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Dr. Death Bringer
Dr. Death Bringer was known to most children in the world. It was hard not to know the most powerful, most evil super villain in the world. He employed a couple thousand people in the area. Some of the local kids parents even worked for him. People feared him. People obeyed him. Even the super heroes tended to avoid dealing with him unless absolutely necessary.
He would be the first major villain she killed, Natalie decided as she walked with her father into the laboratory. Her father, Dr. Thundero, was a mid level henchman and prized engenieer for Dr. Death Bringer. He was high enough to get a super villain name and secret identity. That, Natalie once thought, was impressive for a man with no super powers. That was before she’d come to work with him.
It wasn’t her plan to go to work with him. She got sick at school and started throwing up right before she started making things blow up. She’d done it before a few times in secret, but this was the first time she’
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Ugh Boys
My teacher grabbed the fruits off my desk and gave me the coldest look any wizard could manage, and that was pretty bad. Have you ever been in a magic school? The teachers there could give some nasty looks, but no one could top Wizard Stark. His eyes were this piercing blue that just burned right through you. Even if you did nothing wrong, he made you feel bad about it.
He grabbed a zucchini from another student’s table and jabbed it in my face. “Mage! Zucchinis are for summoning. Apricots are for necromancy. Are you trying to summon a kitten or sick an army of the undead on us?”
Part of me wanted to smile sweetly and say ‘why yes, I do want an army of the undead. Why do you ask?’ I knew better though and kept my mouth shut.
The zucchini was plopped down on my desk. With one final glare, he waddled off to look over everyone else’s progress.
I glared at the offending vegetable as I picked it up. Yes, I knew all that. I just thought this place could us
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Funeral of a Spoon
The Supreme Leader cradled the broken spoon in his hands. For a moment, his lip quivered and everyone in the room thought he was about to whimper like a puppy-dog. Instead, he did something worse; he gave a speech.
“Though death comes to us all,
She is a coldhearted mistress.
Her promise of quick release,
Of peace and an end to pain,
Is a lie whispered in man’s ear.
Death comes not so quick,
Nor is it a gentle release.
No, death is but cruel.
Death is a thief of all we love.
Death will take us one and all.”
Fourteen year old Sarah leaned over to the guy in the pews next to her. Like everyone else, he was wearing his black mourning robe. The color made him look even more pale-faced than usual. “Are we really having a funeral for a broken spoon?”
The man gave her a critical stare. “Are you questioning the Supreme Leader?”
The obvious answer was yes, but in the year since her father brought her here, she’d learned not to question these thing
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A Mother's Love
I sat on the exam room bed staring at my phone and waiting for the doctor. These tests were taking too long for it to be negative. When my primary doctor said I had cancer, I’d demanded a second opinion. They had to be wrong, I was barely twenty seven. I couldn’t have cancer.
Sitting there, I knew it was true. I had cancer. A deadly, quick spreading cancer working from my heart of all places. It was incredible rare my doctor said, but with the rate of growth, he didn’t think it was a benign tumor like most growths on the heart. I needed surgery as soon as possible, he said. I need a second opinion, I said.
That was a waste of time. I should have had the surgery a couple weeks ago. Instead, I was sitting here getting more tests done to confirm what I’d already been told. If the tests had been negative, the other doctor would have come back now.
The door clicked open and the short doctor walked in. She was asian, though I wasn’t sure from what country. She h
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The End
Someone once told Mesa the end would be quiet, but this wasn’t. The whole room was full of mechanical whirlings, alarms, and that incessant banging. Words like ‘abort,’ ‘terminate,’ and ‘are you sure’ flashed across all the screens. What pointless warnings, she mused. She’d programmed this system and was one of only two people who had access to its self destruct sequence. Of course she was sure. She wouldn’t have gone through all of that just to get to this horrid city in the sky. Their fortress. Their great holy city to destroy the world.
A rueful smile played across her face. Heaven people called it. This city where angels lived. None realized it was a ghost city thanks to her. When they poisoned the world from their safe tower, the mechanism to release it in the city was triggered. She couldn’t stop them, but she could bring them down with everyone else.
Not that the people below knew. What would they think? This had become
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Getting Rid of the Rats
“When I told you to figure it out, this isn’t what I meant.”
“I don’t understand. I solved the problem.”
