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Day 23:
I put down these words so you know I’m innocent. I killed no child, especially not my own. My country of origin is not known since I was born at sea to refugees from a land where they were exiled. No country would give us citizenship so I remain a woman with no country or land that I may call my own, but I’m no a killer.
Day 58:
My trial is set in international waters. My please for mercy have gone unheard. None believe me. I have no representation. I’ve murdered no children. I did not push my own child into the sea to save myself. Being the only survivor on the raft doesn’t mean I hurt the others. The storm took them all. I cried. I prayed. No god heard my cries for mercy.
Day 187:
This shall be my final note. I’ve spent my life adrift from country to country. When I sought I home across the sea, I lost everything I loved. God punished me for not waiting in a land where waiting meant death. Now, here at sea, I will be cast into the ocean just as t
:icontealya:Tealya 1 4
Camp Spare
It was Prince Leo’s first time at Camp Spare, the summer camp for second in line royals. He was ten, short for his age, and just a little on the chubby side. Not like his older brother who was currently at Camp Monarch across the lake. His brother was everything a prince should be: tall, handsome, and brave. He would be a great king someday.
Leo would not. He was born only in case his brother died. Since it looked like his brother was going to make it, Dad told Leo it was time to start considering his other options. Camp Spare was the perfect place to start, Dad said.
Looking around the crowded parade ground, Leo considered his options. The camp was divided into paths for second borns to begin learning about.
There was the priestly path. It was common for second borns to become members of the church. Dad said that was a good life but Leo never had been that into church. Devoting his whole life to it seemed like torture at best. Most second borns must have agreed with him, Leo dec
:icontealya:Tealya 24 14
Waiting for the Apocalypse
Death checked his pocket watch again. It was 3:15 and well past the starting time. Where was Gerry? Why hadn’t he come to let the four horsemen out yet. Today was the day to end the world and that just couldn’t happen without the four horsemen.
War paced the small room in Hell where the four were waiting for their cue. He kept muttering to himself though what exactly he was saying wasn’t clear.
Pestilence took a long drag from his cigarette and leaned back in his cushy chair. “Maybe this will be like the last time. What was that guy’s name again?”
Lounging on the couch, Famine sipped on some coffee. “Stan.”
“That’s right. Stan.”
Death closed his watch and tucked it back in his robe pocket. He leaned against the wall by the door, pulling leaves off a tall house plant. “He over slept. That’s why this one is set in the afternoon. No oversleeping this time.”
“I hear he’s burning in the fire like
:icontealya:Tealya 2 5
To Kill a God
Brother Talmond accepted being a paladin when he was just a boy of eight. It never occurred to him that he might not want to be a paladin for the dead gods. Ever since the monsters took his mother, he knew he wanted to fight back, to push them back to the darkness where they came from when the gods were slaughtered.
He still wanted to. Protect the towns and cities from the great evil was his life calling. He knew it. It felt right to slay a hideous beast luring children from their beds and eating them.
No one said he would have to kill children.
He sat outside the village, just off the side of the road and held his head. Kill a child they said. She bore the soul of the Holy Mother of All. Kill the child and she would be released. With a god returned to her place in earth, a gate to the den of monsters would be sealed. The people would be protected. He would save countless lives by trapping the monsters below ground again.
All he had to do was kill a single child.
He couldn’t do i
:icontealya:Tealya 1 1
The Feeling of Kaboom
There is a feeling, a particular, unique feeling you get when something goes kaboom. It’s hard to explain exactly, but I think it has something to do with how close you were to the explosion when it happened.
When I broke into the stodgy old noble’s manor, I never expected to find myself in a strange room filled with barrels and barrels of fireworks. To be honest, I’d never much thought about where fireworks came from. I enjoyed them at new year’s over the bay in Mertia, but never really stopped to do more than that.
There I was, though, in a room with more fireworks than I thought existed in the whole world. They lined shelves. There covered tables. Half finished ones sat on workbenches. One tiny spark of fire and this whole place would light up brighter than new year’s.
And I had no way out. Yes, there were windows on one wall to air out the sulfur smelling room. The problem was, there were guards patrolling right outside. Heck, I had to duck under a tab
:icontealya:Tealya 1 2
Allpowerium. It was a stupid name, but definitely not a stupid creation. By far, it was Dr. Thudero’s greatest chemical creation. He wasn’t even a chemist either. He just needed a new type of rocket fuel. This should have gotten him a promotion.
It didn’t.
Dr. Death Bringer never promoted people that deserved it, and no one questioned it. He was Dr. Death Bringer, and anyone who questioned him would never ask anything again.
Today, he was going to pay for that.
