The Feeling of Kaboom

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Published: July 29, 2018
There is a feeling, a particular, unique feeling you get when something goes kaboom. It’s hard to explain exactly, but I think it has something to do with how close you were to the explosion when it happened.

When I broke into the stodgy old noble’s manor, I never expected to find myself in a strange room filled with barrels and barrels of fireworks. To be honest, I’d never much thought about where fireworks came from. I enjoyed them at new year’s over the bay in Mertia, but never really stopped to do more than that.

There I was, though, in a room with more fireworks than I thought existed in the whole world. They lined shelves. There covered tables. Half finished ones sat on workbenches. One tiny spark of fire and this whole place would light up brighter than new year’s.

And I had no way out. Yes, there were windows on one wall to air out the sulfur smelling room. The problem was, there were guards patrolling right outside. Heck, I had to duck under a table just to keep from being seen. They were on high alert too. I’d accidentally been spotted holding a few of the lord’s priceless necklaces. Guards don’t take to kindly to thieves in my experience.

At any rate, there I was, trapped in a room full of fireworks with no way out. My best bet for the moment was to hunker down and wait them out. They wouldn’t stop looking for me for a while, but they would eventually move out to other parts of the manor. Then I could slip out with the jewelry.

Slinking over to a corner of the room, I decided to hide under a low workbench with lots of stuff stacked in front of it. It would be hard to spot me there and guards, dimwitted as they usually are, wouldn’t think to look there. I crawled under and bumped into something.

Something warm.

And made of cloth.

That yelped when I touched it.

I jumped back, letting out a yelp of my own. Someone else was here!

A man with a shaggy beard stuck his head out and glared at me. “Sh! You’ll bring them here.”

“What the hell are you doing here?” I demanded, though I did lower my voice to a whisper.

“What do you think? Hiding. Go find your own hiding place.”

I glared at him. “No, what are you doing in this manor.”

He peeked out, looked around the room, then retreated back inside his hiding spot. “Same thing as you kid, and I would’ve been in and out fine if you hadn’t set ‘em off.”

I sat back on my heels and folded my arms together. “They’ll give up soon enough. Guards always do.”

“Go find another spot,” he grumbled.

I stuck my tongue out at him and was about to do just that when the door burst open. Two guards holding lamps came rushing into the room. I was out in the open. Only a blind man wouldn’t have seen me.

They shouted, alerting their friends.

I didn’t have a whole lot of options. The door was out of the question. I’d have to jump out the window.

One of the men grabbed me. On instinct, I swung at him. My fist hit his nose. That hurt, by the way, but he let go.

His friend with the lamp made a go for me while his friend recovered. I took another punch. He was expecting that and grabbed my arm. I kicked. He tried to block my foot with his other hand.

I guess he forgot he had a lamp in his hand.

A look of horror crossed his face as it fell. The glass shattered on the ground. Burning oil spilled everywhere.

Our fight was forgotten. The guards ran for the door.

I stood there, dumb founded for a moment. Why were they running? They couldn’t possibly be scared of me, could they?

The guy from the table suddenly grabbed my arm. “Run you stupid child!”

I didn’t argue. We crashed through the window. Confused guards were all around us. The guy didn’t care. Still holding my arm, he dragged me off towards the fence around the manor. I wanted to ask why we were running, but I was too confused.


The room exploded. The force of it knocked us off our feet.

There wasn’t just one explosion, though. No, it kept blowing up over and over in spectacular colors. Rockets shot off into the sky. More sped across the ground, exploding when they reached the fence line. Guards were running around, screaming.

I should have been scared as I sat up watching the brightly colored choas.

Instead, I muttered, “Awesome.”

The guy scrambled to his feet. “Run you fool!”

Figuring he knew best, I chased after him. I kept glancing back, though.

What? It was a beautiful explosion. Plus, it terrified the guards and I got to keep the necklaces. Win win in my book.
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FFM Day 27 done using the prompt "That feeling when things go kaboom" byWindySilver. I decided to do a Kit story with this because this is totally something she would do. 
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WindySilverHobbyist Writer
Oh dear, that's gonna do lots of damage ^^; Thanks for using my prompt!
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If it's a room full of fireworks, it's obviously necessary that it explode. Silly guards.
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