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London Mural Festival 2020

Location  London, England


As part of the London Mural Festival 2020, I created this mural with the community of Tower Hamlets.

Participants were invited to use a range of materials and mediums, such as stencil making, drawing, and spray painting. These elements were combined to create a large mural on the wall.

Murals are the highest and purest form of painting. Murals cannot be hidden away for the benefit of a certain privileged few, nor can they be sold for private gain. Murals belong to the people and they are there for everyone to enjoy.

For the attendees, This workshop provided them a creative outlet, which enabled them to give them a sense of empowerment and independence.

People care about public places they use when they are emotionally connected to them, and this can contribute to the sustainable use of public spaces. Community art, especially murals, is a strong and effective tool to inject life into public spaces.
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