Natalie had snuck out late at night while her dad slept and caught a cab all the way here. Now she was in the bushes outside the back gate with a plan, her father’s keycard, and the ability to blow stuff up with her mind.
Concentrating on a near by trashcan, she made the can wobble and fall over. She scowled. It was supposed to explode. Why were her powers so hard to master?
The sound of the trashcan falling over caught the attention of the guard by the back gate. He looked over, touched to comm in his ea
:icontealya:Tealya 1 1
The Cat and the Crow
The dreamland of Ash Whittleton was often cold, particularly in the summer when the heat was at it’s worst. Summer was when his dream palace turned to a sparkling world of ice and snow. The palace pond ran so cold it froze over, and all the dream walkers donned their winter coats.
Except Midnight who remained as black as ever. She always hated the cold. When there was snow in the waking world, she would be found curled up by the fire like any sane cat. Snow was cold and wet. No cat liked the water.
This particular afternoon, while Ash was still away at school, Midnight was tending to the dreamlands, trying to bring some warmth to the place. A little spring time, that was all this place needed. It could be pleasant without freezing over.
Other dream walkers were there to watch. None of them were pets, though. They were part of the wildlife outside.
Except the crow that called himself Shine. He was a dream walker for a boy that lived near by. The boy fed him everyday and had no dre
:icontealya:Tealya 2 3
I Didn't Lose
They took Mesa out kicking and screaming, but when they put her on ice, she smiled and whispered that she didn’t lose. They would understand soon.
It was absurd Dr. Rayland’s mind. They’d spent years building this city and equipping it to defend itself from the degenerates of the world. Now it was in the air, flying over the world, and that useless slave girl was frozen in one of their test facilities. Her rebellion and it’s pathetic symbol ’J’ failed, the last of the slaves killed, and the perfect city, built with the guidance of God himself was ready to purge the world.
Utopia was upon them. No more heathens practicing their idol worshipping. The holy land would be free of those infidels worshipping a moon and star over God himself. The atheists. The catholics. Whatever that mother earth fairies are real crap was. Soon it would be gone and all that would remain were the pure. The followers of the one true word.
He went to the window in his office a
:icontealya:Tealya 2 3
He strutted through the heart of the town. A little wind ruffled his mane. Head held high, wings flared only enough to look imposing, he looked like something heroic from a fairy tale.
As long as you ignored the blood spattered on his lion body and dripping from his thick paws.
That was the last image Teega had of the sphinx before she hid inside a barrel of pickles. She was still small enough to fit, but only barely. Mother once said if any of their kind came to hide there. They wouldn’t be able to smell her in there. She wasn’t sure where mother was now, but all the screaming had stopped. It wasn’t quiet, though. She could hear the sphinx out there, speaking a strange language she didn’t know.
There were other sphinx too. She’d seen them, but they were lesser cats. Smaller cats. Not a lion like him. Not a king.
Teega hugged her stripped knees to her chest. Mother said they might come for her. They’d never let a creature like her live. Humans would.
:icontealya:Tealya 1 3
The Knight and the Dragon
Being a prisoner is never fun.
This is even more true when your captor is a dimwitted knight intent on killing a dragon. A dimwitted knight with dented armor, a banged up shield, and a plume full of weeds and thistle seeds.
“Perfect,” Knight Renly whispered to his gnome captive. “Now go out there and baa or something.”
The gnome, a thief most called Hands, scowled at Renly. It was hard to take him seriously while tied up and wearing that sheepskin and a big bell though. Even when not dressed like a sheep, Hands wasn’t exactly intimidating. This just made it all the worse.
“No,” the gnome grunted out.
Renly gave him a push out from behind the rock. “I won’t let him kill you.”
“Yes you will.”
“I won’t. Knights honor.”
“Yes you will, because he’s going to eat you. Then he’s going to eat me.” He wagged his head towards a few discarded bones and weapons out in the field. “
:icontealya:Tealya 3 2
King of Bees
They called him the King of Bees. People stared at the makeup on his face, painted like the little insects he used to torture men to death. Wearing full chainmail armor, he rode out to the field with his two advisors, the wizard and the lord of the Lower Lands. Behind them was a group of tall-short people baring white boxes balanced on poles. The buzz from the boxes left no one wondering what was held inside.
All the fat-skinny people that made up his peasantry gave the king and his men a wide berth. Their work in the fields had stopped when the strange object appeared.
The king and his men paused a few yards from the strange spherical object.
“An object of magic most foul, you majesty,” the wizard whispered as he leaned over.
The lord of the Lower Lands nodded his agreement. “An object like this does not just appear, your grace. It must be the work of dark magic. Dark creatures banished hundreds of generations ago must be escaping to take vengeance on the world of me
:icontealya:Tealya 0 1
Hideous Aliens
The Nolori Galactic Code states that all space fairing vessels must assist other vessels should they be in present danger. When we saw the alien vessel entering dangerous space, we first sought to warn them, but when they failed to respond, we set out to pull them from harm’s way. We would concern ourselves with structural or property damage once all vessels were in open space.
