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2,855 Pageviews4 Watchers and are doing an ask blog staring our oc's
seeing how theres many of them nightwolf37 and malis22 will narrow it down once we discuss specifics
for now  we can use furno and malis

we'll add in character who we see fit

any questions go to the ask blog bellow & read the RULES before asking…
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Sword (Inktober 2017) by SanzoLS Sword (Inktober 2017) :iconsanzols:SanzoLS 2 0 For Galaxydonate: Pony Protomech by Omny87 For Galaxydonate: Pony Protomech :iconomny87:Omny87 53 5
furno's dark destiny
*a video recording plays*
drake: hello this is to malis if your listening im going to turn soon but i must pass this knowledge that me and gale know to someone i can trust. but to know furnos future you must know his real past*picture of a gigantic planet appears* before the gods there were titans but like all empires there was war* a field of fire is shown* but they didn't fight each other they fought a necro titan a beast that killed half of the titan race and it took that much just to seal it away but what the interesting part is that furno and gale.....were titans from that time furno grew dark from the war and foolishly absorbed the necro titan he is responsible for the deaths of millions of titans in the end there were only 31 titans out of a population of infinant. 3 were gale hyperion and kronos. other 28 were the elemental guardians they fought and lost to furno but gale managed to seal their elements away. furno and hyperion fought and gale gave his past life to both fuse fur
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Fueled Hatred :iconnightwolf37:nightwolf37 1 9
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legacy's dark past prt 1 :iconnightwolf37:nightwolf37 2 0
sorrow to happiness
          there was once a young colt named button mash and a filly name sweetie belle. these two were good friends that surprisingly got along extremely well and loved to be with one another. the 2 were inseparable. they soon grew feelings for one another.  however their families soon learned about this and forbid them seeing one another. button's family moved to somewhere near manehatten while sweetie belles family remained in ponyville. years went by as they soon grew into young adults. they were still heartbroken about what happened when they were young. one night button began to sing to himself while far away sweetie belle sang as well. the 2 sang  of what was in their hearts and how they feel.neither one knew how the other even looked like or even their voice. they became complete strangers. one day when button was on manehatten he say a white mare that he knew he could recognize...... it was sweetie belles older sister rarity. she was obviously
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