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DeviantArt is a platform for empowering artists. Here, artists and like-minded creatives can connect and find the freedom to express who they are. Each day, artists on DeviantArt discover new ways to express themselves and encourage one another to hone their talents, from the digital canvas to the written word and every medium in between.

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Search through your most-loved deviations with ease! Search in favourites is back by popular demand! Click on the magnifying glass at the top right of your favourites page (or someone else’s) to search for specific artwork you love. DeviantArt’s search systems were upgraded in 2022, at which point the difficult decision was made to phase out search in favourites, which was dependent on a legacy search system that was prohibitively costly to maintain considering its usage rate. Although search in favourites was used by just 0.5% of the active community, it was well-liked and used often by the most active deviants. Seeing the passionate response from the community in the wake of its removal, the DeviantArt team worked to upgrade the system that powers search in favourites to improve its efficiency and make it less costly to maintain, and now it’s ready for you to use. Happy searching! Search Your Favourites
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I help you seek what your heart holds dear, Treasured art, drawing you near. Your past marked, love brightly shown, The pieces of art you've long known. So heed this riddle, seekers dear, The answer nears, have no fear. A feature's dawn, like phoenix rise, In artist's haven, a blissful surprise. :+fav: :sherlock:
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You’re invited to the Adoptables Party! Create a custom design with a specific color palette by June 7th to get a stylish Profile badge!
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Create an adoptable with a specific palette and submit it with the tag #AdoptableParty to attend, and get a party favor in the form of a Profile badge! To add to the fun of the beta launch of Adoptables, DeviantArt is hosting a party for custom creations, and you’re invited to the colorful celebration! If you’re not familiar, adoptables are one-of-a-kind works of art that interested buyers can adopt from artists. In most cases, these are character designs (often human, anthropomorphic, mystical creatures, otherworldly beings, or entirely new species), outfits, or accessories. Get on the guest list! To join the festivities, create an adoptable using the following color palette: #​9EFC36, #​FF83EB, #​6B6FFF Once you’ve created your attendee, submit it as a deviation with the tag #AdoptableParty by June 7th to get a brand new badge for your Profile! Want some inspiration on what to wear to the party? Check out these styles from early attendees: Digital Dragon by @Sindonic
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Adoptables sellers can now select when their sale period will start, and offers now display in the right sidebar on the deviation page for easier tracking and offering! Adoptables launched as a beta feature in March, and in response to community feedback, the DeviantArt team has been working on improvements to make the feature more efficient. Two improvements have just been released, and you can try them out now! New Sale Duration Options Previously, when an adoptable was listed as accepting offers, the sale duration would start immediately when the seller completed the listing process. Now when you list an adoptable with the “accept offers” option, you can still set 24 or 48 hours as the sale duration period, but you can also choose between two settings to determine when that period starts: The sale duration starts immediately after you list the adoptable for sale, or The sale duration starts after the first offer is placed. When a seller selects the second option, the adoptable
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