Our good intentions were met with hostility. After failures to communicate, we assumed they must be experiencing a malfunction of some sort. We tethered their small vessel and pulled them back. Their ship returned by engaging unfamiliar weapons and firing upon us. We tried to hail them, to inform them we were not hostile.
They never answered.
We, being an unarmed passenger vessel, we quickly overpowered and boarded. As captain, I instructed passengers to hide. Do not engage what I had concluded were space thieves. Give them your valuables and offer no resistance. I do not know how many listened, only that
:icontealya:Tealya 1 2
Taking a Pet
Taking a pet was never easy, but cats were always particularly hard. The bonds they formed with humans were different than most other animals. While many would say dogs had stronger bonds, it was only because they never saw what cats truly kept their owners safe from.
The angel peered down at the gray tabby cat both clinging to life and wanting to be free of it at the same time. His humans were gathered around him, weeping and whispering loving words to him. He wasn’t truly ready, but it was time.
Invisible to the humans in the room, the angel knelt down and brushed her hand across his head. His breathing slowed. His heart slowed. His eyes no longer saw the people around him, but instead focused on her. “It is time,” she whispered in his ear and gave him another stroke on his head.
The cat let out one last breath. His humans cried louder. This was why she hated taking pets. There was so much more sorrow surrounding their deaths even if it was an end to their toils and
:icontealya:Tealya 0 7
How Dragons got their wings
Gather round young ones and I shall tell you the tale of the first dragons. Remember, long ago, long before you and I took our first breaths, the first dragons were already old. They had lived on this land since the sun caught fire when the first dragon breathed life into it. For four generations, they lived, hunted, and gathered in these mountains. Parents taught their young ones the ways of the land and how to control their flames for the betterment of all the beast of the woods, not just themselves.
But in those days, dragons had no wings and could not fly. They were land bound creatures, big and strong, and content to be so. Let the winged creatures fly free from the world and its care. Dragons were tasked by the sun to care for the world and had no time for such things.
That did not stop a young dragon named Feather from dreaming, though. Though born a dragon, she spent all her time wanting to be a bird. It was why all the other dragons called her Feather. Her head was always in t
:icontealya:Tealya 0 1
Chosen One
The words chosen one came up somewhere in the conversation, but she couldn’t remember where. She just knew they all sounded crazy.
The chosen one was a boy. The chosen one was always a boy.
She was no boy. Anyone looking at her could tell you that. Tall perhaps, but with long black hair, eyes the color of redwood, and the pinkest, girliest dress you’d ever seen, it was clear she was a girl. No, she was no chosen one. They were wrong, despite their yammering.
She’d grown up hearing stories about the chosen one who every one hundred years saved humanity from itself. The last one had snuck in and killed one of the most evil men alive in world war two then made it look like a suicide so no one could take credit. He was a true chosen one. He had the right background, the right training, and all the right skills. She wasn’t him.
What didn’t make sense was that a hundred years had not passed. It was too soon. The next wouldn’t come until at least 2044. They
:icontealya:Tealya 1 1
Dr. Death Bringer
Dr. Death Bringer was known to most children in the world. It was hard not to know the most powerful, most evil super villain in the world. He employed a couple thousand people in the area. Some of the local kids parents even worked for him. People feared him. People obeyed him. Even the super heroes tended to avoid dealing with him unless absolutely necessary.
He would be the first major villain she killed, Natalie decided as she walked with her father into the laboratory. Her father, Dr. Thundero, was a mid level henchman and prized engenieer for Dr. Death Bringer. He was high enough to get a super villain name and secret identity. That, Natalie once thought, was impressive for a man with no super powers. That was before she’d come to work with him.
It wasn’t her plan to go to work with him. She got sick at school and started throwing up right before she started making things blow up. She’d done it before a few times in secret, but this was the first time she’
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I am a writer and hobby artist who is currently working on getting her first book put out. Most of my art is digital, though I have been branching out, getting back into ink and charcoals as well as experimenting with some pastels and watercolors.

My first book, Kithryn Mythrin Book 1: Magic, Mystics, and Mayhem, is about a mythrin named Kit who is dragged into an assassination plot of the prince of Mertia where the only people not trying to him are those that would benefit most. Chaos (and some hilarity) ensues as Kit tries to decide if it is really worth her time and neck to save this prince. I'm hoping to have the book out in September. In the mean time, you can read more about the characters and the world at my website:

I also run two webcomics: and Feel free to check those out.


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