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POV of Discorded Ponies

'The haters are gonna hate' – Scribble Sketch

I remember way back, when I was experimenting with my mane style, I kept my fringe short but grew my mane out long. My friends thought this was so funny that they called me Mullet. At first, I thought they were insulting me and calling me a fish until I found out from that unicorn from the Carousal Boutique that it was a type of hair style. I did my best to laugh it off, though I became insecure about it. So I cut my mane short.

But then, Pasta Racer said that I was copying her! I didn't understand, seemed that none of my choices were getting much approval. My mother was like that when I was a little filly in school. She would yell at me –

'Scribble Sketch! These grades are appalling! You will never get your Cutie Mark from drawing in class!'

Did it matter if I got my Cutie Mark? I mean, I still got teased for being the only one in class not to have one, but my own father never had one! He's still a Blank Flank, and he's as carefree as ever…

…I…I don't get to see him much… he lives in Cloudsdale most of the time, so managing to see him is very lucky on my account.

I proved my mother wrong though! Because when I was coming home from school, I bumped into this colt and my drawings went everywhere! He was nice though, he helped me gather them back up then noticed one of my drawings. It was this picture that I drew of one of the orchards at Apple Acres and he said to me –

'This is amazing! I must buy this at once!'

He…he liked my work! I was so thrilled, I had no idea that my silly little doodles would be liked by someone else! And he bought my picture and couldn't believe how amazing it felt! I went to the local crafts shop and decided to upgrade my childish crayons for some more mature pencils. After that, I dedicated myself to drawing. That colt must have told other people of my work because I had ponies coming to my house, asking for art for their homes and willing to pay for them!

So at first I worked at home, despite the disapproving looks from my mother, and saved the money up until eventually I could afford a gallery shop of my own! I named it Summerville Sketches, after my grandmother (the one on my father's side anyway). On the first day my shop opened, I felt that strange tingle on my flank and turned to discover that…

There was a Cutie Mark! It was a blue pencil with this squiggle coming from it!

My friends didn't seem that bothered that I had gotten my Cutie Mark but I knew they must have been happy, right?

And life was pretty happy for me…

But recently, I've had doubts. Like, with all this chocolate rain coming from the sky. I'm not fond of chocolate, I don't hate it, just don't like it. Then…I saw buildings floating! Just floating in the air, it was so weird.

I walked outside to see what was going on, why some ponies were acting so weird…

'Some people just don't appreciate fine art…'

I turned my head and noticed…a floating pencil? It wasn't one of mine, it was a bit bigger than something I'm used to using! And…it spoke!

'Excuse me…?' I asked, unsure if it was a bit weird to be talking to a giant pencil.

The pencil pointed its sharp tip to some ponies that weren't too far away…

Oh! It's alright, it was some of my friends – Badda Swing, Ree-Ree Curls and Unity Hearte…They were digging a big hole and then they were tossing things into it. Wait…

'We don't need this rubbish anymore!' laughed Ree-Ree, tossing in a canvas that I recognised. I…I had drawn a picture of him and his little sister for his birthday. He just, threw it away as if it meant nothing!

'See, they lied to you. They don't think you have a talent, they just said that so you would get a Cutie Mark…' the pencil said.

My eyes widened as I watched in horror, as my friends threw the art I had made for them into the hole..and then, they just covered them in dirt to fill up the hole! Why?! I had worked so hard on those gifts, I didn't even charge them because they were my friends! I just wanted to tear my mane out in frustration!

I've…I've never felt so angry before! I thought they were my friends!

'Why does it hurt so much?!' I sobbed, shaking my head.

The pencil starting drawing in the air, making a blue squiggle in the air. 'Why don't you express how much it hurts with your…talent…?' chuckled the pencil.

I opened my eyes and watched in confused horror as the squiggle closed in on me. It wounds itself around my neck, cutting off my air flow. I struggled for a moment, gasping for breath before…I could see spots. Spots and swirls, they were so pretty and I just…I just…



You know what?! If they hate my art so much, then I'll just spread some more! And I'll give them a reason to hate it!

I stood up, the squiggle and pencil were gone now, but I didn't care. I trotted back inside my home, into the back of my shop to where I kept my utensils. My beautiful pencils and pens lay in a neat fashion but they wouldn't do the job. No, I walked to a cabinet at the very back of the room and used my horn to open up the lock where my new weapons would be.

Spray cans.

My horn glowed as I gathered up the cans and trotted back out. Rabbits with long legs stampeded past but what did I care? I smirked as I walked to the side of a house, I didn't care which house, just any one! I shook the cans and got to work painting my new master piece…

Ha, see how much they like that! I started to spread my art everywhere – Princess Celestia with her face covered in blood, Ree-Ree lying in pain with his precious wings cut clean off, Pasta Racer being strangled by her lovely scarf…

Let's see if they like my new style!

-Hater Sketch
Personal Pros Of Poor Ponies Possessing Possible Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Brought On By Discord The Deity of Chaos' Mind Games Forcing Them To See the Flip Side Of Their Element Or Appealing To Their Worse Nature Or Outright Cheating With One.

This piece is inspired by the great ~alexwarlorn

Go read his Pony POVs because I have enjoyed each one that I have read!

So this piece shows how Scribble Sketch falls into the trap of become an artist who draws hater art thanks to Discord messing with her mind.

I was very tempted to write a fiction with Scribble Sketch inspired by the infamous fan fiction called 'Cupcakes'. It would be very gory and graphic...what do you guys think...? Should I give it a go...?

It's probably not as good because my writing style isn't as good as ~alexwarlorn but I gave it my best shot!

MLP:FiM copyright of Hasbro
Original POV Idea copyright to ~alexwarlorn who even has a TV Tropes dedicated to his series!
© 2011 - 2023 TeaLadyC8LIN
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