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queen shipping oh no




w el l 

this made it worse iNSTEAD OF HELPING SC REAMS

//gomen 4 lazy... im tired and i wanted 2 get this out here v soon s creams//

queen gains 28 levels! [transferring to kerosene; EXP share]
chibi + shading + simple bg (x3)= 12 levels; headshot + shading + simple bg (x4)= 16 levels
everyone else gains 4 levels!
magnan, ramsey, onfalos, & jabberwocky--> headshot + shading + simple bg= 4 levels
ere, mika, & candy--> chibi + shading + simple bg= 4 levels

hunter7104289 , AlphaPhantomhive , TheBeastOfHearts , TwilightWillows , bdg222, MephilesfanforSRB2
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aww its all so adorable wow ;u;<33 thANKS FOR DRAWING MY BBY WITH HER SO SWEET OF YOU EEP 
feels are a hard choice to make omg I wish ya luck :'C