“Dude, you set my grandmother’s house on fire!”
“But it got rid of the rats.”
“And now my grandma is homeless!”
“But she won’t be bothered by the rats again.”
“You burned her house down!”
“And since she doesn’t have a phone anymore, she can’t call you up and complain about them.”
“No, she’ll complain about her house right to my face. You burned her house down! Mom’s not going to let her live on the streets no matter how much she hates her.”
“Look, you told me to get rid of the rats, and you wouldn’t help, so I got rid of them my way.”
“I meant with rat traps or a cat or something! Not fire! God, what kind of idiot uses a torch to get rid —“
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Talking to Cars
The girl in the back was crazy. That was the only nice thing anyone could say about her. She was beautiful, especially with that french accent, but she kept talking to the objects.
Which wasn’t at all helpful. It wasn’t even a good distraction. It just made everyone on this death march nervous.
Perhaps death march wasn’t the right word. We were stranded in the middle of death valley after our car broke down. The good news was that it was getting dark so we weren’t in danger of cooking. The bad news was that it freezes at night. The don’t call it death valley for nothing, I suppose.
The girl said her name was Bell or something, and when we first met her, we thought she’d been stranded too. Maybe she was suffering from the heat. We gave her water and the temperature was dropping now, but she was no closer to being normal than when we found her.
I shrugged her off. It didn’t matter. We had bigger problems than a crazy girl talking to our back pack
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Collecting What's Due
Isabelle looked down at her mother lying on the floor. They were so much alike. Same blonde hair. Same blue eyes. Both tall and thin.
Except Isabelle wasn’t a mage like her mother or sisters. She was the odd one out. The one that didn’t belong. A disgrace. A shame. A waste of her mother’s blood.
For a brief moment, the woman looked hopeful as her  fourteen year old daughter stepped into the dark room deep underground. One of her children had dared the ruins to find what had become of their mother. One cared enough to find her. She wouldn’t die here alone.
Then she saw the knife in Isabelle’s hand. Heard the whisperings of the creature behind the wall. Smelled the hate wafting into the room like rotten meat.
Mother scowled and gripped her cursed hand. It was completely black now. “Leave.” Isabelle didn’t even bat an eye. She stared, her blue eyes devoid of any sort of emotion. “Leave, Isabelle.”
Nothing on the girl moved.
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Not the Ear!
“No! No!” I screamed over and over again as the people in the pale robes held me down on the table. They wouldn’t listen. They didn’t care. Even my family did nothing. They stood there, watching in strange fascination as I was tortured.
The ones in the robes were saying something. No doubt it was about how much pain this would cause me and how my family would be next. I didn’t understand the words, but I could tell what they meant. Only an idiot wouldn’t be able to tell what they meant from their cold, detached tone.
One of the robed ones grabbed my ear with one hand while pushing my face into the cold table with the other hand. A second robes one held the torture device up to my ear.
“No! Not my ear!” I screamed even louder.
No one listened. Couldn’t they hear me?
The liquid dripped into my ear, burning all the way down deep inside. I cried louder. Still no one cared.
A moment later, they flipped me over and did it to my other ear.
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Not Quite Perfect
    Digital beings don’t eat, but for this occasion, I’m pretending. I pick at the food, pushing it around the plate like child trying to convince his parents he tried something. That is what I feel like, a child sitting at the adult table for the first time. I have not had such an experience, but all the literature in my database says that is the closest comparison available.
    The hall is conservatively decorated. This wasn’t a grand party. That was outside in the exhibition halls. Out there, the various companies were showing off the latest and greatest modern technology could create. Self driving cars, faster computers, nano technology for medical research. Everything was on display.
    Except for me. I was special. I didn’t belong out there.
    Sitting across from me is an older man from the defense industry. Half of the creations in the building were made using their work.
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Destinies and Denial
    Once a generation, the Inheritor must come. It is her job to seal away the beast Puriss. It is only by sacrificing her powers that he is kept locked away.
    The Inheritor is not some arbitrary girl, though. No, she is a descendent of the great Morrigan. Long ago, before written history, Morrigan was a powerful sorceress like none the world had seen or would ever see again. She protected the peoples from war, famine, and sickness. When the great beast Puriss descended upon the people, she fought him and locked him away.
