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They called him the King of Bees. People stared at the makeup on his face, painted like the little insects he used to torture men to death. Wearing full chainmail armor, he rode out to the field with his two advisors, the wizard and the lord of the Lower Lands. Behind them was a group of tall-short people baring white boxes balanced on poles. The buzz from the boxes left no one wondering what was held inside.

All the fat-skinny people that made up his peasantry gave the king and his men a wide berth. Their work in the fields had stopped when the strange object appeared.

The king and his men paused a few yards from the strange spherical object.

“An object of magic most foul, you majesty,” the wizard whispered as he leaned over.

The lord of the Lower Lands nodded his agreement. “An object like this does not just appear, your grace. It must be the work of dark magic. Dark creatures banished hundreds of generations ago must be escaping to take vengeance on the world of men.”

The king gave no nods or words of agreement.

“It appears to wear armor,” the lord added. He looked back at the boxes. “I think it impervious to your bees.”

“Assuming it is alive,” the wizard said. “It appears like no dragon I’ve seen before.”

“The peasants say it glows and moves and makes noises like an animal. What else could it be?”

A raised hand from the king silenced the two men. Then he pointed to a girl with grey eyes standing next to the object. Slowly, he eased his horse to go walk towards her. The other men made to follow, but the king raised his hand again. “Stay.”

The wizard and the lord gave each other uneasy looks but they know better than to refuse to follow an order.

Leaving his men behind, the king approached the girl. She smiled at him, showing all her teeth. It would have been cute if her grey eyes weren’t glossed over as if she were under the influence of a magic potion. Though she was dressed like the other peasants that worked the fields, her face and clothes were too clean.

After a moment of staring at each other, the king finally demanded, “What is it you want demon child?”

Her head tipped to one side. “You think me a demon?”

The king nodded.

She giggled. “Foolish king. I am here not with magic, but with science, to lift you high and defend your realm among the stars.”

It was the kings turn to tilt his head, though only slightly. “Explain.”

She gave an odd, slow blink. “Your world will soon be under attack from creatures beyond your stars. When they come, they will slaughter all. It is my duty, to teach you to defend your title to this system.”

He sat up straighter on his horse. “How?”

One of her hands pressed onto the side of the round object. A metal plate slid out of sight, revealing a passageway. “Come. I will show you.”

The king looked back to his men.  All his people moved back, no doubt startled by the opening.

“Cowards,” the king muttered and slid off his horse. He raised himself up tall and strode inside. The little girl followed after him. When both were inside, the metal plate slid back into place. He looked back and saw a strange metal stick in the girl’s hand.

She gave him a toothy grin. The stick flashed red.

The king fell to the floor dead.

The girl pulled out a communicator and tapped the screen to contact her commanders. “This is Major Lenik. The last one is dead. This world is secure and will offer no true resistance.” She knelt down and poked the dead king. When he didn’t move, she took his ring. “This world’s resources are free to be extracted for the royal army. Those Krilla scum won’t know what hit them next time.”

“Affirmative,” a voice responded back. “Bring the ship home and we will begin.”

Outside, the frightened people ran for the castle as the object floated into the sky and out of sight.
FFM Day 21 and the horrible David Bowie challenge. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike this challenge? I know some people like David Bowie, but I saw him in the labyrinth as a child and he's creeped me out ever since.

Anyway, for this challenge I needed to have:
five images from his songs
    - People stared at the makeup on his face (Lady Stardust)
    - And all the tall-short people (Five Years)
    - And all the fat-skinny people(Five Years)
    - a little girl with grey eyes (What in the World)
    - She took his ring (Young Americans)
use two band names: The King Bees (I put an of in there but I think it still counts) and The Buzz
have an iconic person: the king
and begin and end in two different genres: started in hard fantasy and ended in space opera

I also did the optional word count using his song "John, I'm Only Dancing (Again)" (stereo mix) which is 7:03 long (according to wikipedia). My piece is 703 words.
KiriHearts Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018
Dang. I like how you switched the genres. Also I have been painstakingly getting over my fear of bees for years and did NOT need to hear about weaponized beeboxes.

Sorry to hear about creepy David Bowie :( I'm not a big fan of Labyrinth either - glad to hear I'm not the only one. I've grown to like a few of his songs so I have a little pool of inspiration for every year.
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