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Beautiful Clouds

The sky is filled with amazing shapes.
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I LOVE IT TO THE INFINITY MAXIMUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I'm an eagle (bald eagle) and I'm soaring amoung the clouds. My troubles leaving my mind, my spirit is soaring (zing!), and I feel free as a bird (zing again!). I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! WITH THIS PICTURE, YOU JUST MADE ME FEEL FREEDOM IN MY HEART, SPIRIT, AND SOUL!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE, MY BFF!!!!!!!! :)
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lol - Cool! :D

Thank you for your kind words! :highfive:
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You're welcome, tomodachi! :)
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Wow! MashaaLlah that's amazing!!
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lol - thanks! :glomp:
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That's true enough! :D

I like how some seem to be more floaty than others here.. or rather, some seem to be overly burdened, which is a shame... it's still great how the colours contrast, though, and I like the wideness of things as well.

I do feel that the horizon is a bit tipped, perhaps, but other than that, it's a stunning view indeed.

Rare to see this in England. :P
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Indeed...It is a rare sight! looks tipped because of of the hills.

Thanks for the feedback! :D
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