Last Plea

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Published: August 1, 2018
Day 23:
I put down these words so you know I’m innocent. I killed no child, especially not my own. My country of origin is not known since I was born at sea to refugees from a land where they were exiled. No country would give us citizenship so I remain a woman with no country or land that I may call my own, but I’m no a killer.

Day 58:
My trial is set in international waters. My please for mercy have gone unheard. None believe me. I have no representation. I’ve murdered no children. I did not push my own child into the sea to save myself. Being the only survivor on the raft doesn’t mean I hurt the others. The storm took them all. I cried. I prayed. No god heard my cries for mercy.

Day 187:
This shall be my final note. I’ve spent my life adrift from country to country. When I sought I home across the sea, I lost everything I loved. God punished me for not waiting in a land where waiting meant death. Now, here at sea, I will be cast into the ocean just as the others were. I didn’t kill them. Why will no one believe me?
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FFM Day 30. The last challenge. This one was to do a story that is not on dry land (I made it in international waters), have the protagonist be a criminal (she's charged with murdering children), and choose one of three formats to do it in. I sort of did two at once by making her write the story as a plea for help and doing it as a 369 (3 stories of 69 words).

It's been a good year overall. I didn't get a piece done for every day of the month, but I got a lot done. Admittedly, I had a harder time getting into this year. Traveling through me off and starting out seven stories behind was a bit discouraging. Ultimately, I didn't go back and do those first seven. It was too much work. At any rate, it's over. Back to regular writing and then on to NaNoWriMo.
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squanpieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww. That's heartbreaking. Poor woman - cast adrift both literally and figuratively. :(
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GDeyke Writer
Aw. :( I feel terrible for the narrator.
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bookcrusherStudent Writer
This was such a sad and tragic story :( My heart breaks for your protagonist. But congrats for making it through July, and best of luck for NaNo!
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SCFranklesHobbyist Writer
That's a really interesting interpretation of the 'not on dry land' setting. And such a heartbreaking use of the 'criminal' aspect - someone who literally doesn't belong anywhere and has no-one on her side.