Destinies and Denial

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Published: July 31, 2017

    Once a generation, the Inheritor must come. It is her job to seal away the beast Puriss. It is only by sacrificing her powers that he is kept locked away.

    The Inheritor is not some arbitrary girl, though. No, she is a descendent of the great Morrigan. Long ago, before written history, Morrigan was a powerful sorceress like none the world had seen or would ever see again. She protected the peoples from war, famine, and sickness. When the great beast Puriss descended upon the people, she fought him and locked him away.

    Our world was saved, but at a great price. It took all her power to do so and it would only hold Puriss until her death. When she passed, Puriss would be free. 

    So a spell was cast that ensured that her children, grandchildren, and on would be just as powerful, but that they too would have to seal him away. It was the only way to ensure he did not lay waste to the world.

    Now, my dearest daughter, it is your turn. I know giving up these powers seems unfair when you only just started to develop them, but know that it is necessary. Without this sacrifice by me, your grandmother, great grandmother, and all the way back to Morrigan herself, you would not be here. No one would.

    I understand this all sounds crazy to you, especially in these times with no magic left. I thought my mother was crazy too until I did it. You must believe me. Your destiny is too important to walk away from. Please, come home and stop telling the social workers I am schizophrenic.

    Please. The world is depending on you, even if they don’t know it.

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Flash Fiction Month day 30 (almost done). This one was done with the dictonary prompt: quiescent (adj.) - in a state or period of inactivity or dormancy. I think I was going for something epic when I started, but I rarely can stay epic in these. Plus, pretty sure if my mother came to me and said all this, I would think she's crazy too.
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