I should still be him? 
Thanks! :)
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Hey, I'm cosplaying Alois in October and I was wondering how to make his contract symbol? What can you use to get the mark on your tongue without actually having to get a tattoo or using something toxic
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 I'm cosplaying Alois in March, but I'm not only nervous just straight up scared. I'm gonna start working on the cosplay itself and details when I next see my friend (Ciel) because her mom is a seamstress and said if I buy some fabric then she will gladly help me out with the jacket and vest. However I'm nervous something will go wrong last minute and then she can't help me out (i realize it's kinda pathetic to rely on people this much) any advice for calming down? Also (sorry I just don't have anyone to get advice about this kind of thing) for the boots I may have to buy them but I already know how to add shoe lace holes so do you have any suggestions where I could find some similar boots to his to modify, I know you suggested eBay or Amazon but my accounts unfortunately got shut down so that would be extremely difficult. Sorry again for typing so much I'm just kinda freaking out.
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im also cosplaying alois in march!! i wish you luck, and i hope it all works out wonderfully :D
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I'm cosplaying as Alois soon Ole!  I'm SUPER excited about it!
But I won't be wearing Blue contacts since the risk of infection is too great. T_T
My natural eye colour is brown and I heard putting a little bit of blue or yellow eyeshadow on helps bring out the blueish pigments in eyes that are not of that colour...
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It's important to play it safe and never wear contacts if it'll cause discomfort for such reasons. People in the community need to understand that contacts are not for everyone! Besides, there is always photoshop! However, you CAN get prescription coloured lenses at Honey Colour or Pinky Paradise at a very affordable price so you're not paying out your butt for them!

Good luck!!
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I am an alois cosplayer and I had a hard time posing. Thank you!!! This helped me a lot!!
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I am glad it was helpful for you! Have fun!
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This was extremely helpful!! I have one question though have rather tan skin what tone of makeup would you suggest?
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It honestly depends on the type of skin you have. I would suggest going down one or two skin tones, trying it out on your neck, not your wrist because your wrist gets more sun than your face and see what shades of foundation lighten your skin without making you look ghostly. 
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ok ill try that thanks!
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You're welcome, when testing make up, don't test it out on your wrist because sometimes the skin on your wrist is lighter/darker than the skin on your face. 
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I also forgot to Say I am a boy...??
chikui1020's avatar
I was Wondering would it be wierd if I would Cosplay as Alois!? Please reply if possible?
Cult-Clueless's avatar
Not at all! Anyone can cosplay him!
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Nope, I'm a guy and I cosplay Ciel. Cosplay isn't gender oriented. Alois and Ciel are boys in the anime, so I don't see why it would be a problem if a boy would want to cosplay him. People crossdress characters all the time while others stick to their gender in the cosplay community. More than anything as long as you are having fun and doing your best, that's all that really matters!
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i don't think it would be weird since he is a boy so... and I've seen lots of male alois cosplayers, you should do totally do it! :)
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I'm just starting cosplay is it ok to get wigs and such off like e-bay?
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