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PKMNation- Dark Before The Dawn



my final starter egg!! ^w^

:new: my first babe evolved! so proud ;w; also krokorok is the  b e s t   to draw

:new::new: I MADE MY FIRST BABY A 4 TRAIT!! thanks to pinktotodile for her new design!! shes part goodra now aa my fav mon.. im so proud of her <3 now ill try and get her some power potions to boost her BA ^^
Pokemon: Krokorok/Goodra
Name: Dark Before the Dawn
Nickname: Dawn
Gender: Female
Hatch Date: 3/11/2014
Type: Dark/Dragon/Ice
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Sassy
Characteristic: A little quick tempered
Other: Shiny/Morph/Cross/Fusion
Level: 100
Started Base Attack: 5
Current Base Attack: 25
:iconnormaltypeplz: Rage :iconnormaltypeplz: Leer
Breeding Status: Open
Family Tree: Starter Pokemon
Level-up Log:
Reference Sheet: Full Body + Shading= 4 Levels
Old Ref sheet= +4 +4 levels +8 levels +4 levels +10 levels +6 levels +5 levels +7 levels (EXP SHARE) +28 levels (EXP SHARE) +20 levels (EXP SHARE)
Dawn becomes a shiny, an Ice type, and half Goodra here! -->…
Name from: Shake it Out- Florence + the Machine
Extra: Dawn doesn't like you. She hates.. well, just about everything. Save for her daughter, Midnight, her trainer, and her son, Nightmare, she doesn't care for anything or anyone else. She doesn't like breeding, but she is her trainer's favorite girl on the ranch, so she never has to do anything. Dawn will breed for her trainer, though, and does. Loves her daughter and trainer, but won't say it publicly.
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Is it possible to breed with her this week? ;3c