    Our world was saved, but at a great price. It took all her power to do so and it would only hold Puriss until her death. When she passed, Puriss would be free. 
    So a spell was cast that ensured that her children, grandchildren, and on would be just as powerful, but that they too would have to seal him away. It was the only way to ensure he did not lay waste to the world.
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FFM 29
    I sat inside the main hall of the temple. Outside, people were reveling in the streets. It was new year’s,  the biggest party of the year.
    I wasn’t celebrating. I was sitting on the floor of an empty temple to the mother goddess Lunen, trying to figure out why. The gods were dead. Priests claimed some were being reborn in mortal bodies, but was that real? People made things up all the time.
    Maybe the gods themselves were made up.
    Made up to justify so many things in the world.
    The gods could never have been real. I’m sure I’m crazy for thinking it, yet it was all I could think of as I stared at the large statue. Sitting there with my hands raised in prayer, I was the image of the most devoted follower. Everyone would be horrified if they knew the truth.
    But her face was burned into my mind. Her last smile before let
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Village of Monsters
    It was said that humans once walked the earth, but few believed the stories. Humans were just monsters made up to scare children into behaving. Ghost stories to tell around the fire at night. Monsters made up to be the bad guy in every story. Leni certainly didn’t believe.
    That was, he didn’t believe until they pulled the body from the river.
    It wasn’t a fox vay like everyone in his village. It wasn’t a vay of any sort. No fur covered its body. It’s feet were flat and strange, though it looked like it could walk upright like them. It had no snout and an odd, pointed nose that was far too small to pick up a scent trail. By all accounts, it was a human straight out of the fairy tales and horror stories.
    Sadly, the human creature was dead when they found it. There was no way to ask it where it came from, but it was pulled from the river. That meant it came from som
:icontealya:Tealya 1 1
Madness Between Worlds
    The walls moved. It was the first thing I noticed. When I slept, they changed positions. No one seemed bothered by this. Those born here acted as if was normal. Those trapped as I just shrugged it off. Of course the walls moved. This was the madness of the barriers between worlds. What did one expect? And really, moving walls wasn’t that strange was it? I’d adapt they said.
    During the waking time, we wander to find food in this darkness. At night, we settle in one spot and hope we’re all together when we wake. Parents hold children so they are not lost. It is a way of life. Not a good way, but a way. Not for me. Moving walls or not, I was getting out. No labyrinth would hold me. Yet Lydia is so lovely.
    There are no days or nights here. Only darkness. I can’t tell how long its been. Months? Years? Lydia is with child. I can’t allow my ch
:icontealya:Tealya 3 1
FFM Day 26
    The rules were simple: one child per family. Only one. With more than ten billion people on the planet, it seemed the only fair way to reduce the population.
    But how does one define a family? It was a question debated for a while and ultimately the answer was mother and child. Not father. Only mother could be easily identified unless a database of everyone’s DNA was created. No politician wanted his DNA stored on a database somewhere, of course. Then people might find out just how many affairs and illegitimate children they had. While most knew these men had their own small harems, no one dared say it out loud or even publicly acknowledge it.
    So mother and child it was. As long as each woman only had one child, everything was fine.
    Unless you were the child of someone’s harem.
    And that someone made sure all of the women in his harem worked for him.
:icontealya:Tealya 2 2
    The dog sits on the edge of the boardwalk. A hat rests next to it. Both look towards the battleship far ahead of them. Back in the parking lot, the car is stopped, waiting. Always waiting. A t-rex, penguin, and rubber ducky sit in the hand of a child who is more interested in playing with them than the piles of cash sitting in front of her.
    And I, here, the lowly and forgotten iron, sit in jail, watching as all my hopes for victory slip away There may be no winner yet, but it is clear that I will be a loser. I always loose no matter who I play.
    God I hate this game.
:icontealya:Tealya 3 3

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My first book, Kithryn Mythrin Book 1: Magic, Mystics, and Mayhem, is about a mythrin named Kit who is dragged into an assassination plot of the prince of Mertia where the only people not trying to him are those that would benefit most. Chaos (and some hilarity) ensues as Kit tries to decide if it is really worth her time and neck to save this prince. I'm hoping to have the book out in September. In the mean time, you can read more about the characters and the world at my website:

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