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How goes it, dudes and dudettes?

Welcome to the Team Katswell fanclub, where TUFF fans come together to discuss and share ideas on Kitty Katswell, Dudley Puppy, Jake Wolfsbane, Allison Retriever, Niles Crocston, Kimiko Batsu, Stan Toucan, Elvis Stantler, and many other characters involved in the Team Katswell project I'm working on. If anyone's interested, please swing by, and share your opinions. ^^
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Okay, this is an idea I've had for the TUFF universe (both the Butch Hartman series and the TUFF: Team Katswell series) in which Ethan Retriever would offer vacant plots of land that he purchased as amusement parks for him, his family, all of TUFF, and the general public to enjoy and see the latest innovations and technology from Retriever Industries. He decided to call it "Retriever Gardens."

As you can tell, Retriever Gardens is based on Busch Gardens, my third favorite theme park chain, trailing behind Universal and Disney. They currently have two theme parks in the United States: one in Tampa Bay, Florida based on Africa, and one in Williamsburg, Virginia based on Europe. There was originally gonna be FOUR parks, with one in Houston, Texas being themed to Asia, and one in California being themed to the South Pacific Islands. Unfortunately, these never happened due to low guest attendance. So, for this fan made addition to the TUFF Universe, I've decided to make these parks as sort of an Easter Egg to Busch Gardens' history.

It all started when Ethan's company, Retriever Industries, bought a plot of vacant land in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for them to use as a new location for the company to show the public their latest products. The first building they completed was a showroom for the company to preview their new products, but Ethan decided that if people with small children would get bored with all the technical mumbo jumbo, so he had an idea that would forever change the outlook on his company. During the grand opening, Ethan had exhibits of exotic birds and animals from Africa, as well as a carousel, Ferris wheel, a fun house, and a bounce castle to entertain the kids and families, along with quick food stands in addition to showcasing the company's newest products. But, Allison Retriever ultimately decided that Ethan should turn the location into an amusement park/zoo hybrid since theme parks are all the rage with the kids. So, Ethan added more attractions, such as shows, dark rides, a river ride, and the company's first roller coaster, Rhino Rampage, as well as bringing over more animals from Africa to create a Safari Zone for guests to experience on a fun tour (just like the Kilaminjaro Safaris in Disney's Animal Kingdom). And, thus, Retriever Gardens was born. ^^

But, they didn't stop at Fort Lauderdale, though. Since Retriever Gardens was a huge hit with the public, Ethan decided to open different Retriever Gardens all over the country, starting with San Diego, California. Like with Busch Gardens, it was themed to the South Pacific, Hawaii, and Australia, only this one actually took off, and was an instant favorite, especially from TUFF and Team Katswell, since it was close to Petropolis.
Then, it took off, and Ethan added five more parks. The new locations were Seattle, Washington, Cleveland, Ohio, San Antonio, Texas, Baltimore, Maryland, and Cape May, New Jersey (my home state). And just like with Fort Lauderdale and San Diego, they were themed after different parts of the world. Here's a full list of them right here, and what they're themed to:

-Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Africa and the Middle East
-San Diego, California - South Pacific islands, Hawaii, and Australia
-Seattle, Washington - Central and South America
-San Antonio, Texas - Asia, mainly Japan, China, India, Mongolia, Thailand, and South Korea (but not North Korea because... y'know ^^; )
-Cleveland, Ohio - the Arctic Circle (mainly Alaska, Canada, Russia, and Scandanavia (Finland, Norway, and Sweden))
-Baltimore, Maryland - Europe, just like Busch Gardens in Williamsburg (mainly England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, Germany, and Greece)
-Cape May, New Jersey - the American West, Mexico, and Spain

These parks were a hit with the public, featuring various rides and attractions themed to the parts of the world they're based on, as well as animal exhibits (for conservation purposes), restaurants, shops, areas for younger kids to play around in, and showrooms showcasing the latest from Retriever Industries.

So, if anyone has any ideas on what kind of things they'd like to see at these parks that I've made up, be sure to leave them in the comments below. I'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas for them. ^^

Stay rad, all!
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