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The Nolori Galactic Code states that all space fairing vessels must assist other vessels should they be in present danger. When we saw the alien vessel entering dangerous space, we first sought to warn them, but when they failed to respond, we set out to pull them from harm’s way. We would concern ourselves with structural or property damage once all vessels were in open space.

Our good intentions were met with hostility. After failures to communicate, we assumed they must be experiencing a malfunction of some sort. We tethered their small vessel and pulled them back. Their ship returned by engaging unfamiliar weapons and firing upon us. We tried to hail them, to inform them we were not hostile.

They never answered.

We, being an unarmed passenger vessel, we quickly overpowered and boarded. As captain, I instructed passengers to hide. Do not engage what I had concluded were space thieves. Give them your valuables and offer no resistance. I do not know how many listened, only that shortly after, there was weapons fire. Some I recognized and some I did not.

I locked the doors and began sending distress signals. It could be a fatal mistake with space thieves, but I felt it worth the risk of never being found. At the least, our families would know of our fate and send us to a proper death.

My efforts were in vein. They managed to unlock the doors and barge in. I do not think they saw me hiding behind some conduits and vents. They investigated the consoles and shouted at each other with strange tonal sounds emitted from their mouths. It was short and guttural like some sort of primitive animal on an undeveloped world. Their bodies were small and long, with large heads. They had only two limbs for walking, which were short and blunt. They possessed only two other appendages which they used to grab objects. Each one ended with five stubby tentacles that only seemed to bend inward and straighten out. Strange growths came from what I was guessing was their heads. Describing it is difficult as it varied in length and color. Mostly, it was brown and almost looked like thin stems from small plants except it was limp. On one it was so long, it moved like water. The rest of them not covered in cloth was a solid color with no distinguishing marks beyond a brown color. They seemed to communicate without the use of color or light. They were most peculiar. In all my years, I’ve never encountered a species so strange or hideous.

They left quickly enough and I resumed my distress signals until the power went out.

I think they have left now. I have not ventured from the helm to find out nor see if their ship is still attached to ours. What I know is power has failed and the ship is growing cold. We are adrift and seeking assistance before it is too late. I leave this recording here incase we are not found in time. I beg of any that might find this, please, be wary of further encounters with these aliens. Do not attempt to assist them as it is a trap.

And please, I ask that the remains of all those on board be returned to their respective worlds and families.

Captain Rummamm signing off
FFM Day 19. This is my half of the collaboration challenge. I worked with the wonderful Tobaeus and you can find her half right here. We decided to do a sci-fi piece with aliens and humans meeting and having a disastrous misunderstanding. In her piece, she tackled the rag-tag misfits and macgyvering tropes. I took on the no good deed and humanoid abomination tropes.
Down-Flower Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I always enjoy the ol' switcharoo in which we are the aliens.
WindySilver Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Poor aliens, what a horrible misunderstanding! :(
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