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Coney Island Queen- Ref




i love this pretty girlie so much omg <33

Pokemon: Ninetales/Togetic
Name: Coney Island Queen
Nickname: Queen
Hatch Date: 7/5/14
Type: Fire/Fairy/Flying
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Gentle
Characteristic: Scatters things often
Other: Shiny, Cross
Level: 100
Started Base Attack: 27
Current Base Attack: 47
:iconfiretypeplz: Ember :iconfairytypeplz: Charm :iconnormaltypeplz: Growl :iconfiretypeplz: Fire Spin
Breeding Status: Mated for life with Nightmare Night
Family Tree: mother:
Level-up Log:
(new and old)Ref sheet: Full Body + Shading= 4 (8) levels
Clutch: +3 levels
Agent and Queen training: +6 levels
Concept picture: (… ) +5 levels
Leveling with Wave: +67 levels
Queen Evolves: +10 levels
Last Level: +1 level
Chibi: [null]
Shippin': [null]
Life mate contest entry Vio: [null]
Queen like WOE: [null]
Cutie Life Mate Contest Entry by anntheazelf101: [null]
PKMN Life Mate Contest entry: [null]
PKMNation- Nothing on You: [null]
PKMNation: You will be my First Lady: [null]
-Life Mate Entry- I Love You Too Much: [null]
We're Simply Meant To Be: [null]
Name from: Carmen- Lana Del Ray
Extra: Queen is what you'd consider a super mom. She's all around great with children, and loves her own very dearly. Her gentle and tolerant soul have proved to make her a good mate to even those who others would have issues with. However, she is prone to being a bit.. dramatic, and has a love for that theatre flare. She can be a bit smothering and nagging, but she does do it out of love. Very close with her brother Foxy. Briefly dated Wave, but the two split early on.
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Would this simply gorgeous lady like to breed with my Morph/Fire Fusion Gardevoir, Tau?