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sorry for the lack of updates but for thoses that are looking forward to checking out the haberdashery if you ae a member or not of team right now is being worked on big change and new items like shirts and accessorizes and more anime things that he voices and many more.

in other news I will hopefully be going to more cons and be spending time taking commisions and selling art in artist ally! even if i dont get a spot ill be sharing a table and i look forward of it so to help me improve as a traditional artist I dont do digital art like most people as well as doing other things not sure yet.

for the most part i hope everyone has a great holiday and safe travel from cons to home and to see family if driving please drive safe with caution and always buckle up and have full tank of gas.
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Anime Characters
Death the Kid Kidnapped by DemonMew
Yuu Tosaki by DemonMew
Long Awaited Reunion by snowcloud8
Non-Anime Characters
Bongo the Clown by Anyahs
Bongo The Clown by oceanrabbits
Todd Haberkorn
Todd Haberkorn Photoshoot and Signature by Londonexpofan
Me and Todd by Hoshisama
I flirted with Todd Haberkorn Supanova 2015 by SHANNON-CASSUL-LOVER
Team Haberkorn



Welcome To DA Team Haberkorn

About Todd Haberkorn

He is an Anime Voice Actor for Funimation and a ADR Director

He is also King Korn of Team

When Todd isn't working on a production of some kind, he travels the World to Conventions to talk to you about the stuff he dose and answer any question you possibly have

here are a few roles he is known for

Baccano! - Firo Prochainezo
D.Gray-man - Allen Walker
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Ling Yao
Hetalia: Axis Powers - North Italy (Veneziano)
Ouran High School Host Club - Hikaru Hitachiin
Rosario + Vampire - Tsukune Aono
Sgt. Frog - Keroro
Soul Eater - Death the Kid


-No flaming or inappropriate language. We want to keep this group friendly for all ages. It’s a Team Haberkorn standard!

-Only Team Haberkorn related art. This includes artwork, photos or writing that are a tribute to Team Haberkorn, characters voiced by Todd Haberkorn or the man himself.

-No mature content.

-Characters must be voiced or performed by Todd. This includes: anime, video games, live action movies/ TV shows.

-Artwork must be finished. No sloppy sketches or works in progress.

-You do not have to be an official paying member of Team Haberkorn to join the DA group.








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