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Tutorial: Draw a Fantasy Weapon with Tofusenshi

Learn How in Under 2 Minutes! Become a master blacksmith and craft a fantasy weapon with this tutorial from digital artist @Tofusenshi! Follow along with the video tutorial to discover the simple steps needed to create a powerful, mystical blade. Forge your own weapon and submit it as a deviation to get a killer new badge for your Profile! Your weapon can be created by following these easy steps: Watch: Check out how @Tofusenshi breaks down the easy steps to draw a weapon. Create: Follow the tutorial steps to illustrate your own version, or bring what you learned to a completely new deviation. Upload: Submit your work as a deviation with the tag #DATutorialWeapon to get the Profile badge. Share: Leave a comment on this journal with your brand-new equipment! Not sure how to add a tag? Click on the button below to have it automatically added. While the steps of each tutorial are designed to be easy to follow, you are always welcome to take liberties, add your own flair, and



Some quick and easy guides to inspire you along your art journey.

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What We Believe

Art. Thrives. Here.

We are:

  • A community made for creatives by creatives.

  • A movement and force that demands the liberation of creativity.

  • The place where people discover new ways to express themselves and encourage one another to hone their talents – from the digital canvas to the written word, and every medium in between.

We believe:

  • Art is for everyone. Everyone.

  • Artists should be empowered.

  • ALL artists deserve a platform where their work can be discovered and shared with a global community that just gets it.

We promise to:

  • Deliver art, inspiration, and camaraderie that has no limits.

  • Embrace you, your work, and your creative mind.

  • Be forever original, defy convention, and stay unapologetically true to ourselves and the community. This is where we all belong.

About DeviantArt

DeviantArt is the world’s largest art community, with over 75 million registered members worldwide, and hosting over 550 million pieces of art on the platform. Through this powerful platform, artists and likeminded creatives connect, inspire and find the freedom to express who they are. Deviants can showcase their work, discover new art or promising artists, and perfect their talents with the support of an empowering community.

Meet the DeviantArt Team

We’re not just staff – we’re artists too! Our team is made up of diverse and talented individuals, from all across the world serving one epic mission: create a supportive online community for artists – all artists.

Check out our profiles, or find and connect with us on the site. We’ll have the :deviantart: icon by our monikers.

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Become a master blacksmith and craft a fantasy weapon with this tutorial from @Tofusenshi!

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The Deviousness Award is given to one deviant each month in recognition of their exemplary contributions to DeviantArt and its community and has been a long-standing tradition since DeviantArt’s early years. @Dieffi is the recipient of February 2023’s Deviousness Award, so please join us in congratulating them! @Dieffi has been a deviant for 15 years and has consistently been a community superstar. He was awarded Seniority in 2013 for his many contributions to DeviantArt, and in the time since, he’s contributed even more, consistently featuring artists in journals and leaving good feedback on artwork. With almost 200,000 comments left over the years, @Dieffi’s positive impact on the community is instantly apparent. It is with much gratitude that we award him Deviousness for February 2023. Hello dear visitors, members, and friends here on DA! My name is Wolfgang D., aka Dieffi, which has been my nickname since I was in school. I am from Northern Germany and worked as a
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Black History Month has been an important and integral part of United States history for nearly 100 years and has since become relevant in other countries around the world as well. Observed in February in the US, Black History Month honors the contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout history, and it's an opportunity to reflect on the triumphs and struggles of the African American community. For Black History Month this year, DeviantArt is highlighting art and cultural events and exhibits hosted by museums and cultural centers that feature the work of African American artists and creators. Some of these events and exhibits can be experienced virtually, so deviants can participate regardless of where they live. Events and Exhibits Searchable Museum Explore African American history and culture through a collection of exhibitions on a variety of topics, from the comfort of your own home. Los Angeles Black History Month Festival Open Arms Food
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Give limited-time Deviously Devoted badges for Valentine’s Day to get a new Profile badge! February is a month filled with devious love, making it the perfect time to show devotion for people and things that get your heart racing! Award Deviously Devoted badges to deviations you’re obsessed with, and share those deviations in a comment on this journal so others can be captivated by them too! Random deviants who leave comments will be granted fragments for sharing the love! Give and Receive! The Deviously Devoted badge is a limited-time badge you can give to deviations and comments that get your blood flowing! Give a badge for only 4 fragments, and the deviant you give the badge to will receive 2 fragments along with the badge! If you give 25 or more Deviously Devoted badges by February 28th at 11:59 PM Pacific, you’ll receive a Devious Cupid badge for your Profile! For more information on how to give a badge to a deviation or comment, visit the Help Center. Need
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The PUBG MOBILE 4th Global Design Contest It’s time to conquer the competition and come out on top, because the PUBG MOBILE 4th Global Design Contest is live! Design a new in-game outfit and small prop based on your favorite sub-theme (Desert Oasis, Military Adventure, Manga & Anime, Hip Hop Graffiti, or Cybertech) for your chance to be one of the winners of $42,000 in prizes, including an opportunity for your design to be featured in PUBG MOBILE! How to Enter Step 1: Visit the contest page to read the official rules, download the submission templates, and view example entries to get ready for combat! Step 2: Enter the contest by submitting your art on the contest page! Be sure to follow the official rules carefully so your submission is eligible to win! Step 3: Promote your entry on social media to increase your odds of winning one of the Popularity Awards! Use the hashtags #PUBGMPDP #PUBGMFANART #PUBGMCREATIVE #4thGLOBALDESIGNCONTEST and tag PUBGMCREATIVE on Instagram and/or
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If you sell art on DeviantArt, this is your chance to have your art featured in the DeviantArt Shop! Learn how to be the Shop Hero:
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