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Published: July 29, 2018
Allpowerium. It was a stupid name, but definitely not a stupid creation. By far, it was Dr. Thudero’s greatest chemical creation. He wasn’t even a chemist either. He just needed a new type of rocket fuel. This should have gotten him a promotion.

It didn’t.

Dr. Death Bringer never promoted people that deserved it, and no one questioned it. He was Dr. Death Bringer, and anyone who questioned him would never ask anything again.

Today, he was going to pay for that.

Natalie had snuck out late at night while her dad slept and caught a cab all the way here. Now she was in the bushes outside the back gate with a plan, her father’s keycard, and the ability to blow stuff up with her mind.

Concentrating on a near by trashcan, she made the can wobble and fall over. She scowled. It was supposed to explode. Why were her powers so hard to master?

The sound of the trashcan falling over caught the attention of the guard by the back gate. He looked over, touched to comm in his ear and muttered something. Then he walked over to where the trashcan fell.

Natalie dashed out, slipped under the crossing gate, and raced for the massive building. When she got to the door, she pressed against it and looked back. The guard was moving back to his post without seeing her.

Smiling, she pulled out her father’s keycard and swiped it in the lock. The little lights flashed green and she was in.

Thank god or whoever for bring your child to work days. Her father always brought her and she knew exactly where his lab was. She headed straight for the elevator, pausing at each corner to check for guards. No one. Either Dr. Death Bringing didn’t think anyone dared to break into his research facility or his guards were even dumber than she thought.

She made it to the elevator and up to her father’s lab without seeing another person. What would she do with the allpowerium though? She didn’t really think she’d get it. She was ten for evilness sake. Ten year olds didn’t steal stuff from the biggest, baddest super villains in the world.

“I’ll figure that out later,” she muttered to herself as she flicked on the lights in the lab.

There it was in a gallon sized container in the middle of a table. The green liquid danced like Dad’s lava lamp. It was mesmerizing and beautiful. Maybe she would just keep it in her old playhouse in the backyard so she could look at it.

Her hands shook as she picked it up. It weighed about what you’d expect a gallon of water to weigh, which was surprising. You’d think it would weigh more or maybe less given that it had the power to do just about anything. At least that’s what they said on tv. It was called allpowerium. It had to be all powerful.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Natalie spun around, clutching the allpowerium to her chest. Standing in the door was Dr. Death Bringer. He was in his all black outfit complete with his cape and mask.

Her arms tightened around the allpowerium. “It’s mine now.”

Dr. Death Bringer stopped clapping and smiled at her. “I see that. What do you plan to do with it?”

She turned her side to him. “Take you down.”


Her eyes went wide and her lips pursed, but she didn’t answer.

Dr. Death Bringer laughed, then came over to kneel in front of her. “Natalie —“

“You know me?”

Again, he laughed but softer this time. “Dr. Thundero’s daughter, of course. You don’t forget someone who threatens you when she’s only seven years old.”

She turned her back to him. “Fine, then you know you can’t have it back until my father gets a promotion.”

He sighed. “Natalie, my dear strange, evil little child, your father doesn’t want a promotion.”

She whipped back around. “Yes he does.”

She was going to continue, but he cut her off with a wave of his hand. “Do you know why I don’t have children?”

“Because one day they’ll rise up and kill you so they can take your empire?”

Death Bringer opened his mouth to speak then stopped. His head twisted a little to one side. “I … hadn’t … considered that … but no. No, I don’t have children, because inevitably they would be used against me. When you are powerful, people look for anything they can exploit to hurt you. Your father doesn’t want to go up the ranks because he doesn’t want you to get caught in the crossfire.” He stood up again and straightened his cape. “Family keeps one from advancing in life. If you truly want to be a great super villain like me, you should keep that in mind. Now put back my rocket fuel.”

“You can’t have it back,” she insisted.

“Really? Do you have a big rocket you wish to fly?”

Again, her eyes went wide. “No, but … but it’s allpowerium —“

“And it’s rocket fuel,” he interrupted. “Nothing more. I just called it that so I could scare my enemies with.” He made a shooing motion with his hands. “Now put it back. I’d hate to have to kill such a promising future evil general or heir or something.”

Slowly she set it back on the table. “Evil general?”

Leaning over, he placed a hand on her shoulder. “You have great promise dear. Don’t do something foolish that forces me to kill you. Now run along home. I believe you have school in the morning or something.”

Swishing his cape, he left the room.

Natalie stood there for a moment. Then she let out a small woot and went racing for the door. She was going to be an evil general someday. It wasn’t evil overlord, but it was a start.
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FFM Day 26 and a challenge. This one was to write a story using the tropes applied phlebotinum (all powerful made up substance), almighty janitor, and the guards must be crazy. One of these had to be inverted. I inverted the phlebotinum by making the allpowerium just rocket fuel and nothing more despite what people think. The janitor is Natalie's father. Despite being the best inventor, he isn't going up in the ranks because he doesn't want his daughter to be in danger. The guards must be crazy is how easily she gets passed the guard and how there are no guards patrolling. To be fair, Dr. Death Bringer may have told them not to use so Natalie could get inside. I think he has some grand plans for her someday. Once she grows up a little anyway.
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I so love how Dr. Death Bringer handle Natalie! Fantastic work with his character! :D