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This one is Bimbus, lvl 1 halfling ranger. Definitely the luckiest of the bunch, this is the guy that has been responsible for most of the kills so far. Social interaction is not his forte though, and he might have almost gotten himself killed once or twice in the past as a direct result of his lack of conversational tact. I’d say his defining characteristic is that he just doesn’t give a f**k.

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Thanks for looking!
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I love that attitude and how much texture his outfit has.

May I use this for a character portrait in a campaign? (not for profit.)
i love this guy :) i'm currently using him as the art for my Pathfinder halfling ninja
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Sexy shoeless god of war in the making.
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Hhahah yeah, he'll definitely stand over mountains of corpses :)
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Very well done!!
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You're welcome!!
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Wow its beautiful.... marvelous... great job! 👌
Do check out my sketches and Like them on my fb sketches page:
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