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I feel like I've been in a massive art slump for forever now (thanks depression!), but I've still been feeling the urge to draw, it just felt like so much effort to create anything. This bugged me for a while, so I hadn't touched my sketch pad in months.
Recently I've started trying to draw as much as I can in my free time, but without forcing myself to (otherwise I'd probably get sick of it again). I still lack inspiration, but I found something amazing that helps with that... POSE REFERENCES!!! It takes a lot of the mental effort out of it, which makes my brain happy, and yet still allows me to work on my skills. Basically I just scroll through a whole bunch of references, with no particular idea in mind, until something catches my attention. It's usually along the lines of "Oh! I can totally imagine [insert oc here] like this!", or "Hey this is a really interesting pose, I wonder what I can do with this?", etc.
Idk, I just hope this helps anyone else in a similar situation! ^^;


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nice style!
TeaLovingMess Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! (Sorry for late reply, was in the middle of the ocean! ^^; )
A joy for me, creative artist! :D