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DeviantArt is a platform for empowering artists. Here, artists and like-minded creatives can connect and find the freedom to express who they are. Each day, artists on DeviantArt discover new ways to express themselves and encourage one another to hone their talents, from the digital canvas to the written word and every medium in between.

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This is part of a series of monthly articles highlighting the latest and greatest in pop culture and media releases through the lens of fan-crafted works. The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes “It’s the things we love the most that destroy us.” - Coriolanus Snow Persona 5 Tactica The Marvels “Heroes. It’s an old-fashioned notion, but the world can still use them.” - Nick Fury Bluey: The Videogame Wish “Last night I made a wish on a star, and the star answered.” - Asha Join the Conversation What TV shows, movies, books, or video games are you most looking forward to enjoying in the next few weeks? Do you have any favorite deviations from these fandoms that aren't included in the journal? Have you made fan art for one of the fandoms featured here? Share it in your comment! Cover image credit : Phantom Thieves by the4thsnake
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This curated feature is brought to you by @AlexanderPaupoff. The word tattoo has its origins in the Polynesian tatau (or tatu), which means “to puncture or mark the skin.” Tattooing involves inscribing the skin by inserting dyes or pigments under the dermis to form patterns or designs. This ancient practice of body decoration has evolved into a significant form of self-expression. Tattoos are more than just ink on skin—they reflect a person’s identity, beliefs, and experiences. They visually chronicle a journey, represent values and aspirations, and capture victories and tributes, allowing us to use our skin to construct our identities in deeply personal and profound ways. Typically, there’s an idea of permanence attached to tattoos. However, much like people, they’re quite changeable. Throughout our lives, tattoos transform in appearance and intensity, the same way we do as we age. They might be voluntarily changed, extended, covered up, or removed, and when we die, they
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Get inspired to create by reading a guide on what to sell this season, based on community searches and site trends!
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This monthly series highlights artists from the Adoptables community. Learn more about these artists, the art they make, and what inspires them to create. You’ll love this handpicked collection of adoptables, so consider buying some of their work! @FKDemetri I’m no stranger to gothic fantasy, and it shows in my designs. From handsome vampire lords to femme fatale ladies, you can get a variety of characters for your next story or project from me! I’m always willing to work on a project and always putting 110% into my handmade work. Visit FKDemetri’s Shop PjlinaTheSilense My name is Polina, and I live in Serbia. I create adoptables and draw commissions, and I’m also developing a small sticker store where I draw D&D and pet-themed sticker packs, then print them on vinyl and send them to different countries. ♡ I’m trying to work toward my dream, and I’m very happy when others decide to follow my journey! I draw with color in mind—color is one of my strengths and favorite
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🐾 Pounce on creative progress with a tutorial from @BeckyKidus on how to draw a snow leopard! Take part to earn a Profile badge designed by @Doosio:
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